What is the groundswell of public unrest hitting the US, Europe all about? The statues of racist leaders are being torn down; Africa should expel those countries from their lands! You say ‘terrorists invaded our city.’ Yet you tried to invade Turkey with those very terrorists! What's behind Trump's decision to withdraw US troops from across the world? What does he fear? Is a coup being planned in the US? - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

What is the groundswell of public unrest hitting the US, Europe all about? The statues of racist leaders are being torn down; Africa should expel those countries from their lands! You say ‘terrorists invaded our city.’ Yet you tried to invade Turkey with those very terrorists! What's behind Trump's decision to withdraw US troops from across the world? What does he fear? Is a coup being planned in the US?

Will the killing of George Floyd, followed by demonstrations in almost all American cities, lead to a groundswell across the world?

Will it produce a psychological foundation and atmosphere for a new sort of political awareness, identity or reaction? Will it activate the dissatisfaction, fury, and subconscious of the masses?

Will a sort of social collapse start, especially in Western countries, during this period in which political theories and discourses are no longer valid, social identity is rapidly changing and seeking new paths, state-public relations have been substantially damaged, values and perceptions are being redefined, and the conventional global power map has been radically shattered?

This is not a temporary wave. Social outbreaks were expected after pandemic

Is the racism in the U.S. and the public unrest rising and spreading against it a temporary wave as we witnessed have time and time again, or is it the sign of a never-ending deep shattering caused by the great change in the world?

There were common fears worldwide concerning the post-pandemic period. Some of these were that institutions would collapse, civil governments would lose strength, ethnic and religious identities would be more prominent on the ground, veiled disputes would be revealed, the masses’ faith in the state would be shaken, social uprisings would break out, and that the craving for resources would further grow and lead to greater conflicts.

The possibilities could not be predicted but everybody knew that it would be start of something huge.

The US rapidly polarizing, collapsing, dividing

China, India, Russia, East Asia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Africa are currently maintaining their silence.

However, the first post-pandemic storm hit the U.S. It was not limited to racism alone, or to the U.S.’s traditional social conflict. What is happening through racism now is much deeper and more fragile: the U.S.’s division within itself, its polarization and collapse.

Presently, it is a fight carried on between whites and blacks, later it will continue between whites and Hispanics, then it will be carried on between states, between the masses and states, between the established order and those who want to change it, and between the system’s institutions.

Will there be a coup in the US?

The deep rift between U.S. President Donald Trump and the established system will continue as these tensions rise. The quarrel between the U.S. Secretary of Defense and Trump, outbursts such as, “I am committed not to the president but to the American people,” will cause the division within the system to deepen. This is an indication of the magnitude of the social tension.

From now on, every wave, every storm, every tension, every action in the world will encourage the argument within the U.S. toward dissolution. A civil war may present the U.S. as a “third world” country.

‘Terrorists invaded our city'

The tactics they implemented in numerous countries so far, including Turkey, are now taking place within the U.S. itself, and the world is watching closely. Trump’s statement along the lines of “Terrorists invaded Seattle” are very familiar to us.

Considering the U.S.’s untouchable magical realm, his call to the governor and mayor, saying, “Take your city back or I will,” indicates that critical developments are at hand.

You tried to invade Turkey with those very terrorists!

Strangely, ANTIFA, the organization that declared an “autonomous region” in U.S. cities, is an organization that works with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in Syria and was trained by U.S. troops in PKK camps. This is the state of those who have been trying to invade Turkey for years through the PKK and the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ).

Power structures within the U.S. prepared their own civil war in Syria and in the territories they invaded. It used to be the state invading countries, destroying them through terrorism, but now that war has been transferred to its homeland.

Why were statues of slave traders, racist leaders torn down?

The reaction rising against racism does not only reveal the U.S.’s internal power struggle but it also evokes the past, a subconscious that will hit the entire Atlantic axis and its surroundings.

Attacks have started on the statues of slave traders and racist leaders in the U.K. so much so that even Winston Churchill’s statue was taken under protection against possible vandalism.

Racists and slave traders’ statues in Belgium are either being defaced or removed. Confederation leaders’ statues in the U.S. are becoming targets and people are demanding their removal.

New Zealand, which is a British colony, decided to remove British statues, which are the symbol of colonialism.

Africa may expel colonialist countries. It may reverse colonial history

What is more important for us is that Senegal decided to remove all the statues of slave traders and colonialists. This may soon spread throughout all African countries. The British and French symbols of colonialism throughout the continent may be targeted. This may then trigger a major liberalization movement across all of Africa.

It could reverse European colonial history in Senegal, Algeria, South Africa, Rwanda, in all African countries.

The reign of the U.K., Italy, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and Portugal’s colonial history extending from Latin America to Africa, to Southeast Asia needs to end.

We are witnessing history’s greatest revolution

Of course, this will be the greatest bid to be seen in history. It will be the most powerful awareness movement. In the event that this happens, the world will witness a great revolution centuries later.

It might seem imaginary, fantastical, or even extreme for those who consider the West’s power as holy. However, power shifts are not the only things that have changed in the world. It does not only consist of the rise of China, Asia and Turkey against the West. Technology, communication and comfort are not the only things that have changed.

The codswallop of ‘geographical discoveries,’ start of colonialism. What will the 21st century change?

The world is changing in front of our very eyes. Generations, lifestyles, conscience, the perception of the world, the perception of state and power, of multinational companies’ looting the world, of political and social identities are also rapidly changing.

The West’s global order is shaking for the first time after the “geographical discoveries” like, after the start of colonialism. World Wars I and II did not lead to a change in the world in this sense. It further strengthened the West’s power.

And now, the West has reached the end of this power sovereignty. This is what needs to be discussed.

Why is Trump US withdrawing troops across the world? What does he fear?

However, for the first time after centuries, great powers are rising against the West. Trump’s decision to withdraw troops from Germany, Iraq, Afghanistan, and South Korea, the statement saying, “We are out of endless wars; we are not the policeman of the world,” points to a different fear: internal collapse. The Atlantic axis will never again be able to dominate the world.

We are going to witness the U.S. and Europe regress, while countries like Turkey, China, India, Germany and Russia rise.

US will bring about the end of West! Turkey’s century is starting now

From now on, we are going to see more internal crises and problems in the U.S. and Europe. These are the first examples we are seeing after George Floyd.

It’s the end of the road for the West. The power axis has been broken for the first time after centuries.

Lastly, I will say something very bold: The U.S. will bring about the West’s end.

While saying, “Turkey’s new rising era has started,” “Those who oppose this will lose, and “Turkey cannot be stopped,” I was trying to explicate certain developments by considering this deep of change.

As the West’s centuries are wasting away, Turkey’s century is starting!


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