What is the purpose of the American military buildup in Alexandroupoli? Will Western Thrace serve as a military base against Turkey?

The U.S. military has transformed Alexandroupoli, 20 kilometers from Turkey’s border, into a military post. It is now adding another 1,000 tankers and armed vehicles, as well as 120 attack helicopters and 3,000 troops to the initial 400 armed vehicles it deployed there in July. 

However, certain questions are begging to be asked:

Is this military buildup being made to protect Greece? If yes, then from whom? 

Is it against the Russian threat? Where does Russia stand in all of this? 

Is this military buildup being made to launch an attack on Turkey? If that is the case, then why? 

Is its purpose to provide “foreign military reinforcements” during an “inside intervention” in Turkey, similar to July 15? 

What is the aim of this armament being made at the zero point of Turkey’s border? 


Will Western Thrace serve as a front against Turkey? 

Similar to the front they established in northern Syria, are they establishing a front in the west, in Greece, a “Turkey front” this time? 

Similar to the global anti-Turkey alliance they established in the East Mediterranean, their armament of the Aegean islands, and the missile bases they formed on our shores, is Western Thrace also being turned into a front against our nation and country? 

What is the purpose of all this mobilization, virtually at the zero point of our borders, just 20 kilometers away? Let us entertain the possibility that it has nothing to do with Turkey; what is the meaning of this insolence of positioning themselves at such close proximity? Is this not a threat, a danger, a source of concern that will put us on our guard? 


‘Extraordinary’ preparation in an ‘extraordinary age’ 

History has taught us a great deal. World War I served as a valuable lesson, as did the War of Independence. Meanwhile, the “extraordinary abnormalities” we are witnessing in the current “age of extraordinariness” reveal critical realities. 

As the masses in Turkey are being mentally deluded by the lies and plots of the country’s political opposition, with efforts to turn our attention away from these realities, attempts to besiege Turkey from the south are now continuing with plans to “besiege from the west.” 

How can we be blind to the preparations that are so blatant? How can we disregard them? How can we not form a collective consciousness? How can we not take action against those who want to gloss over everything that’s unfolding? 


They had drawn similar maps post-World War I 

 When a front was established on Turkey’s southern border, we called it the “terror corridor.” We discussed it as an issue of terrorism. But that was not the case. 

Terrorism was simply an apparatus. A thick wall had been erected between Turkey and the Arab-Muslim world, from the Iranian border to the Mediterranean.

It was no different from the maps drawn post-World War I. They were redrawing borders in the first half of the 21st century. The Anatolian map of the time would be further diminished. This reckless, arrogant, “colonialist” attitude the West was embodying under the name of “terrorism” crashed into Turkey and collapsed. 

This was followed by the crisis in the East Mediterranean. The tensions simmering there were centered around fuel, oil, and energy. The real motive, however, was to banish Turkey from the Mediterranean and confine it within its shores. They virtually formed a Crusader fleet in the East Mediterranean. They were going to suffocate Turkey, but it did not come to pass. That front has been  disabled – “for now.”


Besieging Turkey 

The siege map was expanding. They hastened to form military bases and buildups in the Aegean and Greek regions close to Turkey. 

Preparations had been ongoing in Romania and Bulgaria for the last decade. Though this is claimed to be a “defense of Europe against Russia,” when holistically examined with the recent Greece-based preparations on the ground and at sea, it became clear that they are completely related to Turkey. 

They are all aimed at besieging, stopping, and cornering Turkey. They are all a part of the West’s joint operations against “Turkey’s rise.” 

This thus presented us tangible evidence that the U.S. and Europe have an extensive plan targeting Turkey and its borders, that they will strive to make Turkey pay a heavy price for breaking off from the West and forging its own path. 


A crisis at the Black Sea

 Wait for it. 

Once preparations in the Aegean and Greece, as well as Romania and Bulgaria, have reached a certain point, they will break out a crisis in the Black Sea. Tensions will escalate against Russia – or at least seem to be. They will try to draw Turkey to their side. But the real objective will be to besiege Turkey from the north as well. 

Just as their justification for the southern front is terrorism, Greece’s security for the west front, the Russian threat will be used as justification for the Black Sea/northern front. This is how it will be presented. 



A grave choice

Turkey will be driven to make a fatal choice. They will escalate tensions in the Black Sea to such an extent that Turkey will be pushed to choose between the “West” and “Russia.” 

The buildup in Alexandroupoli is the most critical stage of the western front against Turkey. Having a long and painful history with the West for centuries, Turkey will correctly interpret this move by the West, which divided a great empire and intervened deep into the vestiges of its remains. 

Therefore, never fall for the mind games being played by the inside front that is cooperating with them on the eastern front, the southern front, and the western front. Know that they are establishing the real front within. 

Stand by Turkey. See everything from Turkey’s perspective. Turkey is more than just Turkey; it is the entire region. 

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