What was the outcome of the Sochi summit? Turkey is under open attack. What should we do? - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

What was the outcome of the Sochi summit? Turkey is under open attack. What should we do?

It’s easy to start a war, building peace is tough. Especially in region, if all the cards are set for invasions, civil wars, ethnic fights, the division of countries, peace is very difficult. If division, partition maps are being prepared for almost all countries in the region including Turkey, it would be a great triumph to reverse that sinister wind. When seeking peace, when drawing the route to salvation for a country, who wins or loses is of no significance. If the issue is to save a country, to negate the multinational plans aimed at pillaging the entire region through that country, to confront attack plans even targeting the homeland through that country, your view, position and priorities change, they have to change.

 Those who don’t see the danger will be left without a home country

If it does not change you will lose. As a matter of fact, if you are unable to read or understand what is happening, what is being planned, what kind of attacks are being prepared, you will be left without a home country. You will end up losing your country, region, history and future. What we call the state mind, insight, historic claims, history-making role, is to understand what is happening at the right time and prepare accordingly.

We did this back in the Seljuk era, we did it throughout Ottoman history, we did it in the Republican era by keeping this country, this homeland together. We will do the same today and we will do it tomorrow. This is how history is made, this is how a nation is kept alive, this is how a country is protected, this is how centuries-old political history is shaped.

 Our entire paradigm will shift within a couple of years

The last three decades saw our paradigms shift, our perception of geography change, our perception of homeland change; we experienced a lot. The world actually changed in the last three decades. However, in the following years, we are going to witness extraordinary changes in a very short period of time.

That is when paradigms will shift. That is when we will see surprising incidents, power shifts, changes in the global power map, alliances and enmities. We are going to experience deep alterations in a range of areas from the terms we use to the way we think, from country perception  to world perception. These are not limited to Turkey or the region alone. The entire world, from the U.S. to Europe, from our region to Asia will all experience these.

They pointed to Daesh while establishing the ‘Turkey front’ through PKK

These staggering changes will push some countries outside of history, while pulling some closer to the center. This is why those who see not the present but the future will be ready. Those countries, those nations that solidify the ground they stand on will be shaping the future. We are not going to wait two-three decades for all this. These are things that we will witness very soon, maybe within a couple of years.

Therefore, we need to focus on what we need to see, not what is shown to us. We must resist against our eyes being blinded, our minds being poisoned. We must learn to see Turkey, the region, the world and those major changes with our own eyes.

Those who pointed to al-Qaida as an excuse to invade Afghanistan, those who pointed to Gadhafi as an excuse to divide Libya, those who used Saddam Hussein as an excuse to turn Iraq into ruins, those who used Bashar Assad as an excuse to start the Syrian war, pointed to Daesh and built the hundreds-of-kilometers-long “Turkey front” at the zero point of our border.

 The issue is neither Assad nor the regime: There are much greater threats

Iraq and Syria would be divided, immediately after which the “Turkey front” would be opened. They were so sure of this they thought the division of Syria was guaranteed so they internally attacked Turkey on July 15, 2016. They were so sure of the terror corridor spanning the Iranian border and the Mediterranean that they have been piling up on the Turkish border for months.

Turkey should not be obsessed with Assad or the regime, it should have an attitude toward all attempts targeting Syria’s division. Because the issue is not limited to Assad and Syria. Greater threats are targeting the region and Turkey. We now know that Syria’s division signified the opening of the “Turkey front.”

We know that the project covers the entire region, that they have division, partition, city state, garrison country plans for the entire region. Therefore, we need to turn toward what we are need to see, not what we are shown. We have to take action based not on the U.S., U.K. and Israel’s agenda, but on our own country’s agenda.

 The Sochi summit: This is happening for the first time in 30 years

This is why the Sochi summit was so important. It was probably the first example that would reverse that sinister wind targeting the region for the last three decades. We saw that the multinational plans aimed at the north of Iraq and Syria can be ruined. We got the signal that a wave that has been ongoing since the 1991 Gulf War can be stopped.

As many as 400,000 people died, 6.5 million people were displaced and cities turned to ruins because of a problem that could have been solved by Turkey, Iran and Saudi Arabia from the very beginning. But even though it is late, for the first time in the last three decades it is possible to solve this problem, stop this war. This initiative should be encouraged.

PKK/PYD also a foreign intervention tool like Daesh

We know that Turkey is being struck through the terrorism of Kurdistan Workers’ Party’s (PKK) Syrian affiliate Democratic Union Party (PYD), that this is a U.S. project, that the Fetullah Terrorist Organization’s (FETÖ) July 15 attack was controlled by the same center. If the Sochi process is going to continue, if Russia and Iran want it to continue, they need to counterbalance this sensitivity of Turkey. Because, just as Daesh is a tool of foreign intervention, the PKK/PYD is similarly a tool of foreign intervention. Unless the PKK card is taken from the U.S., a while later other organizations will also be founded, with invasion and division plans continuing as usual.

The initial outcomes reached in Sochi are Syria’s integrity, its political unity, a new constitution, transparent elections, cleansing the country of terrorism. This is only the first step. This is the first promising development before the preparations for a new attack targeting the entire region. It should continue.

 Turkey is under open attack. Therefore, the path is clear

Nobody should try and pave the way for the U.S. with confusing interventions such as the Russia or Iran factors. Because the aim of U.S. intervention, its desired outcome is the destruction of the region; we need to see this now.

It is now essential to negate the terror corridor in northern Syria, the foreign garrison map. From now on, Turkey’s war is to shake this front. Because this front was planned entirely as the Turkey front, that is how it is being built. The difficulty of negating this front without a solution in Syria is clear.

To say it more clearly:

Turkey is under a clear threat, as a matter of fact, it is under an open attack. Hence, the defense front is Syria’s integrity. This is the first step for Turkey. It must continue, Turkey’s defense lines must be strengthened.

Regardless of what it may cost, regardless of what is needed, the struggle is to protect Turkey.


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