What went wrong Prince Zayed?! You first lost in Syria’s Afrin, then Libya, and now Karabakh! - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

What went wrong Prince Zayed?! You first lost in Syria’s Afrin, then Libya, and now Karabakh!

An anti-Turkey alliance has been established in the region spanning the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea under the name of Arab-Israel “normalization.”

This alliance, designed by Israel and the U.S. in collaboration with the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the Egyptian regime, was promoted through UAE Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

The UAE became the center of anti-Turkey sentiment in our region. Zayed waged a regional war against Turkey. The July 15, 2016 coup attack against President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Turkey included, Zayed’s hostility spread through every nook and cranny in the region.

In fact, he was the one who launched the Karabakh war

He was present in northern Syria. He had a dog in the fight in Libya as well. He also had a hand in Turkey’s fight against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in Iraq. In the latest incident in Karabakh, he was the one who provoked Armenia to attack Azerbaijan. As a matter of fact, he was even involved in the economic attacks targeting our country. He and that alliance always took up arms against Turkey’s struggles on these fronts.

Zayed works in direct affiliation with U.S. and Israeli intelligence; he is running the regional leg of the West’s plans to “stop Turkey”; following Iran, he is now steering the Arab world towards a combat zone against Turkey; he is “normalizing” the whole region for Israel, while dragging the Arab region into a new and much greater collapse.

Zayed is using Saudi’s crown prince as he pleases

Zayed has Saudi Crown Prince Salman in the palm of his hand, and drove him to the battleground as a sort of “useful fool.” He thus drove Saudi Arabia’s political and economic force to war against Turkey as well.

Furthermore, he was also taking advantage of U.S. power through Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner. The region was being designed through both crown princes and Trump’s son-in-law, however the real operation was being run by Israeli intelligence.

This axis conducted a coup in Egypt. It conducted a coup in Sudan. It attempted to establish a terror state in Libya. It subjected Yemen to horrific suffering and occupied certain regions of the country. It pressured several Arab countries to make peace with Israel through blackmail and threats.

The ‘fight against Islam’ doctrine

This axis mobilized all terrorist organizations against Turkey and Erdoğan. It groomed them, strengthened them, and ordered them to Turkey. These terrorist attacks were conducted not only in Iraq and Syria but also inside Turkey.

This axis adopted the “fight against Islam” doctrine belonging to the Israeli far-right and U.S. falcons. It obediently carried out the orders of the Israeli intelligence in the name of “normalization.”

It sold off Jerusalem to Israel; it made negotiations using Mecca and Medina; it said, “the Prophet made a mistake in Hudaybiyyah,” and demanded that Israel be compensated. It even had the audacity to claim, “Jerusalem was not Muslims’ first qiblah [direction of prayer].”

This axis denies Islamic civilization, culture, and its political claims in whole. It wages war against everybody who advocates these claims and this heritage, and builds new orders of oppression.

Trump was their ‘useful fool’

They were exhibiting such dependence, and implementing such despicable practices that they were serving the Arab region to the West on a silver platter for a second time after World War I. They were establishing a new tutelage, a new colonial world order.

This axis was re-establishing the invasion front that was formed during World War I. It was gathering those who stood on British lines back then on U.S. and Israel lines today. They had fought against Turkey during that period, and today they are re-building that front against Turkey once again.

Trump was a “useful fool” to them. Whatever they wanted had been implemented in the coarsest manner. The plan to make Jerusalem Israel’s capital was designed upon Trump’s said “foolishness.”

The man who called Saudi’s crown prince a ‘loser, fool’ is now making plans to divide Saudi Arabia

But this axis was weak, and it relied on Israeli pressure to survive. It could not remain standing against Turkey, it could not stop Turkey or restrict it. Turkey inherited a great political legacy; it crushed them at every instance.

Zayed has Saudi Arabia wrapped around his finger; it does everything he wants it to through the Saudi crown prince. However, Zayed does not trust Salman; he has him followed; he has him wiretapped through Israeli intelligence, and called him “a fool, a loser.”

Saudi Arabia was used for this axis as a “front” only. In fact, the plot was targeting the Saudi region. The first destruction following Iraq and Syria was meant to be in Saudi Arabia. That was the country on the target board. Turkey and Iran were not the real threats – as it was dictated to the Saudis. Bin Zayed and Israel were. They were the planned sources of the destruction.

What does the meeting between Erdoğan, King signify? Will icy ties thaw?

We will now see to what extent the Riyadh administration can grasp this situation. It is only now after Trump’s exit that the Saudis have the chance to comprehend the criticality of the situation. If Crown Prince bin Salman can be brought into line, if he is able to escape Zayed’s coils, only then can a madness that will destroy the whole region be prevented.

Can the phone call held Saturday between President Erdoğan and Saudi King Salman possibly lead to an opportunity, a normalization? It must. The Riyadh administration must stop seeing Turkey as the enemy. They need this more than Turkey.

We shall wait and see.

Turkey was going to be sieged from East. This was the plan. This axis will fail

However, we have no other choice but to anticipate that Riyadh will eventually comprehend the fact that the UAE-Israel axis, that Zayed is out of control. Otherwise, the area between the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea will suffer a great disaster.

This axis will fail. This anti-Turkey front will not be able to survive. It is built on extremely weak and fragile relations. One by one, the UAE and Zayed’s covert strategies, Israel and the U.S. far-right’s covert plans are all going to be revealed.

Zayed’s latest war against Turkey was in Karabakh. He was the one who provoked Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan to attack Azerbaijan. Consequent to the disturbance caused by Turkey’s active presence in the South, the East Mediterranean and Libya, the plan was to occupy Turkey in the East.

Russia, France, Europe, and the U.S. would support Armenia and Turkey would be cornered, eventually leaving it in a bottleneck situation in Syria, Libya, and the Mediterranean. This was the plan.

What went wrong Pashinyan? What happened bin Zayed?

Strategies did not unfold as planned. Both Pashinyan and Zayed were left out in the cold. Thus, Zayed encountered his heaviest defeat after Afrin and Libya in Karabakh.

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev’s remark, “What went wrong Pashinyan!” has become symbolic in relation to the Karabakh war.

Thus, we say the same to Zayed, because he is the true loser.

What went wrong Zayed!


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