What you're engaging in is intellectual immorality. The 'conservative opposition' is moving on to the intervention stage. The veil you hide beneath no longer conceals you - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

What you're engaging in is intellectual immorality. The 'conservative opposition' is moving on to the intervention stage. The veil you hide beneath no longer conceals you

To support all enemies of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, all local and foreign groups that are against him, and focus on this alone, is intellectual and characteristic immorality.

Trying to ingratiate oneself with those who established a front against Turkey's struggle, saying, "Give us a role too; look we are ready," and attempting to whitewash this artifice by defending it with terms such as “conscience, rights and law,” denotes, in a serious sense, an extreme lack of character.

It's cowardice as we know it, not 'friendly advice'

Appearing to defend fundamental values, making it seem like "friendly advice," adding a touch of "self-criticism," and making a fine adjustment with an arrogant, wise attitude, saying, "Listen to me, see me, or you will collapse just like this," is nothing but knavery.

Clinging on to Ekrem İmamoğlu, who is really not even from the Republican People's Party (CHP), who is now clearly revealed to be party of a "project," even before he became mayor, sending him signals, is a sort of cowardice, involving petty calculations.

It is a feeling of inferiority hidden behind grand, exalted statements. Is there nobody who tells you, "Stop, he is not at a point to give you anything yet, wait a little"?

Why didn't those spewing hatred and anger now say 'No' to those authorities, why did they exalt them then?

We see that those who spew the most hatred write and talk with the greatest expectations. We see that those who rage with anger are those who benefited the most from the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) governments.

We are aware of the personal grudges of those who slyly join the covert operations with a touch of "friendly criticism." We see that those who were once elected as deputies, mayors, those who were appointed to the highest positions in Turkey’s bureaucracy transformed into the most aggressive enemies of Erdoğan when they lost their prized positions.

I wonder how some of those who are now spitting venom in their columns were closest to Erdoğan for all those years. Was your admiration then a lie, or is your fury today a lie? How could you maintain two extremes together?

Standing against Turkey's great struggle...

Did you hate him back then too? If so, how did you remain in office, how could you not say "No" to those positions? Or were you placed there for a role, a mission?

Taking an attitude against Turkey's march, rising period, regardless of the reason, paving the way for Turkey's enemies, regardless of the reason, is to declare war against this nation's centuries-old great struggle.

Look at our past, look at our political history, especially the Ottoman Empire's last eras, and you will see that such actions have made our region, our nation, our centuries-old march pay a hefty price.

Is the 'conservative opposition' moving on to the 'conservative intervention' stage?

At a time when Turkey is recovering and starting to embrace a historical and regional identity, it being sieged, openly threatened with war, and attempts to collapse it internally through coups, was expected. Whenever we experience such historic turns in our political history, it turns out that groups inside the country have been unleashed on the ground. The July 15, 2016 coup attempt that was staged through the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) is one example of this.

Taking a position against Erdoğan and Turkey's current stance is now beyond a matter of local opposition. It is blatant that the void left behind by FETÖ has been replaced with certain groups, and that these groups with conservative identities have been specifically chosen.

Because they know that they can stop Turkey's conservative march solely with a conservative barrier. This is what I have been discussing in the articles for the last two years that I wrote under the headings: "conservative opposition" and "conservative intervention". I am referring here to an internal organization of intervention.

Come on, answer these questions: Why this psychological operation?

These groups need to be asked:

Why do you not say a single word against the project being implemented through Ekrem İmamoğlu?

Why do you not investigate the organized electoral fraud? Traces of İmamoğlu were found in certain deep structures in corruption; why do you not question this?

The AK Party won elections for the 15th time; why would you form the public opinion that it was defeated, that it lost?

Why do you tirelessly write articles every single day about the government's failure? Why do you never write on any other subject, like what is happening around us and in the world?

Why do you not take an attitude against the U.S. and Europe's aggressiveness against Erdoğan and Turkey?

Why are you against Turkey’s intervention east of the Euphrates in Syria?

Why do you not make Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates' (UAE) open enmity toward Turkey, their hundreds of millions of dollars of aid to the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) and other organizations the subject of your articles?

Why are you particularly close to those who have an issue with Turkey? Why do you appear to be aligned with those who have gathered those groups under a single roof?

Why are you so bothered by the development Turkey has made over the last 15 years? Why does it not satisfy you, and why do you long for the past?

Why did you object to the Afrin operation? Why do you take an attitude against the intervention east of the Euphrates River in Syria? Why aren’t you reacting against the siege in this region, or the U.S. buildup targeting Turkey? Are you also going to take action to prevent the new operations aimed at the east of the Euphrates?

According to you, FETÖ doesn’t exist either: The veil over you is not enough to hide you!

According to you, there is no such entity as FETÖ, and as a matter of fact, you would even claim that the July 15 coup attempt did not happen. According to you, there is no such thing as the PKK either - there is only the Peoples' Democracy Party (HDP) and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). In your opinion, every decision the U.S. and EU make with respect to Turkey is correct, and Turkey is always the one in the wrong. In your opinion, the June 7 elections should not have been re-held; a coalition should have been established with the CHP, and the AK Party should have been taken under control through the CHP.

There is no longer any political identity other than the Turkey axis and the multinational axis. The developments around the world and in our region put many countries in the same situation. The veil over you, your innocent words can no longer conceal you. You are being exposed.

You will see; this fury, this hatred is going to drift you to places you cannot even imagine.

İmamoğlu cannot be a legitimate mayor! The elections should be re-held

NOTE: Turkey’s High Election Board (YSK) postponed meetings on renewing the elections in Istanbul’s Büyükçekmece district. Istanbul and Büyükçekmece joined their meetings. The findings so far necessitate a re-run of the election in Istanbul. It is now a fact that those who were involved in the coup attempts worked in an organized manner in these elections as well.

The issue presents a situation beyond the elections. The public conscience will not rest until the elections in Istanbul are renewed. If this defect cannot be eliminated, many minds will be tainted by doubt. İmamoğlu will never be a legitimate mayor.


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