What's happening in Kazakhstan? What's in store for Central Asia? Who’s threatened by the Organization of Turkic States? - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

What's happening in Kazakhstan? What's in store for Central Asia? Who’s threatened by the Organization of Turkic States?

The first crisis of 2022 has exploded in Kazakhstan. Central Asia’s stable, resource-rich country faced mass unrest sparked by hikes in fuel prices. 

Hikes were capped, promises were made, yet mass rage did not subside, and it directly targeted the state. It somehow transformed into civil unrest, a regime issue, a foreign intervention. 

Demands for freedom and welfare drove the central power domain to the point of destruction once more in yet another country. This contradiction is on the verge of becoming the most critical factor paving the path to foreign intervention. 

Who’s controlling the outrage?

We ask once again, “Who is controlling this outrage?” The most critical matter now is to find the force, the will, the game, the mind behind all these plots.

The Kazakhstan administration called for outside help to suppress the unrest. Russia and members of the Collective Security Treaty Organization decided to provide military support. This is where both the protesters and the state lost.

The heart of Asia: Who’s threatened by the organization of Turkic states?

Central Asia is the heart of Eurasia. China-Europe, China-Africa, and the East-West are the center of the economic flow, supply lines, and geopolitical calculations. It is the main front the U.S. and Europe utilize against China and Russia.

Turkic states, with their affluent resources and priceless positions, are heavyweights in all global projects. The fact that such a critical region engendered power poses a great threat to central powers.

Hence, the Organization of Turkic States, whose presence has recently been strongly felt, is perceived as a threat for both the East and West.

The imperial generation

According to them, Central Asia should be rendered as the second Middle East. Their resources are in abundance, but these resources must serve the East or the West!

This determination of “fate” signifies long-term patronage, colonialism, and control.

The only way to counter it is to build a Middle Zone Force spanning Anatolia and the Great Wall of China, to reactivate the imperial generation.

This is Turkey’s fundamental idea. This is also the idea it calls on the Turkic states to adopt. A Turkic axis may settle right in the middle of the global power map!

A new area of intervention

This idea poses a threat to both the East and the West because a new game field is being built. A new player is being added to the global state giants.

The issue in Kazakhstan is not an internal affair. It is a prototype of how innocent demands for freedom and welfare can be abused. Both the masses and states are stuck between freedom and welfare and the country and state’s existence. This helplessness paves the way for the world’s superpowers to launch new interventions, while attempting to re-calibrate the region.

Using the masses as weapons

The new warfare trend is to collapse states by exploiting the weaknesses of the masses. They are testing out this method in the Middle East, Latin America, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia.

It started in countries such as Ukraine and Georgia with the Velvet Revolutions. It was prolonged in the Arab world through the use of fury during the “Arab Spring.”

Now comes the second stage: implement the plan to use the masses as weapons to collapse states and countries, hence “wiping out any established order standing in their way.”

Every country in that  zone is in grave danger

Frankly, all countries spanning China, Central Asia, South Asia, Iran, Anatolia, the Balkans, Eastern Europe, between the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea, along the South Africa and Central Africa line are facing such a threat.

A power struggle is afoot between the U.S.-Europe and China-Russia. Unless a new political discourse, power, and partnership is established in this zone, destruction of the acutest kind will be knocking on our doors.

Ceaseless conflicts have the potential to erupt in these regions in the second quarter of the 21st century.

The great storm: Turkey calling to shake this order

This is the great storm against which Turkey is fighting.

It is calling on the Middle East, Central Asia, North and Central Africa to shake the new exploitation and power order established in the 21st century.

Thus, the most devastating attacks were launched against Turkey. They made horrendous attempts both abroad and within to besiege the country, to occupy it.

A new superpower will emerge

However, Turkey pushed through all of it. It correctly interpreted all global and regional developments, and launched its struggle from this zero point. Now, the giants of the East and West are ruthlessly attacking to prevent the rise of a new superpower on the earth’s main axis.

But can they really prevent it? It is not possible in the medium and long term! They cannot possibly prevent it. This is going to happen. That is when the world’s axis will change.

Army of slaves

Without a doubt, freedom and welfare are the natural rights of individuals, of the masses. However, it seems easier said than done to survive on these rights alone in the 21st century. Both values are easily utilized as weapons. These weapons are used to attack the country, state, homeland, and the future of freedom seekers.

These weapons are exploited to transform public demands into an apparatus of foreign intervention to dissolve states. Obviously, this will leave the masses stateless, and they will eventually turn into an army of slaves for multinational companies.

The 21st century’s reality: a misery of stateless masses

This century will bear witness to the misery of stateless masses. Those who uphold the central power domain, and further strengthen it will survive. This is why Turkey is making extraordinary efforts to strengthen its defense shields. This is why it is strengthening the central government, and recommending the same to all its allies.

We will witness the events in Kazakhstan unfold in countries outside the zone in question. We must come to realize that every weakness, every inconsideration will propel our countries into heavy consequences, leading to great losses. We lose a great deal, and so do the state and the country.

Then, who wins? The answer to this question alone will suffice for one to grasp the truth.

Power boom in store

The earth’s main axis must avoid falling slave to the East and West again. It must not lose another century. Both states and nations must see that petty mistakes lead to great disasters.

Kazakhstan will overcome this. Central Asian countries will become conscious of this trap. Turkey will continue to pioneer and nudge countries in the right direction. The great region that is stuck between the East and West will see a power boom.

We are optimistic, but cautiously so.


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