Where are you? Why aren’t you out in the squares? What kind of silence is this?

Where are you?

Why are you silent?

Why aren't you out

Why aren't you around?

Why aren't you taking the lead with a strong “yes” in the April 16 referendum campaign? Why aren't you going around from city to city, street to street?

As Europe's racists are attacking Turkey, as anti-Turkey sentiment is being boosted throughout Europe, as those who established the “April 16 front” are attacking and trying to prevent the “presidential system,” where are you?

Why aren't you going out to the squares and screaming the place down? Why aren't you standing by those who are going around from square to square? Why aren't you giving photo shots that will further excite our nation? Why aren't you going around Turkey, shoulder to shoulder?

Why didn't you clench your fists and step forward?

While the April 16 referendum is perceived around the world as a matter that “needs to be prevented,” as it turns into a global showdown, why aren't you taking place against this showdown with a strong voice?

Why aren't you contributing to this country's anger, reaction and defense? Why don't you step forward, clench your fists and stand in the front line? Why are you falling into silence, trying to hide yourself in this fight?

Don't you also think there is something strange here? Don't you also think that those who need to speak the most are silent? Haven't the pictures, the names we are seeking on the screens, in the pages of newspapers, in the squares and streets fallen into silence?

This isn't personal, it's a historic showdown

Making plans to come to power through Europe's attack on Turkey, pursuits such as, “Let one put the other in its place, that's when we will come out,” will suit no one.

We may be heart-broken, we may be resentful, we may have faced slander, we may have faced unfairness. All of these are personal. Yet, the “relentless resistance” Turkey has been carrying on for 10-15 years is not personal. This is a country issue, a national issue; it is a historic showdown.

“Personalizing” the switch to the presidential system is a project, it is the opposition language proposed to us. Those who developed that language have the mindset we saw in the Dutch elections example, they are the game-setters of that multinational intervention, the bosses of July 15.

Can we not see the game being played at all?

An issue, against which the entire world is carrying out anti-Turkey campaigns, against which all of Europe has established a joint front to prevent a “yes” victory and is making ruthless attacks on this country is in no way personal and cannot be personal.

While these countries are openly campaigning for a “no” victory and attempting despicable practices against those in the “yes” camp, while they introduce bans to keep them out of the country and attempting contemptable discourses on our Turkey, can we not see the game being played at all? What personal issue is important or significant in such a case?

If we have faced unfairness, our role shouldn't be to withdraw and be resentful. Our duty should be to continue the fight with greater determination and enthusiasm. It should be to stand upright, fight for the country and contribute to this joint struggle despite everything.

Which one was personal, the Gezi Park terror or July 15?

The plan of those trying to topple the government through street terrorism during the Gezi Park events was not personal. The plan of those trying to eliminate the government on Dec. 17 and Dec. 25, 2013, was not personal. Declaring open war against Turkey on July 15, attempting a civil war and invasion was in no way personal.

The referendum is not personal either. Similarly, Turkey's referendum plan and Europe's waging a war against the referendum are not personal either. In such a state, out resentments and personal accounts have become insignificant – they should become insignificant. Making personal plans and taking a personal attitude among all this is weakness.

April 16 is a kind of mobilization, this is not over yet

This is not over yet. The tutelage period has not closed. Turkey's great transformation has not yet been completed. The century-old countdown is continuing. And it won't end until we, this country, this nations puts an end to it. It will not end before they are made to give in to the one they cannot defeat. It will not end before Turkey's historic walk achieves victory.

The fight that started with the Dutch elections is a warning for us. The intervention is ongoing; other scenarios aimed at stopping Turkey are in the works.

Then, April 16 is a historic showdown. The attack on the referendum is a continuation of July 15. July 15 was an open attack, it was our people's greatest war of defense. We succeeded, we were the ones who gained victory. Those who are turning April 16 into a global-scale discussion are once again attacking openly. Yet this time, we need to get a step ahead and end the defense period. This should be the significance of this election for us. It should be to close once and for all the areas of intervention in Turkey.

Where are the wise politicians, sharp writers, the biggest gainers?

So, where are you? The people our eyes are seeking, where are you? Those who have given strength and support to this government, those who have stood out among Turkey's history-making political tendencies, where are you in the April 16 referendum?

The leading political figures, the Justice and Development Party's (AK Party) wise names, the “sharp” writers of the media, the opinion leaders of the public, those who made the greatest gains during the AK Party governments, where are you? Why can't we hear your voice? Why aren't you in the front? Why aren't you around?

Era of seeking power in Western capitals is over

Nobody can come to power with “no” votes taking the lead. Everybody who sets sail in the opposite direction of this great wave will be wiped out. They will take place in the wrong pages of history. The era of seeking power in Western capitals is over. The era of seeking power from London, from Washington, from Brussels, the era of hiding behind their scenarios, the era of designing internal politics from these capitals is over.

The total attack against Turkey from Europe will open an area of power, an area of politics for nobody. On the contrary, those who have such an expectation, those seeking such an opportunity will lose any trust our people have in them.

Leave it to Erdoğan, move aside and watch

Because the nation will become even more hardened with these attacks and start defending the country, strengthen its resistance. Those who do not side with the people, everybody who refrains from openly joining the struggle will join those who lose at the end of the game.

I am not the only one who sees that those who make politics, try to gain power, fame and strength by leaving President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to take on the entire burden of this country, this nation, this history, are not contributing to the efforts for the April 16 referendum – everybody sees it. The people see it, those working out in the streets, putting their heart and soul into it see it.

Therefore, everybody from the AK Party's leading politicians to the media's strong writers, to those running newspapers and television networks, to opinion leaders, need to properly participate in this mobilization. They need to shoulder the responsibility, do what is expected of them.

Those who keep quiet today will have no favor with the people

Just as all interventions to date have been overcome, April 16, which has now turned into a major showdown, will also be overcome. Our nation, the body that formed that center politics is going to continue on its great walk and properly fulfill its history-maker role.

Turkey is going to overcome this critical threshold. It is going to gain victory on April 16. I have no doubts at all about this. That multinational intervention will fail again – it wouldn't matter if all of Europe or even the entire world came together. But when that time comes, those who are in hiding today, those who have “different expectations,” will not have the right to talk or the right to step forward.

Those who keep quiet today will have no favor with the people.

I call everybody to come to their senses, to join the mobilization, to step forward, to raise their voices. Personal resentments are no excuse. There is a very grand struggle. This struggle is above all plans.