Which side would you be on in the National Struggle? The plan to ‘topple Erdoğan, stop Turkey’ is an attack. All their scenarios will collapse.

All scenarios made on Turkey have collapsed. Internal operations, foreign interventions, public perception operations carried out through intellectual terror chains, attempts to expand internal areas of conflict, media operations and economic crisis scenarios have all collapsed.

Much severer, direct attack attempts have also collapsed; the plan to change the government through street terrorism during the Gezi Park events, the project to overthrow the ruling government and redesign the state with the Dec. 17-25 economic coup, the attempt on July 15 to openly attack from the front and divide the country, the scenarios to occupy southeastern provinces and districts through the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) terror group, the U.S.-Israel plans to use the PKK and its Syrian affiliate the Democratic Union Party (PYD) to siege the country have all collapsed.

Same boss, different courier: All coup attempts since 2003 have collapsed

All coup attempts since 2003 have failed. All operations conducted internally, through certain countries of the region and openly through the U.S. and Europe to topple President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan have failed and collapsed.

Assassination attempts on this country’s president, including sending assassination teams to Marmaris, including bloody terror attacks that have led to civil massacres, all of the interventions we mentioned – as well as those we did not mention – have all been directly managed by U.S. intelligence, Israeli intelligence and European countries’ intelligence.

Couriers, hitmen, apparatuses have all changed, and in every operation, the “suitable” circles have been activated, but the bosses have always been the same. But they all ended in disappointment, resulted in a fiasco.

They gathered like hyenas, why? The issue is not like those shallow statements

All this is solely to shrink Turkey and take control over it. It is the plan to create the format they see fit for Turkey while reshaping the geography. It is the effort to get Turkey to conform to the new regional map spanning from the Red Sea to the Eastern Mediterranean and from the Persian Gulf all the way to South Asia.

It is an attempt to prevent Turkey from discovering its genetic and its will which has made history and the geography since the Seljuks. These are not small power plans that are limited to Ankara. The reason they are gathering over the world’s most precious homeland like hyenas is not what opposition parties in Ankara, a certain group of readers/writers who have no clue about the geography/history, who do not comprehend how the global power map is changing, tell through shallow statements.

Their projects collapsed even before the elections

Is it over? Of course not. The chain of interventions for which garrison statelets like the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have mobilized their billion-dollar funds is ongoing. We are going to see new examples after the election, we are going to witness new multinational intervention scenarios, and encounter new Turkey projects. But they are all going to collapse, fail and scandalously blow up in their faces.

They took charge with all their strength ahead of the June 24 elections. They activated a project similar to the one they implemented in the June 7 elections. They positioned the opposition parties in the same front as the terrorist organizations. They determined candidates through the “conservative opposition.” This project failed before the elections even came. All their plans on June 24 are going to collapse in the same way and blow up in their faces.

Toppling Erdoğan is not your plan. So, why are you there?

I am upset that while everybody, every political party, great politicians should be conducting politics on the “Turkey axis,” suggesting programs in regards to this country growing and gaining strength, they are instead following a parallel course with multinational scenarios, and are attempting to sacrifice what the country has achieved in the last five years to discourses produced by a “foreign hand.” None of them have uttered a single statement on how to further strengthen and grow this country, or how to protect it against a rough global storm. All they think about is toppling “Erdoğan.”

Toppling Erdoğan is not your plan, your goal or calculation. Toppling Erdoğan is the most comprehensive multinational project of history aimed at this country. Well, why are they doing this? Is it because they care about this country, this nation? When in history did they ever want the good of this nation? Just turn to the past a little and look at what they are against and who their friends are.

Which side would you be on in the War of Independence?

Were they not the ones to destroy that great empire and build a region they called the “Middle East,” cause never-ending wars, and divide nations, countries and cities? Were they not the ones that had millions of people massacred in our near region since 1991, that had Muslim cities wiped off the map, that had people cut each other’s throats through the sectarian identity fights, and that pushed us all into a corner and left us desperate through thousands of schemes?

Do you never think why something that they say is “bad” is bad? Why do you repeat the things they say and stand with them? How can you stomach this? If you were in the War of Independence period in this state, which front would you have been on? If you were in the era of Abdülhamit II, which rank would you have been on? Isn’t the struggle today one and the same as the War of Independence?

If it were up to those who you obey, this would have happened:

Know and prepare yourselves: All the projects, plots, coup attempts, multinational interventions and scenarios to internally collapse that have been targeting the country in the last five years have failed. Can you give a single example that has reached its aim? Does this truth not tell you something? Are you unable to understand that all scenarios after this are also going to fail? Does Turkey gaining power rather than collapsing, despite such a rough fight, not bring you to your senses?

Had it been up to those who you obey, Turkey would have become Syria today. It would have been dragged into an infinite war with Iran. Turkey would have turned into an organization state (the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ)). Fetullah Gülen would have come to the head of the country like Khamenei. A “Vatican” would have been built in Istanbul, and Anatolia would have been thrown to the hyenas. In exchange for the role it assumed, the PKK would have established a terror state, Turkey would have turned into a garrison state like the UAE, and you would have been sharing the loot among yourselves as the “pro-mandates.”

You are missing history, you missed Turkey!

Why did it not work, why did they fail? This is what you are unable to understand, unable to comprehend. History has made a turn and you are missing history. Your political aims, discourses, alliance relations are missing it. The region is transforming and you are unable to perceive the power struggles over the region. You are living in the world of four decades ago. You are unable to see that the real showdown is outside our region, where the world is actually headed, the kind of storm spreading through the world, and what awaits us and everybody else in 2019.

It is a miracle for this country to overcome so many obstacles. Because the political genetic, the historical memory has taken action, what the West is, what the geography is has been rediscovered and, what’s more important, what we really are has been revealed. From now on, after this intelligence and comprehension has come to the fore, no multinational project will succeed. It won’t be able to succeed on June 24, nor after it.

The miracle will continue. They are going to regress, we are going to rise

We are in a world where those who had us under their tutelage are unable to govern themselves. The era of “masters” of the old interfering in this country is over. The era of gaining power under their protection is over. While they are entering a period of stagnation, we are in the first years of the rising period. They will soon start to quarrel with one another and our rise will gain speed. Their ability to conduct an operation in this country is largely over.

Regardless of whether it is planned in the U.S., in Israel, in certain southern countries, in European capitals, or at the headquarters of terror organizations, no destruction scenario has a chance of success.

The ‘topple Erdoğan, stop Turkey’ theory is an attack against this country’s national stance

The project to “topple Erdoğan, stop Turkey” is a multinational project; it is an attack on this country’s national mind and belief; none of the fancy words besides this have any historical, humane or political value.

All their plans to date have collapsed. This is Turkey’s first great victory. All their plans after this are also going to collapse. That is when the entire world will see the great victory. Well, where are you going to stand, or what are you going to do that day, and how will you make history and where will you take place in it?

I leave that to you!


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