Who brought the PKK, CHP, Felicity Party and Good Party together? Their next step is to paralyze Turkey. Let’s not let this country down... - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Who brought the PKK, CHP, Felicity Party and Good Party together? Their next step is to paralyze Turkey. Let’s not let this country down...

How is it that they are able to assemble people who would never come together otherwise, under a single roof? Whose will is it that joined them, whose goal brought them together?

How is it that they have shoved aside all their political principles to date, disregarded political identities, gathered around a single goal, and identified themselves with a new political purpose and identity?

How is it that, embarrassed even of the voters, they are secretly able to put up those that are imposed on them as candidates? How is it that they are able to declare those who point guns to this country, those who wage war against the aims and objectives of this country, those who bombed this country's Parliament and people, and those who shed blood in this country for decades as partners?

Who brought the PKK, CHP, Felicity Party and Good Party together?

Who brought them together, who is imposing these candidates on them, who is making them forget their political principles and giving them the role to weaken Turkey? What sort of negotiations are going on in the background?

Against what, or for what purpose have the Peoples' Democracy Party (HDP), Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), Republican People's Party (CHP), Felicity Party (SP), and the Good Party (İP) gathered on a single front?

How is it that those who call themselves Islamist, nationalist, and Turkey's founding party, can stand shoulder to shoulder with those on the mountains, who have been fighting against Turkey their whole life? Against what “enemy” are they entering into a union of force against?

Do you think this is just an election, simply a mayoral candidacy issue, only a local election campaign? Do you seriously think this is the case?

These are the political legs of the front established in northern Syria

If you say "there is no issue of existence" in this country, if you think this is an election propaganda alone, then you need to explain this formula, this cooperation, and this front that is established against the "Turkey axis."

You need to explain it to us, the nation, this country, and to history...

Do we not see what the next step taken by those who established the political leg of the front founded in northern Syria through this cooperation might be?

What does this front say about the July 15 coup, about the Afrin intervention, the National Intelligence Organization (MIT) trucks matter, the east of the Euphrates, and the "Turkey front" they want to build in northern Syria?

We did not hear a single word from any of them to date on these topics in favor of our country and people. Why is that so? How could we have when the man in Iraq’s Qandil was sending messages of support to them; how could we expect such a statement?

Those who cried 'revenge' inflicted great pains on this nation

We did not hear a single political discourse other than enmity toward President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. We did not hear a single word for Turkey's common good, power, strength, growth and strengthening from them.

How many times have we witnessed those crying our for "revenge" lead to such great destructions in the history of this country, these lands, cause major historic breaking points, and great grief on these lands in our centuries-long political history?

Whose bidding are those trying to take revenge from Erdoğan doing? Why do you think they are taking position against the "Turkey axis," and whose agenda it is they hold in their hands?

They drifted away from the center: They are going to gather around the edges and strike the center

This agenda belongs to those who have been hindering this country together with the PKK for 40 years, those who wanted to divide this country on July 15, those who are sieging the Islamic region from all corners today, and those who are activating the whole region for the sake of "stopping Turkey."

The political parties on this front have drifted away from Turkey's center, disseminated, and are now using the language of those imposing new map drafts on this region.

That will is bringing together all terrorist organizations and political parties to implement a project that will weaken and destroy Turkey's center.

A new formation is being tried through native invaders and those who see red

Because, regardless of the chaos, regardless of how many maps are imposed from the Mediterranean to the Iranian border, that will knows that this country's will is strong, and its backbone is unshakable.

It knows that the more Turkey is attacked from the outside, the more the nation will unite. This is why it is using the weaknesses of "internal invaders" and those who are blinded by revenge, those who are carrying out petty plans for profit, and this is why it is testing out a mind boggling "political formation."

I have been observing for days: I look at the CHP, I look at the SP, I look at the İP... They do not say a single word about our time in history, the tremor the region is going through, the difficulties Turkey is going through, the threats the nation and the country may encounter, global economic problems and their repercussions on Turkey, how they may be overcome, et cetera.

Their entire discourse is destructive and about revenge. I waited, but so far I have heard and read nothing other than this.

Yes, this is a local election, but it unmasks everyone

It will not happen, it cannot happen, because they are nowhere among Turkey's great fight. The truth that such an alliance is closer to the forces behind the attacks aimed at "stopping Turkey," more so than strengthening the center, strengthening the people and the country, can no longer be hidden.

Yes, this is a local election. But it is an election that reveals where everybody is standing, their discourse, their opinions, and the extent to which they stand by Turkey.

Their next step is to paralyze Turkey

Their next step after this is the map in northern Syria. It is to normalize the Turkey front. It is to weaken the central power domain in the country. It is to weaken the fight against the Fetullah Terror Organization (FETÖ).

It is to sabotage and stop Turkey's great awakening after a century. It is to pave the way for tutelage once again. It is to get people to hang their heads down and fixate their eyes on their toes.

Their current position is to render Turkey immobile against storms that will blow in the region after the election. Their aim is to make Turkey withdraw again, weaken its hand and isolate it; to condemn the people to petty plans, resentments, rage; and to confuse minds, and shake the nation’s self-confidence.

Nothing we say is unrelated to that plan

Yes, this is a local election. But the election included, no development, no action, no discourse is individual. This country no longer has an issue that is limited to itself alone.

Turkey has grown greatly, gained a great deal of strength, and become a global player.

It is not the time to keep silent and watch. It is not the time to be drowned in small plans at a time when history is opening its doors to a new rise. Nothing we say today is independent of this great plan.

And then there are the 'local outsiders'

There are also the "local outsiders" who are extraneous of these circles, who appear to be aligned with the existing fight and act silently, act covertly, and undertake even more sly agendas. I refer to them as "native invaders," the "conservative opposition," and the "conservative intervention."

There are those who use their position, the small power domain they have for this purpose. Such two-faced people take place in the most shameful pages of history. This has always been the case, as it will be again.

Let's not let this country down

Open your eyes, look at the major plans in Turkey and the region, and decide accordingly. Do not allow those who are sabotaging the new awakening a century later. Regardless of your reason, no negative justification can be more important than this great showdown.

History flows; the region goes on and so does Turkey... The door that has opened cannot be closed again for another century. But everyone’s actions will be jotted down in the pages of history. Let us be of those who walk together and rise together.

Let us continue our millennium-old great struggle in this region. Let us destroy those who are trying to confine us into the 20th century again. Let us think big like the Seljuks, like the Ottomans.

Come, let us not let this country down.


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