Who determines CHP candidates? Who is the secret mastermind controlling the party? What on earth is the CHP-Good Party-HDP (PKK) front? There’s no longer a ‘political identity’ such as the ‘CHP’. - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Who determines CHP candidates? Who is the secret mastermind controlling the party? What on earth is the CHP-Good Party-HDP (PKK) front? There’s no longer a ‘political identity’ such as the ‘CHP’.

Who determines the main opposition Republican People’s Party’s (CHP) candidates? Who are their mentors? Who are these mysterious centers? Based on what priorities are candidates being determined? Are they Turkey’s interests, social expectations, EU interests, future U.S. plots targeting our country, or money/interest relations?

Are these determined by the CHP mentality? Does such a mentality still exist? Or is there another mind in control? Is the party mind or the mind of a foreign organization in control?

There are very serious claims!

For example, there are very serious claims about deals made to determine Battal İlgezdi, who is drowning in corruption cases, to be determined as Ataşehir mayor once again.

For example, Tunç Soyer’s candidacy in İzmir brought back all the memories of the conflicts prior to September 12 today. The reason Good Party (İP) will be backing the CHP in İzmir for Tunç Soyer, the son of Nurettin Soyer – who is well-known for his torture of nationalists and execution orders – is a matter of curiosity.

For example, it is interesting that some of the candidates running for Istanbul mayors have more of a People’s Democracy Party (HDP) identity than a CHP identity, that they are figures who have and will highlight sectarian and ethnic conflicts. There are many such examples.

Which mind gathered you under a single roof?

Whose mind is it that gathered the CHP, the Good Party, and HDP (PKK) on the same front, that is hiding all armed and unarmed organizations under the CHP roof? Are the Good Party's nationalists going to vote for the HDP? Are CHP patriots going to vote for candidates who are members of the Kurdistan Workers' Party's (PKK) political wing? Are the nationalists of the Good Party going to vote for the son of the man who hanged nationalists?

It is a confusing situation. The will gathering so many contrasting identities under a single combat front is not local. It certainly is not. This means that the will that gathered so many organizations and fronts under a single roof, is largely determining the CHP's candidates as well. This means that it determines which HDP member will be running where for the CHP, where the name that will leave what mark of social conflict will be made to stand out.

Are intelligence organizations running amok?

I pay attention and see that this "umbrella" is in no way bred from Turkey's center. An entirely multinational mind determines this alliance and the candidates, and makes them stand out. The hand that was effective in the Gezi Park incidents, the Dec. 17-25 judicial coup attempt, and the July 15, 2016 coup attempt, is effective here too. Every country, including U.S. and German intelligence, except Turkey, is involved in the CHP-led alliance.

The will that has taken Turkey's founding party out of the Turkey axis and turned it into an ideological conflict organization, and turned the Good Party project and the HDP (PKK) into a single front, is seeking to form a new wave of conflict. In this sense, those in the said alliance stand out as a multinational project.

New CHP project was a multinational project

There game started here with the "CHP project," and it was the first one completed. The Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu project was a plan to distance Turkey's founding party from the local axis, from the center, and pull it into an anti-Turkey front. That project was successful. Now a new project is being tested through the new CHP and the organizations and political apparatuses of the multinational partnership.

A multinational front is being shaped against what is local, against the homeland axis, the Turkey axis. This is even obvious from the criteria in determining candidates now. A plan that is aimed at weakening Turkey's ruling government field, and drawing all identities into the area of conflict is being implemented.

Kılıçdaroğlu turned CHP into a 'national security issue'

I believe I am the first to write that the CHP is starting to become a "national security problem." It was revealed as soon as he came to his post, as soon as he changed the party's superstructure that CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu's tendencies and choices would lead the party to the edge of a cliff.

Turkey's founding party was losing both its foundation and core and being dragged into the operational area. The process aimed at restructuring the CHP was always in this direction.

Turkey's founding party was turned into a fight party, and an inside operation party for new multinational attacks that may target our country in the future.

The political identity of those brought to the party's administration, their stance, the distance they placed between themselves and Turkey, their attitude in favor of terror, their attitude in favor of foreign intervention, their attitude toward the country's regional problems, and their "anti-Turkey sentiment," to put it more clearly, turned the CHP into a security issue, a national security problem.

CHP-Good Party-HDP (PKK). What kind of a Turkey plan is this?

Ever since Kılıçdaroğlu came to the CHP's leadership, his whole struggle has been against Turkey. The main opposition party has become the U.S.'s intervention apparatus, Germany's Turkey intelligence extension, and it settled in the void left by the HDP.

It is likely that he was brought to lead the party for these projects. Someone who stands side-by-side with whoever is anti-Turkey, whichever country or organizations are against Turkey in every step he takes, every word he says, is not from Turkey. The project to take the CHP out of the Turkey axis has been implemented through Kılıçdaroğlu. We see this once more as the mayoral candidates are determined today, as the CHP-Good Party-HDP (PKK) alliance is taking shape. What kind of a Turkey plan is this?

Turkey's backbone and its oppositions have separated

Polarization between Turkey's backbone, its political gene and those controlled from abroad against Turkey has become clear. The front to shake, weaken and make Turkey open to foreign operations has become clear.

There is no longer such a mind as the CHP; there is the multinational mind. The CHP is no longer Turkey's party; it is a party that those fighting against Turkey are focused on. Just as they control the PKK, just as they make the terror group a problem for Turkey, they are controlling the CHP in its own field and preparing it for a similar role.

The path is clear: There is no longer such a political identity as CHP

Hence, the sole area of struggle in this country, the sole political identity is the one between the Turkey axis and its oppositions. That mysterious mind is clear to us. The mind behind the July 15 attack and the mind behind the new joint alliance is one and the same. The mind releasing the PKK candidates on the ground through the CHP now is the same mind.

Therefore, the path for CHP's patriots and the Good Party's patriots is obvious: it is time to take place on the Turkey axis instead of thinking about the CHP and making choices based on the CHP. Because there is no longer such a political identity as the CHP. There is the HDP, there is the PKK, and there is the multinational will and mind.


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