Who else but Erdoğan could have given that speech that shook the world? His voice is the identity, and the claim of the region's past and future. Great victories are designed by architects, petty plans by villains... Those who failed to ‘be a part of history’ in Turkey should be ashamed! - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Who else but Erdoğan could have given that speech that shook the world? His voice is the identity, and the claim of the region's past and future. Great victories are designed by architects, petty plans by villains... Those who failed to ‘be a part of history’ in Turkey should be ashamed!

Turkey’s great strength lies within itself and its claims. It draws on the region, its centuries-old state experience, history-making role and its plans aimed at the future. Everything concerning Turkey is identified by power and its claims.

Turkey’s biggest weakness also lies within itself. This weakness stems from itself, its region, and the great internal and regional showdowns that have been continuing for centuries. Turkey has always been stopped internally, from within.

Great victories are designed by architects, petty plans by villains... Strong leaders disentagle the knot

Our millennium-old history in Anatolia transpired with this opposition, this conflict; our centuries have been filled with architects of great victories, and the showdown of villains aimed at stopping these victories.

Most of the time, this knot was untied by strong leaders. Leaders who interpret the regional and global power activities well, who – in relation to this – build a ideology, who follow a transformation that is sometimes harsh and sometimes spread out through time, have ensured the continuity of the state, and placed the country under their lead at the center of all power maps.

Our rise and fall will shake the world, change history

Turkey has never limited its power to its own state alone. It always spread out, added strength to its surroundings, and grew with its claims. Our victories and failures shook the world, shaped the region and made history.

Now, as a new world is forming, like the Seljuks, like the Ottoman Empire, a brand new construction of power has started; a brand new history and region is being shaped, and right during this period, Turkey’s rise miraculously manifested.

It is not only Turkey that is rising but the “Turkey axis.” This is not only Anatolia, not only within Turkey’s borders, but the awareness of a region.

Sultan Selim united the region, Sultan Süleyman shook Europe. This rise cannot continue without entering east of the Euphrates in Syria

Therefore, along with new victories, old tactics are also being activated; areas of weakness within and abroad are activated; a global project to “stop Turkey” is being formed; and fronts being built internally and regionally based on this. It has been the same throughout our history, and it is the same now.

Had the Ottoman Empire not ensured the unity of Anatolia, it could not have been so powerful in the West. Had Sultan Selim the Grim not ensured unity in the region, Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent could not have shaken up Europe.

If today’s Turkey fails to collapse the ”multinational front within,” if it is unable to intervene in the front against Turkey being established in the north of Syria, if it is unable to prevent the threat coming from the east of the Euphrates, it will not be able to continue this rise.

But we always overcame these obstacles. We always knew which path to take

Yet we know that whenever we are on a rise, we have also always known how to overcome these obstacles. There has always been a mentality that teaches how to rise and how to overcome these obstacles. As long as the global conjuncture allows it, as long as the power map makes room for us, as long as history produces a new opportunity, we have always known which path to take.

Today, that mentality has taken action again and become independent of all its power connections. Because that world system has collapsed, the new system could not be established, power was dispersed, and Turkey once more found a way out of this void.

Once this power took action, nothing could stop it. It spread out through time, and sometimes gained speed and sometimes slowed down, but it never stopped. Everybody who turns back at history will see this.

That talk at the UN could have been made by no leader other than Erdoğan

None of the world leaders of today could have made the speech President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan made at the UN General Assembly.

No world leader, regardless of their power, would or could have announced to the whole world such a sense of responsibility, of justice and conscience in such powerful expressions.

Erdoğan’s speech was not a show. It was the voice of a political discourse, an identity from the Great Wall of China, from Kashmir to the center of Africa, from the Persian Gulf to the Red Sea.

The region spanning the Atlantic and the Pacific coasts which forms the “Central Zone” of the earth, was a belonging that stems from the depths of past centuries to the future.

That speech, that voice was the claim of the region, and the past and future

It was a global speech aimed at building a new world, and questions the existing one, rather than simply voicing injustices. Those words, his style of speaking, that objection was the claim of this region, of the past. Now, it has also become the claim of the future. It was the proclamation of the path Turkey is taking, the discourse of the new rising period.

Do not evaluate Erdoğan’s speech based on Turkey alone. Evaluate it based on the East and the West, new global political trends, the pursuits of states to protect themselves, and plans and concerns aimed at the future.

Those who have imperial claims resort to their historical theories, those who don’t resort to their national claims

All supranational structures have collapsed. All agreements and practices restricting states have collapsed. The world is no longer being run through democracy and freedoms. Even central countries are under open threat and no country feels safe.

Those who have an imperial past are resorting to their historical theories, while those who do not are resorting to their national claims. Those who have an imperial heritage are giving strength to defense shields at the global level, and those who do not have an imperial heritage do it nationally. Every state is strengthening its central power domain. They are trying to prepare for an something that is ambiguous.

This country is rediscovering its power domains. Some are investing in the regional identity and partnership, some in racism, and some in military power. They turn toward whichever area they can build power in. Now, every country knows that they cannot remain standing through tutelage and alliance memberships.

Turkey is more prepared than most countries

Look at the U.S., Russia and China, look at India and Germany, they have all turned to their own power domains. Turkey is one of the first countries to start doing this.

This is why Turkey is carrying the heritage of the Seljuk/Ottoman eras to the present, this is why it pays attention to every corner of the region, this is why it switched to the presidential system, this is why it places extraordinary emphasis on defense, and this is why it redefined its bilateral and multinational relations and re-interpreted the terms “threat” and “power.”

This is the age of powerful leaders, three leaders are dragging the world behind them

Additionally, a new world is forming – one that is led, administrated and shaped by powerful leaders. States, institutions, political discourses, political plans and the established order come after leaders. In the past, leaders would shape according to the established order; in the new era, established orders are shaping according to leaders. The most striking examples in this area are the political marches, political characters of Erdoğan, Russian President Vladimir Putin, and U.S. President Donald Trump.

In today’s world, these three leaders are determining the whole agenda of the world. We must also add the leaders of China and India to this. Despite all the dirty campaigns within, the storms aimed political myopia and confusing minds, there is no doubt that Erdoğan is playing a history-making role.

This is so even if they die of jealousy.

Those who failed to ‘be a part of history’ in Turkey

Let us also recall a statement Trump made at the UN Summit: “The future will belong not to globalists but patriots.” Those who are forming a front within to “stop Turkey” will be wiped out like those who bet on the wrong side in every great rise. They missed out on history while dreaming big.


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