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Who is building the Arab front against Turkey?

Non-Arab Muslim countries are gaining power while Arab Muslim countries, especially those under the influence of Gulf Arabs (i.e. the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, and Egypt under the administration of Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi) are not only regressing, but in fact collapsing.

Non-Muslim Arab countries are rapidly leaving the West’s custody, escaping tutelage, unveiling their own dynamics, while Arab countries are further entrenching into Western protection, building even more dependent relations.

Non-Arab Muslim countries are defending the Islamic world, and the Muslim community’s rights even more fervently, while the Arab countries in question are running like the wind, far away from these claims and legacies. The new UAE-led front is doing this explicitly, and openly rejecting the Islamic political legacy.

UAE, Saudi Arabia, Sisi bringing Western troops to the region

Non-Arab Muslim countries completely reject the West’s “front country” position it has assumed in the Middle East and Asia. Once upon a time, Turkey, Pakistan, and Indonesia formed the “South Zone” against Soviet and Chinese communism and protected the West’s interests. These three countries have come a long way since then.

However, Arab countries, especially Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt, are turning themselves into garrisons against the countries that the U.S., Europe and Israel deem as threats in our region. The relations they established both in our region and in South Asia are deploying Western powers to those regions, sending a threatening message.

Attacking those within using foreign power

As non-Arab Muslim countries are striving to combat foreign attacks, Arab Muslim countries are fighting among themselves and their regions – and while doing this, they are calling Western countries to their aid.

Non-Arab Muslim countries are building a power inside-out, struggling, activating their own strengths, while Arab Muslim countries are attacking from abroad, reinforcing their own aptitudes and strengths with foreign power.

Why do wars always take place on Arab territories?

The war between Iran and Iraq was an Arab-Persian war. The 1991 invasion of Iraq was really an Arab-Persian war. The 2003 invasion of Iraq was also characteristically the same. The Arab world lost in all of these wars and invasions. All the wars that took place in our region during the last three decades have occurred on Arab lands, and these wars were never won.

Arab weakness is not the reason underlying this but rather the unilateral dependency relations, which their administrations establish with the West. This relation has almost always been against the Arab people and their countries.

Two princes, one dictator: An apocalypse is on its way

This dependency relationship is now being renewed. It is becoming even more destructive. It is now being led by Mohammed bin Zayed (UAE), Mohammed bin Salman (Saudi Arabia), and Sisi (Egypt).

They initially used Arab regimes against Iran. Yet, this form of exploitation was based not on their interests, but rather on Israel’s priorities and U.S. plans. They have been fighting within this context for three decades and always losing.

This is because their defeat is being pursued. Those exploiting them are also depleting their resources.

Thus, the Arab-Persian border was drawn back all the way from the Iran-Iraq border to the Mediterranean. They lost Iraq and Syria, and they are now going to lose Lebanon and Yemen.

Now the ‘Turkey front’ has been launched: An undeclared war!

This time around, the same mentality activated Arab power against Turkey. They established an “Anti-Turkey Front” comprising of the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Gulf countries, and Sisi’s Egypt.

This front attempted unfathomable moves against Turkey in the entire region. Managing terrorist organizations, economic attacks, assassinations and executions included, from Africa to South Asia, it is trying to weaken Turkey in every field.

They are carrying on an undeclared war with Turkey in Libya, in the East Mediterranean, in the Caucasus, in the Persian Gulf, around the Red Sea, and in Central Africa. While they do this, they are building partnerships with Israel, France, the U.S., Europe and, in fact, with Greece and the Greek Cypriot Administration.

Pakistan is the next target

It is quite interesting that the same front has recently been targeting Pakistan. Saudi Arabia and the UAE established a rapport with India and started targeting Pakistan, which is celebrating its founding today.

Joint investments are being annulled, support given is being retracted, and India’s plans regarding Kashmir are being promised explicit support.


After Turkey, are these Arab countries going to be used against Pakistan as well? Which countries will follow? Indonesia? It is highly likely.

After Shiite-Sunni war, a Sunni civil war is now on the horizon!

Something sinister lies behind every move. How so?

A project titled, “Civil Democratic Islam: Partners, Resources and Strategies,” was published in 2003 in the U.S. It entirely explains how the “Islamic civil war” could be broken out.

A year later, another 567-page report titled, “U.S. Strategy in the Muslim World,” was published. This report discusses the details of the Islamic civil war. Among the fronts to be formed, first is the Shiite-Sunni war, while the second front is identified as Arab Muslims against non-Arab Muslims.

The Arab streets must awaken!

This is what is happening today. The UAE, Saudi Arabian, and Egyptian regimes were utilized for the Shiite-Sunni war. They have now been driven to the ground for a civil war among Sunnis, and Turkey was presented to them as the primary target.

These regimes lost in every war and destroyed the region. They are going to lose this war as well.

However, the Arab people, its patriots should know that this is nothing other than preparation for suicide. They set the trap on Arab lands and countries. These leaders, these regimes are going to drag the Arab region to destruction and carve up Arab lands into city states. Let us reiterate: Why is it that non-Arab Muslim countries are gaining power while Arab Muslim countries are constantly losing power?

The Arab streets must wake up now!

We must resist against the new colonialism!


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