Who was the Saudi crown prince sending a message to atop the Kaaba? Our priority is no longer Palestine! Why? Because that's what Israel wants! Arab regimes are taken hostage by their fear of Iran! UAE is now another Daesh… - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Who was the Saudi crown prince sending a message to atop the Kaaba? Our priority is no longer Palestine! Why? Because that's what Israel wants! Arab regimes are taken hostage by their fear of Iran! UAE is now another Daesh…

Bringing into line and taking hostage the Arab world through the "Iran threat," is the greatest, most dangerous "external intervention" targeting our region today. Yes, this is an external intervention. Because, through Arab administrations, the entire region is, as a matter of fact, being taken hostage.

A new design is being enforced on the Arab people, the Arab region; the foundation of very serious interventions is being laid. This, in the complete sense of the word, is a regional plan. It is the planning of the future. They are the critical signs of plans aimed at the tearing-up of the region.

A plan that is aimed at destroying the center of the Arab region, whose "surroundings" have been destroyed to date through more local operations such as the intervention in Iraq, the intervention in Syria, and the one in Libya. The danger is shifting toward the center of the Arab region. Perhaps the most serious threat is being expanded.

Daesh role for UAE, Saudi Arabia

Unfortunately, this threat is promoted with the discourse of protecting Arabs against the "Iran threat," the "Turkey threat." Gulf countries, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt have all embraced this discourse. Instead of forming an Arab mind, a new and even more critical tutelage than the previous one is being built against everything presented to them as "threats."

It will soon be clear that those who defined the threat, those trying to spread this discourse through the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia have undertaken no role other than preparing the region for Western occupation, a regional invasion. These two states and those around them are undertaking the same role for the region that Daesh undertook for the regions it invaded, the same role the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) undertook for Syria, and the same role al-Qaeda undertook for Afghanistan.

What was done through terrorist organizations will now be carried out through these two states

These countries made a new proxy agreement. The proxy wars that were carried out through terrorist organizations to date are, from now on, most likely going to be carried out through these two countries. This is where the real danger lies. The real danger is reducing the two countries and the states around them to "organizations" through two crown princes like the UAE's Mohammed bin Zayed and Saudi Arabia's Mohammed bin Salman.

We saw exceeding examples of what can be done through the organizational mind, how it can be used destructively during all the invasions in our region. Now we are face-to-face with a more organizational positioning than all of the aforementioned ones.

'Our priority is no longer Palestine...' Why? Because that's what Israel wanted

In addition to the destructive attacks the region will come under, we are also likely going to see how all Muslim values are insulted and destroyed.

We saw once more at the time the U.S. was making the decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital how the same countries went dead silent, how they surrendered, how their will power is encumbered. Now there are new ones on the way.

When Bahrain's foreign minister, who spoke at the "Middle East Peace"-themed conference organized in Warsaw, said, "Our priority is not Palestine, it is the Iranian threat," there must have been nobody more pleased in that conference hall than Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

What message did the Saudi crown prince send from atop the Kaaba?

The minister's statement, "Since we were children, we have been dealing with the Palestine-Israel issue," was the most serious indicator of where the Arab political mind had come. While the UAE foreign minister also made similar statements at the same conference, the kind of outside intervention positioning planned through the newly-formed Arab axis led by the U.S. and Israel was revealed crystal clear.

First, Jerusalem was sold through the two crown princes. Now Palestine has been sold. From this moment on, who knows what else will be sold or given as a hostage? Even though just the thought of it is terrifying. And I guess we will witness in the near future the symbolic meaning of the footage of Prince Mohammed bin Salman on the Kaaba's roof. This is the terrifying part!


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