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Who’s waiting for Biden’s signal? This insignificant, weak man cannot help you

What does Donald Trump’s departure, the division in U.S. domestic politics, social polarization, division of power within the state, and the emergence of concepts such as “domestic terrorism” and “foreign threat” in U.S. politics tell us?

What does U.S. President Joe Biden’s faint and weak takeover of the administration, the lack of interest in his message of “friendship, alliance once again with the world,” more prominent signs that the U.S. will have to withdraw, and that global power shifts will further provoke internal conflict tell us?

Nationalization of state mind. Erdoğan’s historical march

Of course we have nothing to say to those who interpret Turkey-U.S. relations based on old statements and clichés. They have been repeating the same trite remarks for years now.

They haven’t a clue nor care about what changed and is changing in the U.S., the world, and Turkey. Let them continue to worship the American power which they blindly believe in, and miss history and the future.

We are going to try and talk to those who make “new statements,” who are able to correctly perceive the dramatic power loss in the U.S., and who are able to discuss the form the global power domain will take based on the world’s new state.

We are going to witness how the nationalization of the state mind in Turkey will manage these relations, how President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s intellectual and discursive leadership from the Seljuks, from the Ottomans, to current day Turkey and beyond will run these relations.

We will question, discuss, and try to comprehend what other areas of maneuver the deep disintegration between the East and West is going to form.

Calls for ‘intervention,’ ‘striking Turkey with US weapons…’

Those who think Turkey, which was confined into Anatolia, sieged, trapped within tight alliance domains, kept under control in every field from security to political power, will turn back after breaking off all these chains and starting a new rising period, and be doomed to the same confined space, are making a huge mistake.

Those planning this both at home and abroad have failed to grasp Turkey’s great return, the trauma the U.S. is going through, the gravity of the global power shifts, and how this is shaping the world.

The stance of especially those within, aimed at “striking Turkey with U.S. weapons,” openly and recklessly, their calls to “Intervene in Turkey,” will be recorded as one of the most disgraceful chapters of our centuries-old history. Regardless of their political background, no political party can progress or will progress with such disgrace.

‘Non-national’ internal front: Systematic, provocative, primitive, destructive political language

It is clear that the “non-national” structure formed under the leadership of the Republican People’s Party (CHP), with the support of the Good Party (İP), in partnership with the Peoples’ Democracy Party (HDP), which is pro-Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), and with conservative reinforcement, is expecting a coup, a foreign intervention in Turkey during Biden’s term. The partnership between the multinational companies dominating social media and this formation is blatant.

All these political parties’ lack of support for any initiative that will elevate Turkey, their lack of contribution to any effort that will secure the country, their provocation of our nation’s tribulations, and most importantly, their use of a common political language is telling.

They do not have a single discourse regarding Turkey’s well-being and the world’s transformation. There is not a single word they have to say apart from a systematic, primitive, provocative and destructive political language shaped by enormity.

CHP’s patriots, Good Party’s nationalists, Felicity Party’s sensitive people, must return to Turkey’s axis

In the current state, no difference remains between the CHP and the Good Party, or between the HDP and the conservative opposition in terms of political identity or what they are pledging to Turkey. They are acting completely in accordance with the priorities of multinational companies and the U.S. established order. This reveals that they are no longer a political party but an “inside intervention front.”

There is no doubt that had the same structures, the same people, the same political understanding existed during the Ottoman period, they would have taken position as an internal invasion front.

The patriots in the CHP, the nationalists in the Good Party, the sensitive folks of the Felicity Party (SP) need to take position on the country’s lines in Turkey’s great struggle. The SP in particular voiced Turkey’s current fight for decades. But just as we reached that point, it sided with the pro-tutelage groups. It does not make any sense.

Those companies’ first target is Turkey. What sort of format will they try to impose?

Biden’s term is off to a weak start. From now on the U.S. is going to be ruled not by the state but by social media firms. The first target of these companies is Turkey. They are soon going to attempt to activate the structure they established within the country. They are going to try what they failed to achieve on July 15 in a different format. They are going to attack Turkey from abroad and at home.

They are going to challenge Turkey in the East Mediterranean, in northern Syria, in Libya, and in Africa. They are going to re-activate the PKK’s Syrian wing, the People’s Protection Units (YPG), in the north of Syria. They are going to spare no effort to restrict Turkey’s regional and global power.

But will they be succeed?

Storm blowing ‘outward’ for Turkey, ‘inward’ for US

Those making these plans abroad and at home:

Have not been able to fully grasp Turkey’s resistance, power, mentality, plans and goals. They have not been able to understand that the power storm is now blowing “out” from Turkey toward the world, and that this rise, which came a century later, cannot be stopped.

Have not been able to figure out the division of power in the U.S., that the power storms are blowing “in towards the U.S. from abroad,” that the Biden term will be an extremely weak and unstable period.

Have not been able to see that the global power showdown between countries such as the U.S., China, the EU, Russia, and Germany will only serve for Turkey’s growth, provide incredible areas of maneuver, and that an internal front will be perceived “as a threat,” “a foreign power.”

Domestic threat, internal conflict, terrorism shifted into EU. Intervention era over

The era of “stopping Turkey,” “intervening in Turkey” is long over. The game is now being set over completely different plans. We are one of the countries that best interpreted these plans and prepared accordingly. Every attack in this respect will further boost our strength, paving the way for its legitimization.

It was only recently that they had established anti-Turkey fronts in the Mediterranean, in the Middle East. They all collapsed within a few years. They will establish new ones, and they too will collapse. We evaluate that this plan will fail, not by considering the U.S. and Turkey alone, but by analyzing the new global power structuring.

The “regime switching” era is over for the U.S. Multinational companies are now changing the regime there. Thus, it is in a race to protect itself. The era of exporting terrorism, internal threats, internal conflicts, and social division is over for the U.S. It is now confronting all these within.

Avoid this non-national front!

Those waiting for a signal from Biden, those seeking power in Turkey through U.S. power, are in store for a major miscalculation and deep disappointment. Let us see this insignificant man first heal the U.S.

Turkey has the intelligence and experience needed to face all threats. We have understood that the opposition within, the internal front formation is not on Turkey’s side in this struggle. It seems it never will be.

Therefore, those within this front need to avoid the “non-national” formation. As it appears today, the U.S. will not benefit anybody.


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