Wounding Iran, shaking Turkey: Regional will and a map of freedom is essential

They tested the waters in Iran. They wounded it using its social problems, political dead ends, ethnic weaknesses and the competition in the power domain. In predominantly conservative and Persian cities, they were able to carry the unrest of the masses to the streets. They activated ethnic identities in line with this; they signaled that they could.

They told Iran, “Regardless of how strong you get, how much you follow an expansionist policy, how much you activate cross-border masses with the Shiite doctrine, your weakest point is your home.” They said, “Even if you are in Yemen, in Syria, even if you control Lebanon and siege Saudi Arabia, even if you eventually plan to reach Mecca and Medina, and launch ballistic missiles in the skies of Saudi, we will hunt you down at home; we can do it.”

Carrying the war to Iran: These are the first steps

Although Tehran appears to have won a victory in Syria, although it seems to have repelled threats all the way to the coasts of the Mediterranean and the Red Sea, they have shown that they can carry the war all the way into Iran, into its homeland. It was revealed that even though Iran is gaining strength in the region, it is internally weak.

The recent protests are the first steps of “moving the war to Iran.” Even if the demonstrations end, even if they are suppressed, “efforts regarding Iran” will continue today from where it left off. The intervention plans aimed at our region will no longer be limited to a single country, they will be regional.

Regional will: No country can remain standing alone

This will lead to new madness, aggressiveness we have never seen before. Examples of intervention in Iraq or Syria are left behind. It needs to be understood that the approaching storm is of a new kind and will be quite different. Today, the “Iran front” has opened; the U.S. and Israel will try every means possible to expand, to deepen this front with their partners in the region.

If the intervention or attack is going to be regionalized, the defense must also be regionalized. No country has the strength to defend itself on its own anymore.

If the attack is multinational, the defense, the resistance must also be multinational, it must gain regional status. Therefore, we urgently need to build a regional will. We must build such an identity, will, defense line for the region, for the 21st century.

That atrocious July 15, that amazing resistance

Yes, they wounded Iran – just the way they previously tried to wound, shake, collapse Turkey and make it surrender. Just like the Dec. 17-25 attempt, the Gezi Park and that atrocious July 15 attack. Just like they wanted to open the “Turkey front” after the Syria war. They are going to continue this. They are going to continue it in new formats.

They are going to try to implement their plans until there is not a single country left in this region able to stand on its own two feet. But Turkey’s resistance was exemplary for all countries. I believe that this resistance tradition will spread in waves to all countries, everywhere that is under threat or attack.

They are going to hunt and wound Saudi Arabia from within

A while later, they are going to test the waters in Saudi Arabia as well. Despite having established a partnership with Israel, despite falling for the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) game and distancing itself from Turkey, even though it gets carried away and builds fronts for the “war with Iran,” one day, these countries that Saudi sees as allies are going to hunt it down at home.

Just like they created an atmosphere for Jerusalem, made secret agreements with the UAE and tried to attach that symbolic city to Israel, similarly, they are going to reveal their agendas for Islam’s central cities. This close relationship with the U.S. and Israel is going to cause heavy traumas for this country. Because their eventual goal is to shift the war to the heart of Islam. They are going to achieve this through the Iran-Saudi Arabia war; if they don’t succeed, they are going to try to do it by directly destroying Saudi Arabia.

Why is the US threatening Pakistan?

Similarly, they are testing Pakistan too. The U.S., which led Afghanistan to destruction, which occupied the gate of Central Asia under the pretext of fighting terrorism and tried to turn Pakistan into a military garrison, has currently openly started to try and force and threaten this country. During its invasion of Afghanistan it used to threaten by saying, “We will raze everything to the ground”; now it is threatening because it is getting close with China.

Pakistan, which is aware of the danger, is forming its own defense shields, striving to distance itself from the U.S. axis. While, similar to what they did in Turkey and Iran, they are preparing for internal chaos in Pakistan as well, what is more natural than a country protecting itself?

New map of freedom: Turkey is at the very center

If you noticed, the entire zone spanning Turkey and India stands out as a new resistance axis; it gives prominence to a new road map for the region; a map of freedom is being formed. Countries are taking similar positions against common threats. Perhaps, in time, this will turn into a joint defense shield.

Then, this means that this zone will witness a major showdown. But if the region is going to have a 21st century, it is going to be through this zone. While countries like the UAE are the hitmen of the plundering, these countries give hope, they are gaining strength and gaining this power to the extent they become independent in the Western axis.

Once one country is divided, another will follow

They have plans to wound, hunt from within, destabilization projects for every country. Therefore, all countries are faced with the same threat. If the threat is joint, the defense is also joint. If one country is divided, another will follow. Every country’s stability is related to the stability of the other country. The Iran-Saudi Arabia showdown is the biggest trap set for the region. It cannot be compared to the invasion of Iraq or the Syria war. Perhaps, it is the biggest destruction plan since World War I.

UAE’s conspiracies need to be negated

Sectarian identities, ethnic identities should no longer be the West’s areas of intervention. States must strengthen the central power domain. If you notice, while there is no room for freedom discourse in any Western country, they want to use the masses in our countries as tools of instability through these discourses.

These traps must be negated. There is a major power struggle going on; every state or region will find room for itself in the world of the future with its own strength. Therefore, the old accounts between the region’s countries should be pushed aside and a strong fight for existence must be launched. Ways must be found to end the conspiracies carried out through the UAE and the countries’ common areas must be strengthened.

West started to regress, it is going to become even crazier

The Western world is in a process of stagnation and as a matter of fact, regression. It has nothing more left to give the human race than a global-scale destruction. From now on, we are going to witness their rage and desire for revenge only. This is going to be the aggressiveness, the craziness of a defeat.

At such a historic turning point, some of the Muslim countries, especially the countries in our region, which are trying to survive with the West’s protection, will be destroyed, some will be shrinked against their will and turned into a playing field. They will be turned into the garrisons of large-scale power showdowns.

Countries that have future plans are obliged to escape or limit the one-sided Western protection, the control of the U.S. and the impact of the U.K./Israel. There is no other way.

This is where the flag dropped and will rise again

This is why we are carrying out and will continue to carry out a relentless fight against everything they are doing, that they want to do against Turkey. If there is an intervention in any country other than Turkey from outside the region, we will stand against it in the same way. Regardless of whether this country is Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia or any other country. I am talking about a solid stance here, a resistance. This must be our area of maneuver.

Because, new waves of invasion have been formed to destroy us. If Iran collapses, so will we. If Saudi Arabia loses, so will we. If there is an attack on Pakistan, this means there will be an attack on Istanbul. Threat and defense are now realities above our ethnic or sectarian identity.

Regardless of where they intervene from East Africa to Pakistan, it will be an intervention on us. Because Turkey is where the flag has dropped. It is where the flag will be raised again. We cannot accept anybody destroying, dividing and destabilizing the countries around us; we cannot normalize this. Regardless of our justification.


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