You hibernating, wretched, worthless, dishonest men... You minor players, little men! We know who you are…

Turkey is now a big player. It is neither a nation state in the strict sense, nor is it a region small enough to fit into Anatolia. It is neither a front country, nor a force that protects the borders of the European Union. It is neither a country whose internal affairs are designed abroad, nor is it a state that drifts in the winds blown in Western capitals. Our people are now going to carry this great scheme to every corner of the earth.

Us being European, Asian, belonging to our own geography, and where we will stand in the world of the future all depend on our own definitions now. There is a situation that it is too big to fit under the EU umbrella, too active to be confined to a unilateral dependency relation with the U.S., and too unique to feel absolute loyalty to the new alliance chains rising in Asia. Because on the global stage, there is now a new country in the world of the 21st century. This country will never go back to the 20th century.

Awakening, shaking those that are spreading ‘disease’

When saying “Turkey itself is an axis,” “Turkey is a region itself,” “Turkey is a nation spread across three continents,” when emphasizing the start of a massive rising history, when applauding enthusiasm and courage, when characterizing leadership and future plans as a historical rise, we aim to wake up those who are infected with “disease,” to call them to the truth, to shake them.

Just as July 15 is the gravest attack on the Republic of Turkey, just as our people’s resistance that night destroyed the multinational front, June 24 is now the announcement to the world that Turkey can no longer be stopped through such attacks. Every country, every state is going to accept this; they are going to have to accept it.

They are going to surrender, not us; one by one, they are going to come, they are going to line up

The U.S. is no longer going to be able to coarsely wear down this country; it is no longer going to be able to give this country a lesson through terrorist organizations such as the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) or Daesh; it is going to give up on its dreams of sieging Anatolia with the Israeli mind. EU countries are not going to be able to give advice to this country with their arrogant incompetence. One by one, they are going to line up in efforts to mend, build their relations with Turkey.

They are going to have to accept that the dirty campaigns they have been carrying out on President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s image through U.S. and European media is not working, will not work, and that our people hold their own preferences above their ideas and campaigns.

While enacting laws of fascism in their own countries, they are going to have to see that denigrating Turkey’s efforts to defend itself is no longer useful. From now on, they are the ones that will surrender, not us. They will be the ones to change their policies, their attitudes, not us.

Minor players, little men! We know who you are...

The U.S. is going to see this, EU countries are going to see this, forces of the Atlantis-axis are going to have to accept this, but the little men, the little players, the pea-brained on the inside are not going to understand.

Structures, covert operators, “conservative opposition” elements, Fetullah Terror Organization (FETÖ) and Democratic Union Party (PYD) cryptos that are bred entirely abroad, regardless of whether they are left-wing, nationalistic or Islamist, are going to slyly continue their operations, their instigations.

Great struggles, great causes, historic ascendances, transformations that change the destiny of nations are always weakened, sabotaged and wanted to be stopped by these little men, by the slyness, the vileness, and the disgrace of those who sell their honor for petty plans, for pittance.

From now on, Turkey is going to weed out those who appear to be one of us, from among us, who appear to be on Turkey’s side, who appear to be supporters of the Justice and Development Party (AK Party), and who appear to be Islamists/conservative.

You hibernating, wretched, worthless, dishonest people...

Those wretched, worthless, dishonest people, who hide behind politics, media, the business world and civil society organizations, hibernating there, who have replaced FETÖ, who are actually secretly working in cooperation with the PKK/PYD, who have actually received tenders beyond the Atlantic, who have found a place in the highest positions of the state, will never be allowed to sabotage this fight.

We are going to continue to turn every area, every front, every corner of this country into fighting bases, and are going to continue to spread the century-long resistance in waves, despite everything, despite all the enormity, all the cunning and all hypocritical characters.

We know resistance, fighting and compassion very well…

We did this during the Crusades era. We did this in every inch of the geography during World War I – and we are going to do it again. Because there is none other than us that has this tradition. We know resistance, fighting, justice and compassion very well. We know how to settle scores very well. Our history, homeland, our minds that have witnessed major showdowns for centuries are going to do this again. Therefore, while there is such a great struggle, we are not going to waste time with small players. We are going to leave them alone with their dishonor and continue on our way. But we are going to know them, their evils, and their treachery.

We are going to lift the cover over you, this is how we are going to expose you…

We are witnessing a great rise in history, the emergence of a great power, the activation of a millennial-old political gene, and the continuity of the Seljuk-Ottoman-Turkish Republic entering a new period. We are joining the struggle with ebullience, compassion, our minds, hands, with every means we have.

We will not allow anybody to abuse this. While taking inspiration from those martyred in Qandil, in Afrin, we will not walk arm in arm with those who trample over the blood of these martyrs. As those participating in the mobilization of this age, we are going to continue to take place in the front lines of Turkey’s great march, to avoid stumbling, and to keep our minds alive.

While they are after dirty, covert, sly multinational tenders, the time is going to come for us to uncover them.

Because, as the founding generation of the great rise, we are never going to hesitate, we will figure out how to break into the dens where these little men hide.


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