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You will get stuck under the dams…

Two things came forward right after the election: The planning of an anti-Turkey front in Northern Syria and the restart of the outlawed PKK's attacks…

In fact, there was a Resolution Process. The Turks and Kurds were going to construct a strong partnership in this region, and an immense energy was going to come to light? Weapons were going to be laid down. Politics would have been extended at full speed and old accounts were going to be closed? We had hoped for and supported this…

What happened to democratic rights, the extension of the scope of freedom and fundamental freedoms being the main issue? What happened that everything changed after the elections? Or else, were all of these a diversion policy until the elections? Who and by which willpower convened conservative and Islamist Kurds under the same roof with the outlawed PKK? Who or which centers produced a Kurdish Ba'athism from this dough?

The increasing PKK attacks lately have quite a strong bond with the Northern Syria zone and Kurdish Ba'athism calculations.

Demirtaş is an Aydın Doğan Project

What about that man called Selahattin Demirtaş? Why doesn't any of that –not even a trace of- Demirtaş's –who was dolled up and served to the public by Aydın Doğan- pro-freedom, cute discourse that he advocated before the elections exist now? Was this a project, was Demirtaş himself a project as well?

I think that was the case; Demirtaş was a project and he still is? He is moving forward on the path that was drawn for him in line with the project, and he pioneers a new type of tutelage by hiding behind Kurdish nationalism. Demirtaş's political future, luck and power will be determined by the role he takes in this tutelage.

PKK attacks and that zone…

The PKK's extensions in Syria have attempted to establish a buffer zone right across Turkey's border along Northern Syria. This makes up the first steps of initiating a front hundreds of kilometers long against Turkey. Aydın Doğan and his team undertook the spokesperson duty of the project inside. This group –without any hesitance- participated in the efforts to bring Turkey in line through terrorism, and to make it immobile. Enmity against Erdoğan and the AK Party led this group to even tolerate terrorism and work alongside it.

Why don't your mouths utter a word?

Right after the attempt to establish a zone, PKK attacks in Turkey started to rise. Statements threatening Turkey rose from the Qandil Mountains, the pro-Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP)'s headquarters, and the KCK.

A mentality, which even sees dams as genocide and announces that they will destroy them, have come to increase the dose of their threats directed against this country and its patient people with each passing day. The PKK was attacking while the KCK was threatening to retaliate. That Aydın Doğan and his team, media outlets and columnists do not utter a sentence of objection against all of these.

The tenders taken by Aydın Doğan…

This group, which marketed Selahattin Demirtaş as a democracy figure in this country, is also carrying out the marketing work of the evil zone that encircles Turkey, its “domestic occupation” attempts, the campaign to block AK Party from coming to power alone, the project to make the PKK look innocent, the intervention to restart identity wars, the project set towards making the country kneel by the equation of Kurdish nationalism and Alevism, and the new political design services following the elections.

Pay attention to the PKK's latest attacks and the KCK's retaliation statement. If they do not reach their goal through politics and new government formulas, they will re-mobilize the PKK. This is a new situation.

The main headquarters changed, they're managing the PKK

But this time the PKK is de facto, and a new war is approaching which is marketed by a sense of mobilization and through Kurdish nationalism. This war will be administered by the Kurds, the HDP and Selahattin Demirtaş, the KCK or their extensions in Syria at the front.

But they will not administer this war. Neither will they be the winner of this war.

The PKK is no longer being administered from Qandil nor the İmralı Prison. Neither is it being administered from HDP's headquarters. Now the main headquarter has changed. This is now being administered from the headquarters of the architects of Demirtaş's figure.

They have been administering the war since the day the Kurdish issue was no longer a matter of rights, justice and freedom, and became a matter of power/rulership.

The headquarters have been moved from Qandil and the HDP headquarters to the Doğan Group's headquarters. The new wave of violence, which will be raised, will of course be their work, and will seem like it. If a price will be paid, then this time those who administer that headquarters will pay a heavy toll.


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