You’re shooting from the ‘enemy front,’ we see you! Why does an operation east of the Euphrates rattle you? The foothold in Turkey and the ‘native invaders’: whose bullets are these?

Turkey’s right to defend itself is being sabotaged. Some groups are carrying out a mental operation inside the country by trying to prevent Turkey from building its own defense shields, from taking precautions against threats that will destroy it in the future, protecting itself, and from fighting against the “anti-Turkey sentiment” that they want to form in the whole region. Those groups are shooting from the “enemy front.” They are attacking us, our country, our past and future.

Who is involved in such an agenda, and with what sort of a Turkey concept and political plan do they take part in it? Who is trying to leave this country defenseless through indirect means, discourse, and mind games, and why? This effort to leave the country defenseless is not an intellectual worry or a concern related to the realities of the region. There is a systematic resistance, a secret solidarity for this aim. They have casted everything aside and devoted themselves to negate President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s statement that “the operation may be launched any moment,” and to prevent the intervention. We have seen this and understand what is happening.

Don’t try and scare this country with the US!

An intervention east of the Euphrates is not an invasion. This is not setting sights on another country’s land. It is a defense, it is a county’s most legitimate right. It is that country seeing the threat, protecting itself, and making efforts to prevent the threat from growing any further.

The legitimacy of a country that does not defend itself would be questioned. Did we not see the fate of the countries in our region that neglected defending themselves? Did we not witness what happened to them together? Did we not witness the terrifying fate of the countries that entrusted their defense to others?

This is not the logic of going head-to-head with the U.S. Nobody wants or expects such a thing. But we are also not going to leave the country defenseless out of fear of the U.S. or NATO, and we are not going to buy attempts aimed at paving the way for them to open the "Turkey front" in the next step.

Those who say, 'We are afraid,' should step aside. Do not sacrifice this country to your cowardice

This is not a showdown with the U.S. Even though they are blatantly threatening Turkey, even though they are preparing armies to fight against Turkey, even though they are feeding and breeding terrorist organizations, even though they are building fronts and observation points for them, even though they are sending them thousands of truckloads of weapons and providing them with intelligence, and even though they are openly working to establish a "Turkey front" in our south, this intervention is a defense. Despite their overt threats and enmity, this is solely a defense.

Expecting a country to remain silent while hundreds of kilometers of garrisons are being built on the south of its border is foolishness, it is destroying the country's future, and endangering future generations, Anatolia and the whole region. Those who say, "We are afraid, let's keep silent," should step aside. At the very least, they should not spread fear and try to leave the country open to disasters.

Or are these efforts secretly for that map, that 'corridor'?

Trying to weaken efforts with various agendas, trying to cause confusion is to tell this country: "Do not defend yourself." Then, what are you trying to say? Are you trying to say, "Turkey, do not defend yourself, do not take action, do not secure your borders. Let that threat grow. Do not worry, the U.S. will protect us"?

Who will protect you? On whose behalf are you speaking? How are you going to secure this country's future? Or are you secretly working for that map, that corridor, that pro-Atlantic project? Or are you underhandedly striving to pave the way for the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) terror group?

Do you think that this is a terror issue, an ethnicity issue? These groups are implementing their century-old destruction plans once more, do you still not understand? These plans go back centuries; this attempt is part of the tactics that were used during the Crusade Wars, do you not see?

Setting fire to the country out of anger toward Erdoğan: Are you blind, did you not see what happened to so many countries?

Did you not see anything that happened in this region during the last two decades? Was Afghanistan invaded because of Taliban? Was Libya divided because of Muammar Ghaddafi? Do you think Iraq was invaded because of Saddam Hussein? What do you suggest for this country?

Do not allow your anger toward Erdoğan supersede the perpetuity of the country, the realities of our centuries-old political history. This is extremely selfish. Do not dare try to sell this as an innocent concern or a legitimate idea.

We are now in a world where intentions, objectives, actions and enmities are crystal clear. Risk is not intervening in that region. Risk is blinding this country. You are trying to blind this country and all of us in it. You still consider matters from the perception of the era of the Cold War, you still see our country through the glasses of the Atlantic axis to make yourselves feel comfortable. There is no longer such a world - and never will be again.

Distinction of Arab and non-Arab Muslims through the two crown princes

A comprehensive plan aimed at isolating Turkey from the Muslim and Arab world is being implemented. An anti-Turkey wave is being built in the entire Arab world, and this is the final great project in the region of a foreign actor.

Also, after the sectarian conflict scenario, they are implementing a new plan with respect to the Arab and non-Arab Muslim world. The plan being implemented is aimed at nationalizing and Arabicizing Islam, and bringing it forth as an Arab value through the United Arab Emirates' (UAE) Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed (MBZ) and Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS).

'What is to you, we are cousins.' Come on, say something to this!

This is nothing other than promoting the idea of "the Judaization of Islam." Through the Arab-Israel rapport, they want to throw out those who are Muslim but non-Arab.

Sometime later, the discourse carried on through the two crown princes may even reach the point of, "What is it to you, we are cousins." This is a destruction attempt that will destroy all common values of the Muslim world. Perhaps the Arab people's greatest loss will be through this project.

Those who are covertly opposing the operation east of the Euphrates, the country's self-defense, those who are hesitant to speak openly, what do you say about all these plans and attempts? Are you able to see, are you able to understand what is happening?

The intervention is going to strike both crown princes

But this project will not and is not going to continue. As it has been realized, as a will aimed at preventing it has emerged, the game is going to be spoiled. The intervention aimed at the east of the Euphrates is one of the biggest fronts of the battle against that evil axis. Because this operation is the heaviest blow, not to the PKK, the U.S. and Israel's plans alone, but also to Mohammed bin Zayed and Mohammed bin Salman's enmity toward Turkey.

The Arab world has been losing for three decades, and now it has fully given itself hostage to the multinational mind. Despite this, non-Arab Muslim countries are becoming stronger by the day. This is the power they are attacking.

The foothold in Turkey and the 'native invaders': Whose bullets are these?

So, do you think all these have no footholds, no advocators inside the country? Do you think the mind that makes all these plans will neglect the foothold inside the country? This is why we know you. We know with what agenda and whose bullets you are on the ground.

This operation is going to take place. This country is going to activate its centuries-old political mind. No power is going to be able to stop this. Even you "native invaders" are not going to be able to stop this.

All I am saying is let us open our eyes.


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