A critical institute in the fight against FETÖ
If only Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım would give the speech he made yesterday every week. It was a strong and important enough to disperse the psychological battle section of the fight against the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ). Because the matter has turned into a psychological battle. Victimization has been turned into political gains for the opposition and a propaganda tool for FETÖ.


 The prime minister’s highlights


Steps are being taken for a period in which the problem of victimization will be eliminated, which has become the main trump card used by the opposition and FETÖ, to prevent the exploitation of this humanitarian and legal problem. The prime minister spoke on this matter:


“A state of emergency committee was established. Applications started coming in yesterday. We think there will be about 120,000 applications. They will all be followed up meticulously. As a result of investigations, 35,639 people were reinstated to their respective positions. We won’t be throwing out the baby with the bathwater. The oppressed and the tyrant won’t be confused.”


Other areas in the fight against FETÖ should not be forgotten


We are putting up a battle. This is the reality. The state is fighting for unity against the world’s most dangerous organization. Therefore, we should not look at the battle merely in terms of security and a purging of cadres. We should remember that this has categories like  psychological battles, communication and public diplomacy wars and the struggle of faith.


When we bleed the “acute stage,” this first intervention is focused on stopping the bleeding. Fortunately the bleeding in the vital wound was stopped. The state has overcome the critical danger. We are now entering the rehabilitation stage, the treatment stage.


This is the period in which the baby will not be thrown out with the bathwater, as stated by the state of emergency committee and Prime Minister Yıldırım. The communication and psychological aspect of this is just as important as its legal aspect.


State of emergency committee must be guarded from pressure


First and foremost, a mechanism must be set up to hinder the pressures of the commission that will eliminate victimization. I am sure that many people are already calling the committee members.


This needs to be considered from both sides. People are going to want to pressure this committee to acquit those who are not victimized and to prevent the acquittal of those who are victims. The committee should work freely, paying attention to no criteria other than the law, conscience and morality.


I am sure that during the committee’s decision-making stage, a similar so-called committee will be established in the media. There will be those, whether their injustices have been accounted for or not, who will want to impact public opinion, influence the agenda, affect the commission and the government. This will not be done only by those who are more royalist than kings.
Let’s be careful. The FETÖ organization will also make great efforts through fake accounts on social media to prevent the committee from functioning properly. Some accounts, acting as if they are defending the government, will work to obstruct this committee. Because this committee will fulfill a very critical duty. Believe me, the efforts of this committee will have the greatest effect on the collapse of the FETÖ organization.


I am sure that FETÖ and the opposition are praying right now for this victimization to continue. Because they benefitted greatly from this. Hence, there will be many who would want to manipulate the efforts of the committee.


If the committee works transparently, within the boundaries of the law, justly and manages its communication well, I am sure that nobody will have anything to say. Favoritism should not be in place and decisions should not be altered under pressure.


Important note to committee members


Committee members should always remember that even one person facing injustice will mean the violation of human rights, the birth of a person who will nurture hostile thoughts toward the state. Therefore, they must be very sensitive and brave.


The legal aspect of it can also be discussed. Those who have better knowledge of law than I should examine this aspect. However, it is a duty toward the country for all, the ruling government, the opposition, media, public, to help the committee in these efforts. Whoever wants to obstruct this committee, whoever unjustly tarnishes or insults it should know that they are standing against their state and siding with FETÖ.


Another subcommittee should be established


I have another suggestion to help the state of emergency committee. A technology subcommittee should also be established. Technology is one of the most important fields in the fight against FETÖ. There is a need for a committee to work on highly debated matters such as ByLock, internet records, surveillance footage, telephone records, which presents important evidence for both the court and cause victimizations. This committee to be formed of security and specialists will, I am sure, will conduct critical works like the state of emergency committee which it will be established under.


As a result, we are entering an important and critical period. Making statements in relation to corporate rehabilitation rather than heroism will have the greatest effect on the collapse of the organization.
#State of Emergency
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A critical institute in the fight against FETÖ
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