Tel Abyad/Kobani…The government that cannot express its problems

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Kemal Öztürk

Kemal Öztürk has been a frequent contributor to Yeni Şafak for years, penning columns on a variety of topics for the daily
Kemal Öztürk

There is a war in Tel Abyad, the city by the Syrian border. Everyone is running away from ISIL, who chops people's heads, rapes women and turns young girls into slaves. Turkey is not opening its doors to these people. The scary-looking ISIL militants will return that wretched and innocent community back to Tel Abyad and will either chop their heads off or turn them into slaves as they grin wolfishly on the other side of the border. Everyone is firing at the government for not opening the borders and sacrificing people to ISIL.

Tel Abyad perception; Turkey shut the doors and handed the people over to head-chopper ISIL

A television reporter broadcasted a photo of an ISIL militant at the border, and said, “This photo frame, which is picturing the moment civilians were abandoned to ISIL at Turkey's Syria border, is the most terrifying photo I've seen in recent years,” and seems to have been crying at the same time. An old editor-in-chief of a newspaper says, “Let's bid our farewells”, publishes the picture of a little girl and states that this girl ran away from ISIL and an attempt is being made to turn her into a sex slave, and Turkey is feeding this ISIL with aid in MIT trucks. These two names are being supported by dozens of journalists.

While the TV channels are broadcasting live as they are quoting the humanity drama at the border, there are curses and campaigns on the social media that is directed at the government who didn't open its doors to the “Kurds” running away from ISIL. As a result, the borders are opened and Tel Abyad had been cleared out. The “hero” PYD, who wants to remove the scary looking ISIL from the region, captures Tel Abyad and advises the Turkish government to be calm.

Isn't this how it appears?

Now look at the reality

The reality is quite different. The organization PKK, who regards the Republic of Turkey as the enemy and has been fighting against them for the past 40 years, is known as PYD in Syria. It's not an innocent NGO or a political party. With a project called “Rojawa”, PYD wants to disintegrate the Syrian lands, which are placed throughout Turkey's northern borders, and establish an independent region that has a connection with the sea. This region, which will cut Turkey's connection with Syria and will be completely established out of Kurds, is also a candidate for transferring the Kurdish petrol in Northern Iraq.

This project is being supported openly by the Assad regime and Iran, and covertly by Israel and the U.S.. PYD has good relations with the Syrian regime and never fights against. They have a covert agreement with the U.S. and coalition forces. The coalition forces are bombing the ISIL fronts, and when ISIL retreats from that position, PYD settles in that region and “Kurdicizes” the region.

This is the state of things in Tel Abyad. In order for Rojawa to become an independent region, ISIL-controlled Tel Abyad should be under PYD's control, so geographic unity can be provided.

Exile the community, capture the city, and still blame Turkey

Look at the peril of the situation;

PYD attacked Tel Abyad. The population there is not Kurdish either; they are Arabs and Turkmens. Those people had been living under ISIL's control and for some reason, they are not escaping there and piling up at the Turkish border until today. When the coalition forces start the air bombardments and PYD starts the land attack; that's when those people run away from the country and pile up at the borders. By not opening the border doors for a while, Turkey does not want the demographic structure to be disintegrated to the detriment of the country. This time, PYD starts propaganda, saying, “Turkey is not opening its doors to the Kurds running away from ISIL”. The HDP crew is intensifying this propaganda within Turkey.

In the press, suddenly there is support to the campaign, especially by Doğan Media. It's weird to see that the ones, who had been criticizing the government, are saying, “Turkey opened the borders, and we had been dealing with the Syrians”, are now participating in the campaigns, saying “open the borders”. On top of all this, some publications in the foreign press start writing, “Turkey is handing over these innocent people to ISIL by not opening the borders”. As a result, Turkey opened the border and those people got in. Some of those people made statements to the AA, and stated that their villages had been emptied by the PYD and they had been exiled here by the PYD.

On the other hand, the 15 antagonist groups, who are fighting against the Assad regime in Syria, are making a joint statement and state that if PYD captures Tel Abyad, it will be very dangerous for the region and the land unity of Syria will be disintegrated. As for PYD; they are confusing the people by stating that they are acting together with the Free Syrian Army against ISIL.

As a result; ISIL leaves Tel Abyad. The bombardment of the coalition forces comes to an end, PYD declares independency in the region and posts PKK flags on our border. PYD's civilian leader, Salih Muslim, is sending a priggish message to Turkey, through Hürriyet and Milliyet Newspapers; “Be calm, armed forces will leave soon”.

Look at the peril; the government and the Republic of Turkey are being criticized, accused and imprisoned in this incident. We are failing to express the fact that our national security and borders are in danger, and the risk represented by the capture by an enemy group of a region next to the country's border. There seems to be no media coverage on the matter other than the Government Spokesman, Arınç's statement.

Same thing happened in Kobani not so long ago

Remember; Turkey was within the ranks of the coalition force against ISIL, who was attacking PYD-controlled Kobani. However, Turkey felt discomfort from the existence of PKK (PYD) militants, who are in a war against Turkey, in Kobani. During the conflicts, 270 PKK/PYD militants, who had been fighting in Kobani after coming down the Qandil Mountains, were still allowed to be treated in Turkish hospitals. Some of those militants were the ones committed crimes against Turkey, and some were already under custody. Besides, 200,000 Kobani civilians had been accepted to Turkey within three days and all of their needs were provided. A corridor had been opened in Turkey for the transfer of Barzani's forces. After all this, ISIL retreated eventually and PYD ensured its control over Kobani.

What happened despite all of these events? People were carried to the streets after Selahattin Demirtaş's calling and dozens of conflicts happened in the city. More than 50 citizens lost their lives. In the recent elections, in almost every Kurdish village, HDP talked about how AK Party sold out the Kurds to ISIL, handed Kobani over to ISIL, conducted a massacre, how the heads of the Kurds were chopped, how the women were raped and the girls were turned into sex slaves.

The Kobani propaganda had turned into one of the three important incidents that had AK Party lose some votes. There might be some thinking that the situation is being exaggerated too much. If you look at the things stated by the HDP Parliamentarian, Hüda Kaya, who was sitting in front of me in Ahmet Hakan's TV show in CNN TURK last Monday, in vindication, you will understand how important this propaganda is for HDP.

The government that cannot express its problems

Now the same perception and media operation is being made for Tel Abyad, but the government still cannot express its worries. Some of my bureaucrat friends I've spoken to in Ankara are tearing their hair out in desperation. I can write down dozens of matters that make us end up being the ones in the wrong.

This is not an effect of the attempts to establish a government. What's being experienced in Ankara is actually the result of disregarding the communication and public diplomacy, and failing to administer it.

In the end, the government cannot express its problems to the world.


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Tel Abyad/Kobani…The government that cannot express its problems
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