The rebellion of Europe’s restlessness

KEMAL ÖZTÜRK,  Tuesday 10:46, 04 December 2018

They are uneasy. Therefore they are unhappy. However, they cannot fully describe the reason why. They could be unhappy for any reason.

European societies have for a long time been living in a state of unhappiness caused by a restlessness they cannot describe. The events in France is just one example of this.

The expression of uneasiness

The stress caused by the uneasiness that devours them is often expressed in the ballot boxes at the extreme ends of the results that surprises everyone.

Nazi Parties, racist leaders, pro-violence politicians, xenophobic parties, and anti-EU movements are being chosen by them. These extreme preferences of the European society are, in fact, the expression of their undefined uneasiness.

Although the European intelligentsia tries to understand and identify the reactions of the society they live in, it cannot be said that they are succeeding.

“Something is going on” in European society and this is a groundswell that is coming from very deep. However, the reason behind the quake causing the groundswell is still unknown to them.

Now, they are facing worse things.

The undefinable rebellion of the yellow vests

“The yellow vest riot” that is still continuing in Paris is growing and surprising everyone. This is the most violent, the most massive uprisings that France has seen in recent years, and it has the potential to burn cities to the ground.

Paris is at the center of the whole world’s attention with cars being set on fire, paving stones displaced, stores looted and finally, public buildings burnt.

All analyses that have been made to identify those who participated this uprising are the products of confusion. Just like they can’t define the uneasiness and unhappiness within the European society, they can’t also define the yellow vests.

Though no one knows who they are, it is known who they are not. They are not immigrants. They are not protesting communists. They are not also the angry youth. They are not the poorest segment of the country. They are not liberals, they are not social democrats… Then, who they are?

The outcry: “Damn this world”

There are some people who say that it is “lower France.” There are some people saying that they are lower and middle-class people. There are some saying that they are middle-aged French people who have their own jobs etc. There are some who say that they are extreme rightists. There are some saying that they are homophobes. As you can see, they are having a difficult time identifying who the yellow vests are.

The only thing that is known is that they protested increasing oil prices. However, they don’t understand how this protest turned into a destructive outburst of anger.

Actually what is happening in France and what we will probably be seeing in other European countries, is the rebellion of restlessness. The despair they are in with this undefined uneasiness and the unhappiness it causes is turning into violence as if they are saying, “Damn this world.”

While European society is being dragged into a chaotic place, it doesn’t have anyone to turn to. Because it exhausted all human values and started to live in arid lands. This is called social erosion.

Why human values have disappeared

What happened to those values that Europe produces and holds onto so dear?

The West has sacrificed all its values so that they could earn more (capitalism), grow more (globalism), and gain more power (imperialism).

What makes people peaceful is moral values, not money.

French politicians are condemning the yellow vests, by saying, “You have purchasing power.” They are actually asking, “You have the money, why aren’t you happy?”

The yellow vests don’t know the answer either. The only problem of this group of people who are so angry that they burned the governor’s building cannot be increasing oil prices or the rising taxes. They know that it isn’t, but they cannot find the actual reason.

Societies that aren’t at peace tend to be violent

Now, Germany, Italy, Spain, and all the other European countries are watching in shock this “yellow vest riot” that is spreading to their countries.

They are soon going to understand that the problems are deep and were produced by modernism , and that imperialism, capitalism and globalism that have caused the troubles of humanity are destroying all the values that people are holding on to.

If an uneasy society is in the desperation of seeking a way out for its unhappiness, that society is prone to violence.

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