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Wake up: Kurds, Alevis, leftists, followers of religious movements...

We are experiencing deep trauma and shock. At the same time, we are awakening from a deep sleep. The Gülenist Terror Organization's (FETÖ) betrayal of our country, nation and state has emptied all paradigms, ideologies and ideas.

Be careful of other fake movements

We have seen how the members of this deviant movement have surrendered their spirits to Gülen, twisted Islam and turned its members into murderers. This has caused chaos in the lives of conservative people in the country.

Then, everyone should be careful:

It is time that everyone who has a sheikh, a religious leader, should wake up from their unconditional and unquestioned state. Everyone who believes in a so-called religious leader, who actually is a charlatan, who sexually abuses women but does this in the name of religion, who promises paradise, who fakes miracles and acts like the messiah, should wake up now.

Those who are devoted to any religious movement, congregation or group that told people to stay inside on the coup night, when the country and nation's future was subjected to an invasion, wake up. You, too, are being deceived. Use your head and conscience. Question the things you see as wrong; wake up.

PKK: The fake movement of Kurds

No one believed us when we said FETÖ was a U.S. project, a subcontractor. The Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) is the West's subcontractor, project and under its control. The PKK is a fake “movement” used to abuse the Kurdish people. Its ideology, religion and aims are different, but its intention is the same. Just as the FETÖ leader is the captive of the U.S., then the PKK leader is the captive of Europe and the U.S.; their pion.

The evidence and reasons are not secret like FETÖ. Joseph Votel, the U.S. commander who said "Some of our ally generals and people have been arrested," was the very person who visited the PKK/Democratic Union Party (PYD) Rojava camps. Let's open our eyes to the truth. The PKK/PYD and the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) do not care about the Kurds or their problems. We saw how they killed our Kurdish citizens relentlessly in Turkey's southeast in Sur and Cizre.

FETÖ members surrendered their minds and spirits to their leader, who works for the U.S. Not being successful with the coup, they are now fanning the flames of a Kurdish- Turkish conflict. Some of the Kurds are yet to realize this reality. Use your mind, ask your heart, question things and wake up. They are using you!

DHKP-C: The fake movement of the Alevis

The Revolutionary People's Liberation Party-Front (DHKP-C) is a cult that has deceived Alevis into believing that they are there to stand up for Alevis' rights.

Europe founded this movement, helped it grow and is still supporting it. This movement, or its supporters, have nothing to do with the problems of the Alevis. They, too, are a fake movement, like FETÖ, which was founded to stop Turkey from growing.

Soon we will see how this organization serves other countries too. Those who have currently been inciting the Alevi-Sunni conflict, are the ones who woke this organization up. Some of our Alevi friends still fail to acknowledge this reality. Use your brains, ask your hearts, question and wake up. They are using you.

Leftists, Kemalists, Secularists

Every ideology foreign to the soil, nation and history of this country is our enemy. If we look carefully into these terrorist organizations, we will see that Turkey's enemies are supporting them.

What these Maoist, Communist and Socialist groups that see their country as an enemy do not realize is that they are no different from the FETÖ organization. They too deceive our youth, brainwash them and turn them into an enemy of our state. These organizations which want unconditional obedience are just a different version of fake movements. Look at the reaction a Maoist leader gives to the developments in the military. You will then understand how they were brainwashed by their leader and made to infiltrate the military.

Abusing Kemalism and secularism and looking down on the country, nation and beliefs is an indication of a dangerous path.

Everyone who staged a coup on democracy and the public will have used Atatürk as a shield. See this, criticize it and use your brain.

Run from those who tell you this

In order to distinguish right from wrong in this chaotic environment:

Whoever pushes you toward violence, asks you to take up weapons, and distracts you from defending your country,

Whoever tries to estrange you from your country, nation, religion and history,

Whoever tries to make you hate your state, nation, government, army, flag and adhan, the call to prayer,

Whoever tries to turn religion and ideology into magazine news,

Whoever looks down upon other ideas and beliefs,

Whoever asks you to believe something without questioning it; is your enemy. Leave immediately!

They will abuse you, regardless of their religion, cult and ideology. As the Quran says: use your brain, listen to your conscience, question and think. Or, we will turn into FETÖ.

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