Who has been victorious in the Middle East to this day?

KEMAL ÖZTÜRK,  Friday 09:41, 09 November 2018

Whoever enters into a dirty affair with a foreign country in the Muslim world, especially in the Middle East, always loses.

All the countries, their governments, and peoples emerged losers when they allied with Britain and France before the Second World War, or when they have been in an unstable alliance with the U.S. over the last 60 years.

Well, while they have always been on the losing side, why do these Muslim countries still continue to form alliances in the same way?

Those who were turned into enemies while they were friends before

Instead of looking far back into history, you can see many cases in point if you think about what happened in the last 20 to 30 years.

When Soviet Russia invaded Afghanistan in 1979, the U.S. had been supplying arms and giving financial support to the mujahedeen in this country. This is how al-Qaeda and the Taliban were founded. The mujahedeen won the war, and the Russians withdrew. This time, Muslims started to fight each other.

The U.S. took a side in this civil war. The chaos escalated even more. They declared al-Qaeda and Taliban as enemies. After the 9/11 attacks, they first bombarded Afghanistan and then invaded the country.

After the revolution in Iran in 1979, Saddam became allies with the U.S. He received arms and financial aid from them. He fought a war with Iran for eight years. One million people died in this war. There was no victor in the end. Saddam invaded Kuwait because the promises given to him were not kept and as a result, he bogged down.

The U.S. declared war against Saddam in 1991. They invaded Iraq but did not touch Saddam. They divided the country into three and started a civil war between Kurds, Shiites, and Sunnis. They turned Saddam into a horrible enemy, and at every opportunity, intervened in the Middle East thanks to him. Then, for the second time, they invaded Iraq. Saddam died on the gallows.

It is always the Muslim countries that suffer

Libya’s Gaddafi formed dirty alliances with France, Italy and the U.S. Thanks to this, he became a dictator within Libya and rendered his country a threat to the outside. Eventually, the country’s economy was damaged, and fell out with its allies. He was declared as the most dangerous person on earth by them. His convoy was bombed during the Arab spring by France, whom he was giving financial aid to before. He was beaten up and lynched in the middle of the street. His country was divided into two, a civil war broke out and Libya was dragged into chaos.

When the Islamic Salvation Front (FIS) got 54 percent of the votes in the elections that took place in 1990, things got crazy in Algeria. The Algerian administration cooperated with France, the country which they were fighting against for their independence just a few years ago. They orchestrated a constitutional coup and altered the results of the elections. The leaders of the FIS were either arrested or killed. A civil war broke out in the country and around 150,000 people died.

Iran was the number one friend of the U.S. during the Shah period. After the revolution, it has become their number one enemy. They were forced to fight against Iraq. Years later, former U.S. President Barack Obama made an agreement with Iran and created a Shiite breakwater against the rising Sunni waves. Iran expanded its influence into Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, and Yemen and created wars in these countries. After Obama’s term ended, President Donald Trump has declared Iran as the number one enemy once again and imposed the greatest sanctions on them, the greatest of sanctions that history has ever witnessed.

Turkey has always been kept away from the affairs in the Middle East because of its alliances with the U.S. Whenever people started to consider the country’s interests rather than the U.S.’s interests, coups were plotted in Turkey. They wanted to create chaos and crises within the country through the coups of Sept. 12, Feb. 28, and July 15. The U.S. has given weapons, which are enough to raise a regular army, to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), the number one enemy of Turkey, a country the U.S. calls their “greatest ally” and thus created a liberated area in Syria.

The Saudi government was an unwanted government during the Obama administration, but it has been held in high esteem during the Trump administration. As long as it provides money, it will continue to be so. Then, they will be turned into enemies as well.

When Russia realizes that Iran and Syria don’t serve their interests anymore, it will abandon them just like they did before…

The history of a century full of deception and betrayal

The history of the Middle East for the last century is the history of great powers deceiving and betraying Muslim countries and dragging them into chaos.

To this day, no Muslim state has ever benefited from these dirty alliances. All of them lost many things, their countries were fragmented and thousands of their citizens killed.

Now, the same Muslim countries are again forming dirty alliances with great powers and fighting with other Muslim states. These alliances, which were formed without learning anything from history, will harm them again and they will suffer from them greatly.

Then the question is, when will the countries of this geography come together and decide on their own futures? When will they understand that the result of an intervention of a foreign power is only suffering?

I think the new generations will understand this, and they will become successful.

One day, they will use their right to revolt.

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