Will we live long enough to see the ‘worst case scenario’?

KEMAL ÖZTÜRK,  Thursday 11:34, 06 December 2018

We always force ourselves to be optimistic. This is a kind of a wish for the world to become a more livable place. Those who follow the developments in the world a little bit are stuck between their wishes and realities.

On the one side, there is hope; on the other side, there are pessimistic scenes that never allow the world to go in a better direction.

We don’t want to talk about worst case scenarios, pessimistic scenes, theories of chaos or terrifying predictions. It is difficult for all of us to talk, write, or even think about them.

Despite this, we need to talk about them. Because by being silent, covering them up, and ignoring them, we cannot accomplish anything. We need to understand the course of events, we need to make evaluations and we need to arrange our lives accordingly.

The collapse of global institutions

Everybody is trying to predict the kind of a drift we will experience when the world system, which is out of joint, completely collapses. The certain thing is this will happen, but what is not known is what is going to happen after that.

If you put aside the showpiece meetings, declarations and bilateral discussions that took place at the last G20 summit, everybody thinks that this organization has no function anymore.

Was there a decision made to make the world a better place? Were any steps taken for a more livable world? What happened to our hopes? You can’t think of anything, right?

I think everybody who is reading this column will long enough to see G20 organization dissolve because it doesn’t have any function.

Is it just this organization?

Is there anyone left who didn’t talk about the insignificance of the United Nations? Everybody, primarily Turkey, is questioning the meaning of an organization that is incapable of finding solutions to any problem in the world, unable to solve crises, and unable to help people who suffer. They say “a revision is necessary.” In fact, the UN needs a revolution, not a revision.

EU, NATO, and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation are about to collapse

Look what is going on in the EU. After Britain’s exit, European politicians themselves were saying that the union is already dead, but there was no funeral. Now France and Germany are trying to keep it alive so that it can survive. But, it seems that the heart of Europe will stop beating. These efforts won’t work. I think we will long enough to see this as well.

NATO Secretary General’s answer to France which suggested creating a European army was meaningful. “We are not even able to manage NATO, how are we going to manage a second army?” Macron’s statement that a European Army should be established against “the U.S. threat” is telling us about another truth: Just as they won’t be able to establish a European army, NATO is going to dissolve as well.

Do you know what the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the biggest organization of the Muslim world, does? No. I don’t know either. Because it doesn’t do anything.

While the Muslim world is going through chaos with wars, civil wars and terrorism, the organization is withering. It looks like this organization is not going to last long either.

What about Trump, who withdrew the U.S. from many international agreements, organizations, and unions? He withdrew from the Kyoto agreement, which was signed to prevent global warming. He doesn’t recognize the nuclear deal with four major countries, including Iran. He took a sidestep for the nuclear non-proliferation treaty with Russia as well.

He dissolved the NAFTA agreement which Canada and Mexico were also involved in and then reestablished it.

He is threatening NATO, kicking the EU, not paying attention to the UN, and declaring that he is going to fight with China. With his numerous tricks, Trump is destroying the world order.

What is going on?

The alliances, the organizations, unions, and agreements which have been dominating the last 60 years, are cracking, collapsing, and dissolving one by one.

How can we reverse this pessimistic scene?

The political parties, leaders and political movements that are candidates to rule the Western world are either racist or xenophobic, and all of them have certain problems. From the evangelicals in the U.S. to the Five Stars Movement in Italy, from the Nazi party in Germany to Le Pen in France, all of these are political movements which are acting outside reason.

Be careful, I am talking about people who will rule the world in the future.

I know these are pessimistic scenes. Even reading them depresses you.

However, this is the reality.

There is one way to reverse this: the organization of the benevolent and optimists. If an organization or a movement, which is against all political movements, leaders and countries that ignore reason, conscience and justice, is not initiated, I’m afraid that we will live long enough to see the worst case scenario.

What they call the worst case scenario is World War Three.

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