After Syria is devastated… - KEMAL ÖZTÜRK

After Syria is devastated…

The original of the statement is: “Ba’de harâbu’l-Basra” (After Basra is devastated).

The U.S. is intervening in Syria saying that chemical weapons were used in eastern Ghouta. It struck military bases through Israel the previous day.

Apparently it will conduct a bigger operation now! The country has been devastated, everything has fallen to pieces, hundreds of thousands of people have died, millions are homeless and the U.S. will intervene in this stage. What will it achieve?

Performing an operation after the cancer has spread

I compare the situation to this.

A malignant tumor is diagnosed in a body. An operation is decided to be performed to remove cancer cells. The patient is laid down on the operation table and his abdomen is cut open. At that moment, the doctor decides not to perform the operation. Cancer cells are not removed, the patient’s abdomen is stitched up and left just like that. An infection forms, the cancer spreads all over the body and all organs are devastated.

This is exactly what the U.S. did during the Obama administration when a chemical weapon was used in Ghouta (which was the red line of the U.S.), and decided to perform an operation first, and then opted on not removing the cancer cell. It let Turkey and its allies down and caused Syria to get an infection and for cancer cells to spread everywhere.

On his social media account the previous day, Trump officially announced this attitude of Obama who he said was a “coward and incapable” adding that Assad is an “animal.”

We have entered a deadlock

This is a war where children are killed with chemical weapons. Muslim children. By Muslims. This has entered the books of history as a separate shame.

Now the U.S. is supposedly reacting to civilians being killed with chemical weapons. It is a lie… The U.S. and its allies do not feel sorry in the slightest degree that children, civilians and women are being killed. It does not care.

The U.S. has done nothing but further devastate the infected body in a seven-year-long war. Russia is not doing any better than the U.S. Now Russia says that “if the U.S. intervenes, we will respond.” Doesn’t it have a word for the Assad regime which uses chemical weapons?

Now look at the deadlock that we face. We are discussing whether the U.S. should strike “the child-killer Assad” or not? The U.S. physically entering Syria means the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) terror group becoming more powerful and the country falling to pieces. Or should Assad continue to kill children with chemical weapons like in Ghouta?

Russia is helping us in Afrin but it is helping Assad in Ghouta. Are we going to say anything to Russia?

In a dirty war where cancer cells have spread everywhere, where are you going to intervene in and which organ are you going to save? History has not seen such a dirty war.

Everyone has a plan but none are for dying children

The aim of the U.S. is to corner Russia; the aim of Saudi Arabia is to corner Iran; the aim of Egypt is to corner Turkey; the aim of Israel is to occupy Gaza, kill more Palestinians and move further into Syria through Golan Heights… The aim of Iran is to expand further and the aim of Russia is to reach warm waters…

Everybody has their own objective and plan as you can understand. However, nobody should say those states feel sorry for the children who are killed with chemical weapons! Nobody cares about that! Nobody did or will care, either. Even if millions die in front of their eyes, those states do not bat an eye if their interests are not harmed.

No offence, but no matter how many mistakes decisions we made in this war, Turkey is the voice of conscience and a port where the innocent can take a shelter.

There is no other state that opens its gates easily to so many innocent people, immigrants and refugees in this world. There is no other nation who cries for and helps the innocent either.

Those who thwart us from being a strong state

However, we are not strong enough for certain things.

However, we do not have military forces, the economic power and men on the field to bring them into line.

This is what I revolt against.

I revolt against those who see all this injustice but do not work, produce and make an effort to make this country a world state.

Turkey must be strong, unshakeable and have a steel-like fortress line so that we can have a say in the world.

This happens through unity, not separation.

This happens through sacrifice.

This happens through keeping the society together, through binding and reconciling it.

This country cannot grow strong enough due to the personal plans, prosperity and greedy souls of some.

I revolt against this.

Then, the U.S. from 10,000 kilometers away and Russia from 4,000 kilometers away come to intervene in our territory, divide it, break it into pieces and try to establish new states at their own sweet will.

We alone feel sorry, cry and suffer for the children who were killed with chemical weapons in Ghouta, but much more is needed for this country to be able to go beyond that.


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