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AK Party's slogans and dreams

The late Erol Olçok's mind and elbow grease had influence on all Justice and Development Party (AK Party) congresses. He had influence on all the slogans, images, designs and hall decorations. I found a study showing the main slogans used in all the AK Party congresses. These are written on the sails taken to get behind the wind during the course of this great movement. Namely, it is the mark of Olçok's hand.

Let's see them one by one.

1st Ordinary Grand Congress Oct. 12, 2003

Everything for Turkey

This light will not go out

It was the congress where the AK Party debuted for the first time in a sense. The first sentence of the dual slogan, “Everything for Turkey” was very effective and used for years.

One year before the congress, in the general elections held on Nov. 1, 2002, the AK Party had come to power by itself.

After the congress, when Recep Tayyip Erdoğan became party chairman, the AK Party made very big breakthroughs and its golden years began. Erdoğan used the slogan "Everything for Turkey" at almost every opportunity.

2nd Ordinary Grand Congress Nov. 11, 2006

Party of Turkey

Leader of Turkey

A dual slogan again. A context that highlights the party and its leader this time. The AK Party's golden years are ongoing. It gives the message that the golden years will continue, saying “Move on with this Party and this leader.”

3rd Ordinary Grand Congress, Oct. 3, 2009

We are Turkey together

The AK Party entered a period of semi-skilled rating at the age of seven. It chose a more embracing slogan. At that time, the effects of terrorist attacks and the search for its solutions were reflected in the party slogan and congress.

4th Ordinary Grand Congress, Sept. 30, 2012

Great Nation

Huge power

Goal 2023

The AK Party turned 10 and entered a period of mastery and used a triple slogan for the first time. After the previous emphasis on the party, leader and country, the emphasis on the nation is brought forward for the first time. Also, a distant target, 2023, is set for the first time. The years when the party and the country would live in distress started after this congress. The chain of incidents that started with the Gezi Park protests continued until the July 15, 2016 coup attempt.

1st Extraordinary Grand Congress, Aug. 27, 2014,

New Turkey, All Together

After Founding Chairman Erdoğan became president, Ahmet Davutoğlu became party chairman. This was the first extraordinary congress. A single slogan was reinstated to emphasize that a new unifying page would be turned with a team spirit.

5th Ordinary Grand Congress, Sept. 12, 2015

With the love of the first day

The 5th Ordinary Grand Congress, held after the bad result of the June 7, 2015 elections, was aimed at nostalgia and reminding of the AK Party's achievements in the first years. The choice of a single slogan includes the party's intention to recover for the strong days as it used to be.

2nd Extraordinary Grand Congress May 22, 2016,

Continuing the sacred march

The last and the most troubled of the AK Party congresses was the 2nd Extraordinary Grand Congress. Davutoğlu handed over chairmanship to Binali Yıldırım. Although the congress went smoothly, it was intensely discussed that there was a debate within the party.

The slogan referred to the AK Party's good old days again. It emphasized that the sacred march that started with Erdoğan would continue with Yıldırım.

3rd Extraordinary Congress May 21, 2017

New period of breakthroughs

Democracy, change, reform

One of the most important congresses in AK Party history will be held on May 21. Founding Chairman Erdoğan will take over the task from Yıldırım and initiate a major movement of change.

In this congress, all the discussions and problems in the absence of Erdoğan will also be over. As there is great expectation from this congress, the slogan is designed to meet the expectation.

New period of breakthroughs

Democracy, change, reform

The party is aware that there are a lot of expectations. This will be the first congress in which the late Olçok will not be present. I guess he would not have chosen such a long slogan.

AK Party's dreams

I have attended every congress since 2003. I am part of all the great dreams of the AK Party. Indeed, it has brought a broad vision, big dreams and stories to Turkey. It had problems and hard times, but managed to influence Turkey's fate.

Now it's going to have a very critical congress. There will be three elections in 2019. The society, country, organization and circles have great expectations. Erdoğan needs to choose a vision and staff to meet these expectations. Otherwise, the 2019 elections will have a risk.

Regardless of anything, the AK Party's story and dreams are worth mentioning; they have already been imbedded in history as an invaluable treasure.


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