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Life buoy for opposition: Secularism

I think it's good that it happened. It had been a long while since we last discussed the secularism issue. For the last three days, every sociologist, political scientist, legal expert and troll in the country aphorized on secularism, creating an upl... more

So, do you have a dream?

I want to revolt against a vicious circle. This is not an emotional outburst. This is my objection to a situation which is no longer bearable, after having seen it for a long time…There is a group in Turkey. Not native, not national, a chronic oppos... more

How can a summit of hope be successful?

The problems the Muslim world is suffering have affected everyone deeply. We are looking for a way out. War, crisis and terror have ruined our lives. Societies are weary, governments are tense and people are hopeful, waiting for their lives to return... more

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation as a vision problem

It was 2007. A very exciting project for the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) was being conducted. The organization was going to be transformed into a powerful foundation and contribute to the Muslim world with a 10-year reform project. Then... more

Is Islamic unity a dream?

A detail caught my attention while visiting the famous Hasan II Mosque in Casablanca, Morocco. They had reserved a corner of the mosque to display the beautiful architecture and art of Islamic civilization. Tiles, ceramics, calligraphy, ornamentation... more

Tears inside a mosque

That morning was a different one. It seemed more peaceful than ever. Maryland was getting ready for spring. The fragrances of the trees and fresh buds covered all around. These fragrances caught the attention of everyone who went to morning prayer an... more

America Religion Center: A vision and a story of betrayal

The story of the “Turkish American Cultural and Civilization Center,” which will be opened by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan near Washington tomorrow, is noteworthy.A land they tried to sellTurkey's Ministry of Religious Affairs (DIB) purchases a 60,... more

How will the Muslim world get out of crisis?

We all agree that the Muslim world is currently experiencing the biggest crisis since World War I. The bomb attack in Pakistan happened at an amusement park. This means we are face to face with terrorism that has lost its mind, heart and emotions and... more

World-changing war

This is the war that is changing the world. Even if we cannot exactly see the effects of this change yet, in the future everyone will see how the world will change after the Syrian war. The West will change, the East will change. The Muslim world wil... more

'Reality distortion field' Gülen Movement's mentality

The inner conflict and offence we experienced upon a woman wearing the headscarf being injured in a brawl following the assignment of a trustee to Zaman newspaper might not be easily understood by many. While our years trying to lift the ban on heads... more

Why couldn't Morsi be a Mandela?

Just as Nelson Mandela is a freedom hero for black people, Egypt's first democratically elected president, Mohammed Morsi is a hero for the Muslims. .../... Robbeneiland is an island off the shore of Cape Town. It is a prison in which awful things h... more

The country of another world

This is a country of contradictions. A country in which black and white, rich and poor, hunger and waste, beauty and ugliness, independence and captivity, hope and pessimism all live together... I have always been curious and found more in the Republ... more


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