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Which is the greater threat? PKK, Syria, Iran, Russia

There is always a point of stress in an issue. When you find what the point of stress is, you have taken an important step toward solving the problem. Finding this point of stress is of vital importance for politicians. Everything can be newsworthy f... more

A hospital scene: Martyrs, veterans, tears and anger

When I walked into Cizre State Hospital, I came across a scene that I will not be able to forget for the rest of my life. There were five wounded soldiers and a martyr in the hospital on February 9. Tens of unshaven police officers and soldiers who h... more

Who tied down the US? The Israeli lobby, arms lobby, Obama

US Defense Minister Chuck Hagel was excitedly and nervously explaining the situation in Syria and the Middle East to US President Barack Obama in the Oval Office. Assad had used chemical weapons, and this was the US's red line. Even the claim of “che... more

Let's read real politics and reset the game

Let's talk about the hard facts today. We will re-interpret the changing geopolitics that surprised us all. We will get reacquainted with ourselves, our allies, friends and enemies. Then we will believe in ourselves again and reset the game.The US W... more

Master plan...

Last week, I went to Diyarbakır and Mardin. What I saw and heard in Sur deeply affected me. I spoke to people on the streets, in tea houses, workplaces, mosques and with official authorities. I realized we have come to a critical point. Despite Turke... more

Our refugee problem, brutal facts and hopeful beginnings

Today Turkey has been experiencing the severest refugee problem, which has been the most important problem in the world. Last week Gaziantep University, Independent Academicians Organization and BEKAM organized a symposium to discuss the immigration... more

Our story with Iran

There are very few people who witnessed the people's revolution in 1979 and did not admire it. Not to make a comparison, but the Iranian revolution was to us what the Russian revolution is to the leftists. They had challenged all imperialist, colonia... more

The guide to finding who started polarization

There is a polarization problem that everyone has been talking about. The country has been divided into north and south poles in politics, media and society and tensions have risen.The one most accused is President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, then the Just... more

Latest Kurdish drama: Bolshevik PKK state

My Tuesday column titled "History of the deception of Kurds" received objection. My anger and grief over yesterday's Sultanahmet attack would not allow me to write on any other subject. My anger has not yet subsided, but I am continuing on with the p... more

History of the deception of Kurds

Whichever book on Kurds I grab from my library, they all open with a short prologue on history. All books recount how the Kurdish revolts began and how they were oppressed and massacred. What is worse is the revelation later on of how the rebelling... more

The 4 legs of a table: Turkey, Egypt, Saudi, Iran

The Muslim world has reservoirs. These reservoirs are the center of weight and balance for the table the Muslim world is set on. These reservoirs are geopolitically, historically, economically and religiously very important. We need four legs, just l... more

Minor Doomsday

Sectarian and religious wars are the “minor doomsday" of the Muslim world. We were experiencing great dangers, which have now increased. It is time to fear and take precautions. I am talking about the Iran-Saudi tension. As it has brewed behind the s... more


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