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Russia, HDP, Constitution amid the mist

I would say we are stuck in the most depressing and heaviest fog Belgrade has experienced in the past several years. While we were walking by the Sava River, our visibility range was no more than 5 meters. We are witnessing how Prime Minister Ahmet D... more

PYD/PKK set sights on the 80-kilometer area

I guess you liked the narrations using maps. So let's bring out the maps again. We will focus on the map of Syria, the northern area in particular. Draw a green line from the north Iraq border all the way to Kobani. Write Democratic Union Party (PYD)... more

Energy companies of the 'Mediterranean War'

Let's not miss the big picture. Let's remember our theory from last week. The ongoing Syrian civil war has turned into a Mediterranean War. There are two reasons for this: 1.In 2013, the US Geological Research Center announced that the existence of ... more

Rebellion question: Who is the PKK serving?

I listened to two statements as rebellion. One is from Turkey and the other from Northern Iraq. One of them is from the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), chaired by Masoud Barzani. Let's begin with his statement in which he showed the most serious re... more

Map for understanding the 'Mediterranean War'

For those who are unable to read the entire column: The name of the crisis we are going through is not the "Syrian civil war," but the "Mediterranean War." The ongoing war is really taking place because of the newly discovered natural gas in the Eas... more

Did Russia intentionally have its plane downed?

The day the Russian plane was downed, the Presidency, Prime Minister's Office, Turkish General Staff and the Foreign Ministry established a mutual communication channel through which the crisis would be managed. Everything that was done or was to be ... more

The Turkish - EU Summit: Incompetent Europe

First of all, we should know that if Europe did not have refugee problems, then it would not need Turkey, thus the summit would not have occurred. German Chancellor Angela Merkel was the first to say that the refugee crisis could not be solved witho... more

The end of rhetoric, start of a powerful Turkey

Drama on Turkmen Mountain Russian warplanes are bombing them from above. Thousands of civilians are trying to stay alive by hiding between trees, in tents, in mountains. A handful of Turkmens are wailing, while trying to resist against Iranian soldie... more

Terror in the East, terror in the West

Acts of terror are normal in the East. They are part of life, ordinary, familiar and everyday acts of killing and being killed. Acts of terror are abnormal in the West. They are out of the ordinary. They do not happen often. People who die in acts of... more

You are asking the question incorrectly

The drama of the “screen fellowship,” who have not been able to comprehend the November 1 election results, are trying to solve the puzzle by sociology. Last week, they were holding Devlet Bahçeli responsible for the AK Party's 50-percent achievement... more

Alliance of Kurds, Turks and Conservatives

We have to accept that the people threw a curveball. We also need to accept that the people's common sense and foresight once again made the best decision. Similar to all elections held to date, in this election, too, the people showed a strong ref... more

A matter of life and death

Why do we perceive everything as a matter of life or death? This phrase has been used very often lately because of the upcoming elections. “These elections are a matter of life and death, that is how important they are.” Journalists opposing the Just... more

Home stretch on knife-edge

It's the last five days before the elections. This is the home stretch. In running, the home stretch is the most critical distance. In this stage if the race, it is possible, with a sudden sprint, to attack and breast the tape or fall behind while go... more


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