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The need for a new era

Politics and communication ask this question when starting a new task. Then, they plan and find a strategy. This is called a road map, strategy, game plan et cetera. Success is achieved by applying this strategy. In order to ask “What do we want to d... more

The third way of struggling with terrorism

A serious change in the fight against terrorism is being experienced; thus, we should put emphasis on this point. It seems like this will be a very different experience from Europe's. We all know that Europe has been living through different examples... more

What is the AK Party's goal?

The Justice and Development Party (AK Party) completed its fifth Ordinary General Congress. The Central Decision and Administrative Board (MKYK) was elected; there were debates and criticisms. My friends in Ankara asked whether the need for reform an... more

Battling the communication wing of terrorism

Like thousands of fellow citizens, I, too, didn't get a wink of sleep last night. Anger, sorrow and reaction has agonized us all. Terrorists are laying treacherous ambushes, young fellows are being martyred, and other betrayers defending this treache... more

Which is your peace day?

Two peace days are celebrated in the world: September the 1st, which is today, and the 21st of September. Why September the 1st? Because Hitler attacked Poland on the 1st of September in 1939 and thus World War 2 started.'The Communists' peace day' R... more

Vindicating bad news

In 2008, Turkey conducted a very big diplomatic mission to settle the Palestine issue. Then Prime Minister Erdoğan took critical initiatives to solve the Palestine problem, before Hamas, Al Fatah, Syria, Iran, Israel, Lebanon and the U.S.Just when th... more

The anatomy of a collapsed alliance

We need to analyze the most spectacular alliance in the history of politics. We need to find the sociopolitical and psychological reasons behind this complicated alliance without acting with valor. We need to analyze this calmly, because this project... more

New 'struggle on terror' concept

Did the war on terror become easier or more difficult under the present conditions? Did they used to reach their objectives with less effort in the past? Let's face the reality; today, the war on terror became even more tedious, and terrorism grew st... more

We are looking for a way out

Recently, my friends are telling me that I'm acting stressed, worried and angry. They are right; I'm still pursuing an issue and haven't found the answer for it yet. I'm looking for a way out, like you; an exit that will lead us to salvation. If you ... more

The miracle organization: ISIL

US: Due to the most unsuccessful Middle East policy in their history, the U.S. lost credibility in the region. With Syria being in the first place, the U.S. couldn't solve the problems in the region and Russia took the stage again. Obama had been cr... more


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