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The victory of the opposition!

A political propaganda based on destroying rather than keeping people alive. An expression whose foundation is based on hatred, rather than love. A politics based on the annihilation of another and wiping out the other from the political scene. A pr... more

Myanmar and Asia's Islam

While I was surmising election observations in Turkey's east, in Erzurum and Ağrı, the matter of the Burmese immigrants was jolting me like a swinging hammer in my head. There are two important actors behind this most shameful incident that the Islam... more

Legacy…. Evren, Özal, Erdoğan

Everyone leaves a legacy behind. The trace you leave in people's hearts after you pass away from this world is your legacy. Every politician and every leader leaves a legacy for the nation. The leaders will either enter people's hearts or have a dist... more

New Turkey Agreement: Is it a common dream proposal?

Establishing a common dream which we all believe in…. The New Turkey story, which has a part in all of us and we will all write a part of it… I'm talking about a common dream which we all pursue and which our kids will mention proudly. Even if we don... more

Gaza awaiting the elections

The moment I passed the Rafah border, a bomb fell right in front of me with a crash. I was startled with its sound and the cloud of dust which rose to the sky, and was petrified. Meanwhile, the government official who welcomed me was rather calm and ... more

It's time to determine the sides

Whose side are you on, what's your political stance, which party do you support? Before this there is a question that needs to be asked out of the starting gate: Are you part of the side that condemns terrorism? Without differentiating between which... more

It’s time to be scared

Do not underestimate the war in Yemen. An unnamed “Arab Sunni Coalition” has been formed under the lead of Saudi Arabia and they are fighting against the Houthis, who are supported by Iran, with a joint air strike. There are already making preparatio... more

The Iran and Turan struggle

If it was King İsmail that triumphed in the Battle of Chaldiran, which was one of the battles that changed the Islam world and the flow of history, rather than Sultan Selim, “The Stern”, then our lives today would have been different. The battles tha... more

Who did what during the Reconciliation Process?

During the Reconciliation Process, the government without legal regulations, until today, took 160 positive steps in the Imrali negotiations, leading the way to very important developments. It is not possible to write all of these, but I am listing, ... more

Speaking during difficult times

It’s natural for politicians to think differently and defend different methods towards issues, which cause the siblings, fathers and sons to turn against each other. There is a loss of life, death, a cost that has been paid or forcefully paid by bloo... more

Family: The source of the issue and solution

Our family is our nest, home, harbor in which we seek shelter, and the first place where we are taught politeness. Our traditional family structure is the center of our communal resistance, source of our power and the reason we stand strong. Our educ... more


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