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New Turkey, New Middle East

In the Middle East, the cards had been re-shuffled and the balances are shifting again. Since Saudi Arabia has given the signals that they might pull back their support, all the scales will be disturbed. Putin is visiting Cairo next week, Iran declar... more

A New Constitution for New Turkey

There is an agenda drifting with the daily arguments. Politicians, journalists and TV commentators are running after the rapidly changing agenda. Before being able to completely discuss, understand or explain one of them, we are moving on to the next... more

The more challenging phases of the Resolution Process

We are dealing with the most crucial and vital issue of the past fifty years. We had covered some serious ground; however, it’s not yet over. We are advancing towards the formidable and complicated phases of the Resolution Process.Let’s visualize tha... more

The Resolution Process requires a third party

In 1995, I had traveled  to the East and Southeast Anatolia on behalf of Yeni Şafak newspaper. Mazlumder (Association of Human Rights and Solidarity for Oppressed People) was dispatching a committee to the region to research the reasons and results o... more

Why is the Turkish press resisting the Presidential system?

The debates over the Presidential system arise from Turkey’s need for change. Some people, who are of sufficient age, might remember that the same debates were continuing during the late President Turgut Özal period. In those years, the country exper... more

The community’s unparalleled journalistic activity

I will carry on from where I left off yesterday in my article about the community’s “exemplary journalistic” activity.(Community is the term used to refer to the Fethullah Gülen-led movement.)The community started taking systematic action against the... more


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