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Don’t miss the bigger picture in the Khashoggi murder

Many foreign journalists are contacting us because of the news, articles and comments published by Yeni Şafak daily and TVNET regarding the Jamal Khashoggi murder.There’s one problem I’ve noticed in the tens of questions asked by reporters from China... more

Trump milked the pastor for all his worth

It is nothing like you can imagine. U.S. President Donald Trump basically conducted a live broadcast for pastor Brunson on his Twitter account. “He was released. He went his home. He got on the plane. I will hug him in a minute…”I counted it, he post... more

Mecca and Medina's status should change

It was the first time I went to umrah, 15 years ago. Like every Muslim who goes for the first time, I was very excited. When I saw Mecca for the first time, I was surprised by two things: The first was the state of poverty and misery of the Muslims o... more

Prince Salman has nowhere to hide!

Jamal Khashoggi’s assassination directly leads to Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. The evidence indicating that his own guards were part of the operation and executed Khashoggi is undeniable.The conversations of the police/soldiers wh... more

What will Turkey do in the Khashoggi case?

We must primarily say that there is not much Turkey can in terms of international law. Because according to international conventions, you cannot do anything even if you saw that the consul shooting Jamal Khashoggi in front of everyone's eyes. You ca... more

The disgrace of the Muslim world

If it happened to another Muslim country, we perhaps would not have been this upset. When the U.S. president insulted Saudi Arabia’s king before the eyes of the whole world, it led to a feeling of shame, fury, and mutiny in us all.This is the way it ... more

Racial and religious fascism: The Europe/Israel grip

European media, primarily Germany, are discussing the Mesut Özil issue. Of course, they do not mention Europe’s hysteria attack at the center of the discussion. Nobody is courageously standing up and saying that almost all of Europe is headed toward ... more

Online Islamic unity for Jerusalem

In fact, our starting point is a statement of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.He said:"The obstacle in front of expanding peace is not the leaders of neighboring countries. This obstacle arises from the public opinion in Arab streets. " (22... more

Blame Muslims for Jerusalem, not the US!

Palestinians are saving the honor of Muslims.There is no other Muslim nation than Palestine that is persevering for the sake of Jerusalem. Palestinians have been the most suffering Muslim nation in the last century of the Islamic world, being banishe... more

Behind the scenes of the early election decision!

In my opinion, this is one of the most congenial lines of the press world: “Behind the scenes of such and such an incident…”A mysterious, exciting and appealing sentence disclosing the unknown. This is the most widespread headline used by our colleag... more

After Syria is devastated…

The original of the statement is: “Ba’de harâbu’l-Basra” (After Basra is devastated).The U.S. is intervening in Syria saying that chemical weapons were used in eastern Ghouta. It struck military bases through Israel the previous day.Apparently it wil... more

Why relations with the US won’t get better?

I would prefer to say “I have extremely realpolitik and sensible reasons.” However, that is not the case. The U.S. has entered the most complex, weird and irrational period of its history. And this is because of very dangerous reasons.No, I don’t hav... more


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