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The Islamic world’s need for self-criticism

The easy part is: “The imperialists, Zionists, outside forces and the superior mind exploited us, pitted us against each other, left us ignorant and caused wars between us.” So what is the hard part? That is to ask, “Do we have no fault in the mi... more

The military’s image

One of the most important communication endeavors for the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) was conducted in 2013 by the Anadolu Agency (AA). This project is the book titled, “Ocak, Mehmetçiğin Dünyası.”Then Chief of General Staff Necdet Özel for one year ... more

Two important developments in the fight against FETÖ

There are two important developments in the fight against the Fetullah Terror Organization (FETÖ). One is the launch of the state of emergency’s committee operations. The other is the operation in which the Directorate of Religious Affairs (DİB), m... more

A critical institute in the fight against FETÖ

If only Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım would give the speech he made yesterday every week. It was a strong and important enough to disperse the psychological battle section of the fight against the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ). Because the ... more

After July 15… Failing to read the streets

I strolled the streets a great deal on the night of the anniversary of the July 15 coup attempt. I attended conferences and meetings at many places that week. At a panel meeting in Malatya, I saw the Anatolian people’s views of events. At a conferen... more

Why hasn’t FETÖ fully collapsed?

The actions, coup attempt and murders perpetrated by the organization are at a terrifying extent, but I think the structuring of this organization and its system, which turn people in to robots, is lot more frightening. Just think about it, they k... more

A man who has a problem with the Qatar crisis

I am constantly talking to you about strategy, politics, plans and programs in this column like I have nothing else to do. I am asking the position taken by institutes in crises, the strategic moves they will make and their global game plans, et cete... more

What is the real reason behind the Qatar crisis?

This is called a "crackdown movement.” We cannot explain what is being done to Qatar with any other diplomatic concept. They literally cracked down on the country in a day. Seven countries, including the Maldives (I wonder what pushed it to do so), ... more

What's happening in Silivri?

I came to my senses after reading the martyr's wife Ayşe Kantarcı and the martyr's son Alparslan Cambaz's reproachful social media messages. These two esteemed people had complained about there being nobody to watch the hearings that started in Siliv... more

The Sputnik crisis and science schools

In 1957, Soviet Russia launches a satellite named “Sputnik" into space before the U.S. and orbits it with success. The incident that goes into history as the “Sputnik Crisis" begins at this moment.The one who sends a satellite into space could releas... more

Expectations from the AK Party

I hadn't been visiting Ankara for some time now. I am here to watch the most important congress of late at location. The weather is cold, skies grey and expectations high. Every segment from the party to the media, from politics to the economy had an... more

AK Party's slogans and dreams

The late Erol Olçok's mind and elbow grease had influence on all Justice and Development Party (AK Party) congresses. He had influence on all the slogans, images, designs and hall decorations. I found a study showing the main slogans used in all the ... more

Alternative facts Virtual politics

The first person to use the term "alternative facts" in politics is U.S. President Donald Trump's press secretary, Sean Spicer. Spicer claimed that participation in Trump's swearing-in was higher than Barack Obama's. A journalist also put together ph... more


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