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The fight within the EU and the US's new power center

London The fight within the European Union is actually greater, deeper and rougher than their fight against Turkey. It just has not yet fully surfaced. The statement "The EU is threatening us, intervening in elections" made yesterday by Turkish Prim... more

Toward the second Andalusia in Europe

There are two histories I haven't had a chance to read about: Algeria and Andalusia. I didn't have the courage to read about Algerian history as Algeria has suffered greatly during the French occupation between 1830 and 1962. When I visited the genoc... more

Damascus gate; the pain of leaving

Jerusalem It is as if they know what is happening street by street. They are explaining what they experienced in every street, in every neighborhood. “They came and seized this place to make a monument saying 'there is a Jewish saint's tomb here.' Th... more

Lonely Jerusalem

JERUSALEM It's early in the morning as we enter Jerusalem through the Zahra door, the door through which Salahuddin al-Ayyubi entered the city. I touch the walls as I walk by to feel the history that this ancient city has accumulated over thousands ... more

Look at our problem and what they bother with

I have received loads of messages since the early morning. Apparently, the known hitmen were interpreting President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's comments upon his return from India on TV and social media. Based on their comments, Erdoğan was scolding the c... more

While waiting for Erdoğan

Everyone is waiting for the decisions President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is expected to make. The tension that was supposed to decrease after the April 16 referendum, the road map that is expected to be planned, and the policies the Justice and Developme... more

Is it really so difficult to give election results?

Let me first explain how Anadolu Agency (AA) started distributing election results in Turkey's history. Then I have something to say and to propose to the Supreme Election Board (YSK). It was five months before the March 30, 2014 local elections. Th... more

Kurds are winner of the referendum

I have been keeping a close eye on the region since the ditch terror. I go to observe and speak to people who know the area very well. I have been saying and writing that there has been an estrangement from the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) and de... more

Messages of the sour win

The nation's common mind never failed in any election. The decision of the common mind is always superior to the decision of the individual mind. Evaluate every election and referendum, the result that comes out of the ballot box represents the best ... more

What will AK Party say on the morning of April 17?

I am more curious about what is said after an election, rather than being curious about the things said prior to it. What will happen when the ballot boxes are opened, when the people's decision is revealed and when everybody puts their thinking caps... more

Where children and words suffocate

I cannot look at the images. Ever since the news that children in Idlib were suffocated with gas came out, all the painful memories and things I witnessed flashed before my eyes. The more I try to get away from these images the more I remember what I... more

A revolution expectation in the Muslim world

Let me recapture the discussion: The Western world has entered a serious crisis. This crisis erupted after the Brexit and Trump's election, but these were not reasons, instead they were results. The crisis the West is currently experiencing has expan... more

The pains of holy Rome

The heads of state and government from 27 countries arrived to the Vatican, one by one, under extraordinary security measures that included anti-aircraft weapons. They were greeted at the door of the Apostolic Palace, which represents the unity of Ch... more


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