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State mind in fight with Europe

Let's grasp the severity of the situation. These are not the reactions of minority racists and populist politicians alone. These incidents will not remain limited merely to the Netherlands, Austria and Germany. The bans will not stop at restricting p... more

The West's chronicles of shame

I will be telling you about incidents I witnessed in different regions. They have helped me understand Western civilization really well and to see their true faces. I am sure that if one day you end up going to any of these places, you too will witne... more

Anatomy of the fight with Europe

I asked a friend for a three- to four-day summary of the German media, and for some reason, the news and comments seemed very familiar. Whatever the Turkish media's attitude toward German policies is, the position in Germany is the same in the opposi... more

Europe is going to get worse... What is our strategy?

What did you expect? That countries like Germany, the Netherlands and Austria would allow our ministers to organize events there? The situation is going to get even worse. We are going to get to a point of more political crises, more social pressures... more

Two notions that expanded the West and brought it down

Let's leave aside the discussions about the referendum on the constitutional amendments that we have been focusing on and try to see the overall picture. There is a very important topic that needs to be discussed. I am talking about the change and tr... more

Three risky topics in referendum for AK Party

It is sometimes not enough to watch the field, as what you first see and speak might affect you, and then you could form a wrong conviction. One must be careful in matters concerning large masses like the referendum. In addition to watching the field... more

Is Trump hope or nightmare for the Islamic world?

Things have become mixed up in the U.S. Europe has also joined this great debate. There are ongoing harsh reactions toward President Donald Trump's racist executive order that triggers hatred for Muslims and bans Muslims from certain countries from e... more

How does the new system disturb the balance?

What do you think is the most important part of the constitutional amendment? For me, it is the end of the period that is called balance and that prevents the country's development and improvement.Although the word balance has actually a positive mea... more

Growing danger: Neo-Radicalism

A Daesh militant walking around with a spoon hanging from his neck was telling those around him that he is going to commit a suicide attack and become a martyr, that he is going to use the spoon around his neck to eat at Prophet Muhammad's (peace be ... more

Four matters to approach with caution

There are a few issues that have been continuing since last week. We need to approach some of them with caution. Because, it is not guaranteed that they will work out. Let me try and explain.Is a constitution vote in Parliament guaranteed?A likely co... more

Do we have social policies against terrorism?

The government is lacking something in its fight against terrorism. This article will be on that particular matter. Terror attacks have technical features that are repetitive. The bomb set-ups have distinctive designs and the bullets have a distincti... more

A new crisis: Syrian Kurds

The first phase of the Syrian war has ended. The Shiite-Sunni oriented sectarian war has come to an end now since Aleppo has fallen. Now, the Kurds and Kurdish regions that were second on the list will be the first on the agenda. The most important a... more


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