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Aleppo has fallen... Be ashamed!

Oh, the council of nations that failed to unite, that has failed to ensure security, Aleppo has fallen. You should feel ashamed. Your veto decisions are in the blood of every dead child. Shame on you. We will never forget the five countries and their... more

So much grievous news, so many tragedies, so many questions

A young man asked with concerned, curious and sorrowful eyes, “Are we really going to be able to overcome the chaos and disorder surrounding us?” Shaking their heads in unison, many youth indicated that they, too, wanted to know the answer to this qu... more

Why are Europe and Turkey fighting?

Several of my colleagues ask me, “What's happening between Europe and Turkey?” It has become an increasingly intense and hardened relationship. Europe is using its strong media to tie the reason for this problematic relationship to the implementation... more

An abundance of Trump; See what happened in the world?

I am glad it happened. There is movement on the other side of the ocean. There wasn't a single country in the world that they didn't interfere in. Unfortunately, the poor people of the world were the ones who suffered. Now let the U.S. deal with its ... more

World War III or doomsday?

I am going to give up in the end. My young nieces and nephews used to follow the U.S. and European public opinion very closely, seriously read conspiracy theories and suggest that I read them too. I would ask them to make analyses based on more ratio... more

The Shiites' Daesh: Hashd al-Shaabi

A Turkmen in Erbil took his phone out of his pocket and made me watch a video. My heart was about to burst out of my chest. The video had images of savage people catching a person, laying him down, ripping his heart and liver out and eating them. “Th... more

What don't we understand about Mosul?

The most problematic land of all time... The geography between Tigris and the Euphrates, the Mesopotamia region, reeks of blood once again. The fire of war is about to take flame in Mosul, the city of fighting, disagreement and riot.We come to Mosul,... more

What exactly is Islamism? Is it being eliminated?

It was the end of the 1800s. The Ottomans were losing land everywhere. While the U.K. looted Cyprus and the Russians the Caucasus, the French invaded Algeria and Tunisia. The Balkans were steaming and the lands of the Ottomans were burning and fallin... more

The blood on the Nobel Peace Prize

He dedicated almost his entire life (93 years) to his cause. He played a part in the relentless, bloody-handed team that founded the Israeli state. He was the main actor in arming Israel. He never hesitated to use these weapons against the Palestinia... more


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