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Can interim administrators make political decisions?

I personally witnessed it. When I visited during the times when there were trenches in the southeastern districts of Sur, Nusaybin and Cizre and conflicts were ongoing, I saw it on location. Municipalities, foundations, associations and schools suppo... more

The future of cults and religious movements

I believe the biggest distortion the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) caused was to cults and religious movements. A religious movement moving from a peaceful atmosphere to a twisted and blinded ideology has frightened everyone. Therefore, this... more

The Euphrates Shield, the justice of Tigris

You need two things to exit in the lands that are nurtured by two fruitful rivers: One is to be powerful. The other is to be just. The “Euphrates Shield” represents power. The Tigris River on the other hand, has represented justice since Caliph Umar.... more

The Jarabulus-FETÖ line...The rook moved

After U.S. Vice President Joe Biden's plane departed from Riga, his advisers and diplomats opened two Turkey dossiers while up in the air. Gathering around the table they explained to the U.S.'s second man (although he doesn't have much operational a... more

What should you do against terror?

We are under the attack of the most dangerous terror organizations – the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), Daesh and the Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ). After the Gaziantep attack, what the state, government, security forces and politicians should do has... more

How must we understand the Gaziantep attack?

1. Do not forget that the Gaziantep attack is part of a large-scale attack launched against Turkey. It is not isolated, without purpose or plan. Realize that this attack is part of a larger picture.2. Do not forget the big picture in any of your disc... more

Be prepared for the second wave coup

1. Always be on full alert Always remember that they will never leave you alone, because of the geography you live in and the history and civilization you have. Therefore, do not forget that you have to be on guard against the second, third, fourth a... more

Rebuilding a country

Hopefully good will come out of what we perceive as evil. Destiny has given us the chance to redirect the wind for the benefit of our country and our people. We are all questioning our mistakes, past and doings. We are in quest for a better future. W... more

Ideologies without a homeland against the New Turkey

The meeting at Yenikapı was dynamic enough to be the foundation of the “New Turkey.” The terms “country, nation, flag and adhan (the call to prayer)” have become the most important terms in our lives. This was such a grand and effective show of solid... more

The West's invasion propaganda

Ottoman lands have been exposed to four big attacks in the past 200 years. The empire relentlessly resisted all four. I wrote about this in yesterday's column. Every siege attack has its own focal point and own propaganda tactics. These are:Propagand... more

Four attacks, four lines of defense

The things we experienced during the July 15 coup attempt show similarities with other periods in history. Some incidents being exactly the same and sequential can help us better understand the issue. The first attack, Christianity. The line of defen... more

The big paradigm change has begun

We started to make more cold-blooded analyses. We are now overcoming the grief and shock of the martyrs, the wounded and the trauma we experienced. We have no time and luxury. We have to do many things at the same time. A big paradigm change, a big s... more


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