Be prepared for the second wave coup - KEMAL ÖZTÜRK

Be prepared for the second wave coup

1. Always be on full alert

Always remember that they will never leave you alone, because of the geography you live in and the history and civilization you have. Therefore, do not forget that you have to be on guard against the second, third, fourth and even the fifth wave of the coup attempt.

2. Improve your awareness

In order to prepare yourself against coups, you have to first refresh your awareness of history, the love you have for your country and flag, your notion of nation, your understanding of national unity, the respect you have for adhan, the call to prayer, and your faith. These are your real weapons.

3. You have to know the puppeteer who plotted the coup

You should know who attacked you. You have to know the traitors who directed their guns and bombed this nation on the night of July 15. But more importantly, you should know the puppeteer who pulled the wires of these puppets that night. That puppeteer will conduct the second stage of the coup. Therefore, you need to find that puppeteer.

4. Understand well the aim of the coup plotters

You should comprehend the aim of those who are to conduct the second phase of the coup. Their aim is to stop a nation from being born from its ashes. Because if your country stands up, so will a 400-year-old history. If your country stands up, so, too, will all its friends in the region. Then, the region's fate will change, and the future of the oppressed will change to the better. Those who have been exploiting the region will have to leave.

5. Know the coup plotters

They know your country, nation, belief, religion, sect and economy better than you. Therefore, they can easily recruit, side with traitors, stage coups, and cause chaos. For this reason, you should know these coup plotters just as well as they know you. Instead of wasting time with the puppets, you need to go directly to the puppeteer.

6. Be stronger than the coup plotters

You have to understand, that if you are not stronger than the coup plotters, there will be many more coups staged in your country. To become stronger than them, you have to work harder, read more, research more and establish more systems. A month ago, you stopped those tanks and helicopters with your bare hands; now you have to build them, too.

7. Always stand up for your country

You should always stand up for your country, not just in the case of a coup. You should stand up for your country through abiding by the rules and laws, being fair and honest in your job, helping more, saving more, protecting your national values, by befriending those who sacrifice for their country and by looking after your roads, mountains, beaches and nature.

8. Be proud of your nation

Do not forget that this nation is a blessed and mighty nation. Be proud of your nation without distinguishing between Turkish and Kurdish, Alevi and Sunni, rightist and leftist.

Let go of the domination the West tries to hold over you. They are not better than your nation; remember this. Standing up for your nation means to respect your nation's rights, ideas, beliefs and law.

9. Stand up for your state

Your state is a living entity. It comprises the Parliament, government, bureaucracy, police, army and university. Help these institutions operate properly. A state will only be powerful, if the nation is powerful. A state will work properly if you work properly.

10. Do not forget that you own this country

Do not forget that you own this country. It was the nation that saved this country on July 15, not the state. People roamed to the streets when they saw that they were about to lose it. You have to take care of your country, just like you take care of your family, your house and your valuables. Never think that the country is owned by the state, police, army or politicians. The country is yours.

11. Do not fall into separation

Do not fall into the trap of separation, division, or conflict. This will be the best opportunity for those waiting to stage a coup in your country. They will be waiting. If you unite with everyone, they will never have the opportunity to stage the second phase of the coup. Visit your neighbors, colleagues and friends. Increase the love. Everyone who loves your country is your friend. When you see someone shedding tears for this country, whether you know them or not, hold their hand and share their pain. Never let go.

12. Protect your leader

Protect your leader, pray for him, and support him. July 15 showed us that we are a nation that we would die for this country, that we would never let our flag fall down and that the adhan was what kept us alive. That night we saw that we had a leader and that we could win the fight for our country under his leadership. Stand up for your leader, pray for him and support him.


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