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Between 'friend and foe,' losing rationality

Relationships in life are read through “friend and foe.” You are either a friend or an enemy. Many people lost rationality because of this.

I would have actually like to use the word “reasonableness,” It is a nicer word. People lost “reasonableness.” They do not do or say reasonable things.

However, the Turkish Language Association (TDK) does not contain this word in its dictionary. Therefore, we use “rationality,” which is a mode modern term. It means “sensible.”

The debate started by the prime minister

This debate has been ongoing since Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım made the “more friends, less enemies” policy statement.

This statement represents rationality. This is the realpolitik step of politics, managing a state and living in a tough geography.

Those who support this and found this logic correct, raised their voices. They said, “Let's decrease our number of enemies on the inside, increase our number of friends, make peace and embrace each other. We need this.”

They said “Not like that,” and objected saying, “peace on the inside is only possible this or that way. That name won't work, this name won't work.” The made distinctions as, “This is friend, this is enemy.” Yet, nobody had said let's be friends with terrorist organizations or those who support them.

They targeted the most rational and most respectful named from this community, such as daily Star columnist Ahmet Taşgetiren. They almost said, “You are also on the enemy front now.” This is “losing rationality.”

Objection to the 'reverse circle' movement in diplomacy

They cornered Turkey from the east, west, north and south. They encircled it. The “reverse circle” diplomacy move to get out of this atmosphere is a completely rational move. Signing an agreement with Israel, which accepted almost all of our conditions, is a requirement of the realpolitik situation – even if it is painful. Running a state is possible through such rational attitudes and reading realpolitik correctly.

Accusing the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan of “selling out and betraying the Palestine cause” is an irrational state of insanity.

Friends saying, “Those who cover themselves with Israel will remain naked” – and through a tweet at that – and giving emotional responses is not rational. Erdoğan, who also paid big prices for the Palestine cause, nor the governments he established deserve this reaction. It is not rational to discuss these matters on social media. It does not solve problems but rather create more of them.

Despite the irrationality of the person who made this statement, wiping out, eliminating and declaring “enemy” that foundation, that community and those aid organizations is not a rational approach either. Apologizing for that statement is reasonable, continuing to declare the foundation a traitor despite the apology, is an irrational approach.

Those who work to create enemies

Establishing a diplomatic relationship with Israel is diplomatic, turning certain people into “enemies” on the inside for this is irrationality.

The idea to grant citizenship to Syrians is a rational idea. It is prioritizing the reality of sociology and the interests of the country. Those who object to this may have an opinion, but making a “Syrians, go away” campaign is losing rationality.

Objecting to all ideas and projects because it is Erdoğan who expressed these ideas, accusing Erdoğan of “selling out the country, dividing it into camps,” is entirely losing rationality.

Declaring “traitor” politicians, writers, journalists, colleagues who worked for the same cause, in the same front for the same struggle for years, turning them into “enemies” overnight is, just like the others, losing rationality.

Loving someone less or more, categorizing them as “friend and foe” based on this, is to lose the sensible way of the mind.

It is normal to dislike or criticize a female writer's tone, style and the ideas she defends. However, insulting her in a shameless and rude tone, and doing this in the name of protecting the AK Party, is madness, let alone rational.

President Erdoğan and Prime Minister Yıldırım's making peace with Russia and Israel and the intention to solve the Egypt and Syria problems are rational and healthy moves. Continuing this and giving support is the requirement of rationality.

Discussing Turkey's most important problems – terrorism, siege, the wars happening right by our side, diplomacy, economy, the refugee problem – and trying to find a solution is a rational effort.

Forgetting this and creating enemies, trying to categorize people as “friend and foe,” is exactly what losing rationality is. It is certainly not a good-intentioned effort either

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