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Çanakkale, Medina, Yemen…. The religious community’s line of defense

The Ottomans had set out to defend a religious community, not an emperorship . The Ottomans were the final castle of Islam and the last state that carried the banner. With the line of defense they’ve established, they were actually fighting for a great civilization that was 1300 years old.

Çanakkale was not the target, rather it was the banner city, Istanbul

The target of the British imperialism was to destroy that great civilization. They knew that if Istanbul, which was the tip of the rosary made out of Ottoman amber, went down, they would be able to reach their objectives. That was why Çanakkale was so strategic. They were going to reach the Istanbul Bosphorus through Çanakkale, then from that point on they going to move on from India to Bosnia and Crimea to Yemen, and thus, they were going to bring down the precious capital city of the whole Islam world, Istanbul. Islam’s banner had been in that city for four centuries. Then the rosary would break down and they were going to collect lots of amber plunder.

Çanakkale was the first defensive line of the Islam civilization on the western front. They’ve already taken down the Balkans. They had broken down the last defensive line Abdülhamid formed and entered through the Balkans. Now, they were moving on to the Asian lands. They had arrived by telling the stories of Macedonian Alexander’s Little Asia conquest.

Çanakkale had taken cover in order to protect Selahaddin Eyyubi’s Jerusalem, His Holiness’ Medina, our Kiblah Mecca and our banner city, Istanbul. This was how the resistance to death began. Ottoman children didn’t lose in Çanakkale; they won a victory that would be talked about for a hundred centuries. They protected the capital city, the capital of the banner, but in return, they’ve lost their children.

It’s the defense of the religion, not Medina

Fahrettin Pasha, the greatest soldier of the Ottoman’s whose name is not known, the last hero who defended the symbol of Islam, Medina, was praying for Çanakkale in Ravza. He knew that the first defensive line in the western front was being established in Çanakkale in order to defend Medina. If that defense was breached, then Medina would’ve fallen as well. If Medina fell, then the whole Islam civilization would’ve fallen.

While defending Medina from imperialist Brits, he knew that he was protecting the hearts of the whole religious community. If we had lost Mecca and Medina, then our hearts and souls would have surrendered and the religious community was going to be dispersed.

No power managed to breach the defense he had set up. No power managed to rip him off the tomb of His Holiness he shielded with his body. Fahrettin Pasha remained unbeaten, and thus Medinah didn’t fall.

Yemen, the defensive gate of Hedjaz

The Hudaybiyyah desert with it’s moisture that even melts down iron, the dazzling Hus Mountains and the never-ending Yemen stories… What the Brits wanted had nothing to do with these mountains nor the desert. What they wanted was to take down the first gate of the Hedjaz’s line of defense; Yemen. If Yemen was invaded, then the Hedjaz leg, on which the Ottomans arose, would’ve been cut down. The last Mayor of Yemen, Mahmut Nedim Pasha resisted death, in the name of protecting Yemen. They knew that the resistance in Yemen was the first defensive line of the civilization in the South, rather than being the detention colony of the emperorship. He didn’t lose, they couldn’t invade Yemen. They’ve protected the heart of Islam Medina and Mecca from the South.

The banner fell on the ground in Istanbul

At the end, Germans lost in the war and Ottomans were also considered to be defeated. Yemen’s last hero, Mahmut Nedim Pasha, received the order to retreat in tears. The Zaidis, whom he had fought against in Yemen, came to the doors of San’a. The imam of the Zaidis kissed the foreheads of the Ottoman soldiers that were leaving the city. They bid farewell to an honored and dignified enemy. Since then, Yemen has never seen the face of peace or such an honored enemy.

Fahrettin Pasha, who received the same telegraph in Medina, cried for days. He didn’t accept the order to hand over the city. 

Fahrettin Pasha surrendered his sword to the tomb of His Holiness, not the Brits. He had been removed from Medina by force.

The Brits, who couldn’t pass Çanakkale in the war, passed that Bosphorus with the Mudros Agreement and reached Istanbul. They’ve taken the capital city as a hostage, ripped the tip of the rosary and the whole thing dispersed.

The banner fell on the ground in Istanbul.

They didn’t only shred Ottomans; they’ve shredded the last state of the Islam civilization, the last castle that carried the banner. They’ve divided Ottoman lands into 64 countries. The Islam civilization, which had been fought against since Andalusia, the great civilization had been collapsed. They’ve done everything to ensure that it never becomes resuscitated. However, it didn’t happen that way, the Islam civilization continued to live on. Today, they are still trying to annihilate this civilization.

We didn’t lose in Çanakkale, we didn’t lose in Medina, we didn’t lose in Yemen.

The banner is still in Istanbul, where it fell on the ground.

We are still defending the religious community.


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