Europe is going to get worse... What is our strategy? - KEMAL ÖZTÜRK

Europe is going to get worse... What is our strategy?

What did you expect? That countries like Germany, the Netherlands and Austria would allow our ministers to organize events there? The situation is going to get even worse. We are going to get to a point of more political crises, more social pressures and eventually to ties breaking off. One does not need to be a political genius to see this.

Political crises in Europe to deepen

I have been writing for days on the political and economic earthquake Europe has been going through. This should not be seen as a Turkey-based reaction only. It is currently experiencing serious shifts within itself. Both Turkey and the other countries are getting their share from these shifts.

There are elections in France and the Netherlands in spring and in Germany in the fall. Austria, Italy and Spain will be going to the ballot box in 2018.

The main motivation of all elections are based on Islamophobia and Turkophobia. All pro-harshness, anti-EU parties fueling xenophobia are on the rise. This is a social pressure, it is a wave that comes from the depths. Hence, the danger is greater and deeper.

In such an atmosphere, every political party that shows slight closeness toward Turkey or any other Muslim country attracts immediate reaction and their votes drop. Of course Germany and France, which are carrying the main pillars of the EU, are going to adopt a harsher attitude toward Turkey as the elections approach.

2017 is going to be a year of major changes and massive tremors in Europe. The EU which shook after the U.K. is going to collapse. This is certain, but the debate is whether it will happen this year or in a few years' time.

The Germany-France alliance has not forgotten what U.S. President Donald Trump did to break this union. Luckily the U.S. is occupied with its own conflicts, giving the EU a little relief.

The real issue we need to discuss: What is our strategy?

The real issue we need to discuss now is what our strategy will be while Europe is falling apart and becoming Turkey's enemy.

Yes, we can accuse them of having a fascist, anti-democratic and Islamophobic discourse, but this is not something they are denying anyway. Do not be surprised, they are using all kinds of tensions with Turkey to their advantage in the elections. I guess our ones are going to do the same thing in the referendum.

Okay, but shouldn't we be preparing long-term and global strategies at a time when major changes and tremors are happening in the world? Yes, we should. But is it happening? "It should be," says a friend of mine who is at the heart of these matters. He is actually politely stating that there are no such preparations being made. Let's say there is the referendum process now and that is why a strategy was not prepared. Well, what is the state of the Turks living in Europe?

Why are the Turks living Europe in a bad state?

Following the article I wrote on March 1, 2017, about how the Turkish people living in the U.S. are unable to make their presence felt and are fighting each other, I received numerous emails from Europe. They say, “It's even worse here, write about here too.”

For a long time, my colleagues who live in Europe summarized the situation as: “There are 3 million Turks in Europe alone. The AK Party received 70 percent of the vote. It still lacks an efficient media, civil society organization and the power to influence politics. The state of Turks in Europe is the story of an epic failure.”

No offence. There are millions of Turks living abroad, but they are not as effective as even the Armenians whose population is one-tenth of that number. A community whose own country's ministers are banned should be rising up in Europe.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan says, “I will come to Germany, and if they don't let me in I will cause a stir in the world.” Why is it left to the president again? This is our problem. Why do we not have a power, a player, a force other than the president that can have an impact on balances? This should not be the state of such a big country, a country that has so many citizens living abroad.

The AK Party that shoots itself in the leg

The reason is very clear, there is a very small number of people who care about this. People like Justice and Development Party (AK Party) Deputy Mustafa Yeneroğlu, who care about such matters and strive for years, are also attacked by the AK Party media. Other deputies like Aydın Ünal who protected that deputy got his share of the attack too. I am still unable to grasp what kind of eclipse of the reason this is.

Parliamentary Constitutional Committee Chair Mustafa Şentop posted a tweet from his Twitter account, protecting Yeneroğlu, whose accomplishments he witnessed when he went to Europe, but he couldn't stop anybody. Presidential advisers and other party authorities also joined in the discussion. They gave media outlets like Cumhuriyet and Oda TV something to talk about.

Nobody stands up to tell this group that is so interested in making attacks, “We are going to a referendum, there is chaos in Europe, what are you doing? What is this fight about? Why are you shooting yourselves in the leg? Have you lost your mind?” Really, this is too much.

Let's not narrow down the topic. Let's start to see that our current state is not something that can be covered.

At a time when major changes are taking place in world politics, Turkey should not be in this state. Its politics, state institutions, media and civil society should not be in this state. Why do they not see this and produce a solution, I wish somebody would tell me.


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