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Family: The source of the issue and solution

Our family is our nest, home, harbor in which we seek shelter, and the first place where we are taught politeness. Our traditional family structure is the center of our communal resistance, source of our power and the reason we stand strong. Our education, moral and religion understanding, and, differentiating between the right and wrong begins in our family. The things we learn from our grandparents or parents are regarded as “family discipline”; this is even being sought before education when we ask for the girls’ hand in marriage.


Our center of resistance is the family


If we didn’t get squashed against modernism in a short time, if we didn’t experience a fall of values like European communities, if the family wasn’t protective, maybe the amount of drug usage, moral degeneration and alienation would be even greater than the European standards. No other power would have been able to keep our young, excited and active population under control, better than the power did.

As the country gets richer, becomes more developed and integrates more with other communities, our family establishment is being influenced and becomes damaged. There has been a 38 percent increase in divorces in the past 10 years.

What’s more fatal than that is the fact that the children in the family are building a secret life of their own on the internet; we haven’t seen the effects of this completely yet. The internet’s effect on the family and children had reached an alarming level; however, nobody is leaning over this matter.


Investigating Özgecan’s murder scientifically


Politics, media, NGOs and the public had reacted strongly to Özgecan Aslan’s brutal murder. In this gory murder, we have been unable to make head or tail of how a person can get this violent. The murder Cem Garipoğlu had committed was as brutal as this one. Maybe it involved more spooky feloniousness, since it was committed by planning. Both of them are yet to be investigated scientifically.


I guess giving more emotional reactions to the incidents, which causes the indignation of a community, is easier for everyone than to make healthy and scientific investigations over the reasons behind them. Turkish media always preferred to discuss the results of an incident from the aspects of magazine and conspiracy theories. Naturally, the Turkish public approached the matters as they’ve read from the press.

       It’s completely piteous to see the attempts of the opposition party and circles hostile to AK Party to even politicize this incident and to accuse the government.




The reasons of the incident should be investigated, rather than arguing over the result of it

Since it requires more knowledge and intellectual background to discuss the reasons of the incidents, rather than its results, it would be wrong to expect this from the media and public. Universities and public enterprises are required to make serious scientific investigations over the reasons behind these types of murders and incidents, which have a communal effect, and then present the ways of solving it. The Ministry of Family and Social Policies is also required to be the institution that provides coordination in this matter.


Without solving the family issue, nothing else can be solved


The common problem in the core of violence against women, abuse, drugs, Bonzai, vandalism, alcoholism, violence and ultimately felonious murder are our problems in the family establishment. Until this establishment becomes straightened out, no matter how many campaigns are held against violence against women or brutal murders, the result won’t change.

The matter of family establishment should be urgently leaned over. Ministries and universities need to thicken their common studies in order to designate the damage dealt on the family establishment. However, if they conduct these investigations over the Anglo-Saxon family sociology theories, which never fit us, then they will fail to reach any results.

We can only solve our problems with our own notions and theses.


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