FETÖ is in a more dreadful situation - KEMAL ÖZTÜRK

FETÖ is in a more dreadful situation

We cannot overcome the shock of the coup attempts of the Gülenist Terror Organization (FETÖ). Brutally killing civilians, bombing the Parliament and the streets, and trying to murder the President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan are some acts of savagery we are unable to understand.

But I am more surprised about another thing. My brain cells burn as I think about it. Because that is the source of it all. Let me explain.

How many militants graduate from schools every year?

After the coup, the number of schools closed because they belonged to FETÖ is around 1,000.

Let's make a simple math calculation: If they only graduate 10 students, that makes 10,000 students, if 100 students graduate, that would make 100,000 students. Let's say they took half of them, even one-third of them under their control and brainwashed them; every year between 30,000 to 50,000 of well-educated and brainwashed members of the organization who can commit a crime without questioning will join the fields. This is a frightening number. Because if the number of robot militants produced in 10, 20 and 30 years are calculated, you will go out of your mind.

Since they are trained in their child ages, they never change minds, never give up loyalty to the organization.

Let's continue.

The Gülen Movement has schools in 160 countries around the world. The number of the schools is not exactly known, but the number is estimated to be more than 30,000. In 3,000 schools if 10 students graduate in a year, it makes 30,000 students. If we assume that 100 students graduate in a year, it makes 300,000 graduates in a year. If half of them, even one-third of them are brainwashed, in 160 countries in the world, it means that this organization has been releasing 100,000-150,000 well-educated, intelligent but brainwashed youth who are ready to obey all kinds of orders.

How many people does the movement produce in 10 years, 20 years and 30 years? Are you horrified as well? Not finished yet.

This is the number only related with the colleges affiliated with the organization. Let's add the number of craftsmen, house women, businessmen, religious clerks, workers and civil servants to this.

It can be better understood what dimension the number in Turkey and the world reached.

After the coup, only the number of the people who were working for the state and were dismissed reached 60,000.

The actual frightening issue

I am now coming to another issue that actually frightens me. With what kind of a psychology knowingly and willingly can a person scatter bullets on the civilians, bomb them and crush them with tanks?

The pilots who fired those bombs were carrying specially written religious texts on them. It was discovered that FETÖ leader Gülen wrote a fatwa for the coup. Namely with the religious feelings they committed this massacre. Against who? Against a government known as religious and conservative, against a people who say, "Ya Allah, Bismillah, Allahu akbar" (Oh God, in the name of God, God is the greatest).

As they could kill these pious people without hesitating and there was a fatwa, they don't consider the people they kill as Muslims, citizens and nationals.

Just like Daesh. This means there is another religion, land and nation in the middle. How can that be?

The facial expression seen by Hulusi Akar

Chief of Staff Hulusi Akar, in his statement in the prosecution, said that when Lieutenant Colonel Levent Türkkan, who served as his aide-de-camp for years, said, "Calm down commander, otherwise I will shoot you," he said to him in response: "Shoot me." And on his robotic face, for a moment he saw the intention to shoot him. Hereby going to the past, let's clarify this dreadful picture more. Forty years pass 'till a child who went to the military school at the age of 15 becomes a general. It means those generals who staged a coup today hid themselves for 40 years, didn't reveal their soft spot and didn't give up the ideals of the organization. A coupist who was arrested said they were regularly going to "light houses" every week and they were getting religious training there. And he was adding that there were exactly 5 ,000 light houses.

In 5,000 houses, the soldiers whose number was supposed to be in the thousands, during the 40 years they were regularly taken into the brainwashing sessions, Gülen's poison was injected, and as charmed robots they were sent into the army.

During the 40 years these people were never suspicious of the ideology they believed, did not question, were not sorry and did not quit.

Even if the pious people come to power, their ideas did not change, even if they see religious people. Amazing!

Three concepts changed in brainwashing

In these brainwashing sessions, three concepts in the minds were definitely changed: Religion, nation and home.

Since they crushed the pious people with tanks and fired bombs at them, their religious understanding is different.

Since they bombed the Parliament and streets and paralyzed the country, their understanding of homeland is different.

Since they could point the guns to the commanders, civilians, women and shoot them, their understanding of a nation is quite different.

A journalist from the Gülenist terrorist organization said: "We are not a structure based in Turkey as you assume. We have activities in 160 countries. If we are extracted from Turkey, we will continue working in 159 countries. Foreign Minister Çavuşoğlu said the organization even managed to reach the power to stage a coup in Kyrgyzstan. It means the U.S. has been using this organization worldwide. We have to resolve the administrative algorithm of this organization; their understanding of religion; their methods to turn human beings into robots; brainwashing methods; persuasion and hypnosis models; belief system; and the sense of belonging.

Namely we have to find the Alpha system that gives birth to the monsters. Otherwise, these monster robots will continue to produce militants even after the murderer Gülen dies.


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