‘Frame method’ in the fight against FETÖ

We should not expect the greatest disaster that has befallen us to be solved swiftly. However, we need special effort for this struggle to ensure “maximum productivity, minimum injustice.”

At the end of the period between July 15, 2016 and now, I am saying that the fight against the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) needs to enter a new period. I articulate it on every platform that the acute period is over and that it is time to switch to the rehabilitation and convalescence period.

Differences of opinion in the fight against FETÖ

There are those with whom we think differently on this matter. My friend Mete Yarar, a security policies expert, who was on Merve Şebnem Oruç’s successful show on TVNET, is one of these. Yarar, whose analyses I value, says that the specific and crypto FETÖ members are active within the military and hence, great care is necessary. I agree. However, Yarar is in favor that the state of emergency continues. This, I do not agree with.

In recent days, Capt. Burak Akın, who voluntarily surrendered and shocked everyone, actually verified what Yarar said. Akın was a special/crypto FETÖ member and he did not have the ByLock application installed in his phone. As a matter of fact, he had even received a medal for his efforts on the night of July 15. This was followed by the surrender of four more noncommissioned officers of the same qualities. What’s more, it is said the number is much higher.

However, none of this changed my mind, on the contrary, it further developed my thoughts.

What is the frame method?

I want to make a more specific suggestion on this subject. It is called the “frame method.” It is actually a method used to solve communication problems. This is a system in which you draw a frame around the problem to prevent it from spreading elsewhere and that helps to focus on that problem.

To use this frame method, we need to divide the fight against FETÖ into two.

Firstly, we need to carry out the fight against FETÖ with more professional teams, conduct more sophisticated operations. The best example of this, deserving of applause, is the National Intelligence Organization’s (MİT) “pay phone operation” that revealed “special agents” like Akın.

These sophisticated operations that focus on special agents and cryptos continuing with determination and confidence will speed up the process of the organization’s collapse from within. And to explain the success of this fight, morales need to be boosted through powerful communication efforts.

How does the frame system help?

In the second part of the fight against FETÖ, rehabilitation and convalescence methods need to be accelerated. The most important topics here are injustices and the problems in judiciary.

Here, every problem needs to be identified clearly, a frame needs to be drawn around it to prevent it from doing harm to other areas and the fight against FETÖ.

I will try to explain it better with an example:

The matter of the ByLock injustice is an important problem. It is a matter that mostly concerns technique and the judiciary. When you put a frame around the problem and focus on it, it becomes clear that this has no harm to the part on a more sophisticated fight against FETÖ.

Similarly, the injustice toward those who were found to have ByLock on their phones because of their using common wireless internet or IP clashes, and were thus dismissed from their jobs, exported and jailed can also be solved using the frame method.

The Adil Öksüz syndrome

Why am I suggesting this frame method?

Because whenever the subject of injustices in the fight against FETÖ is brought up, our judges  and attorneys, security forces, bureaucracy and politicians immediately become anxious thinking: “There might be a weakness.” The reason behind this is the “Adil Öksüz syndrome.” His release impacted mostly the judicial system, and in general, everybody.

Yet, this was in the early days of the coup. Now, serious experience has been gained.

Now, when you put a frame around the matter of injustices, we understand more clearly that this will not spread to other areas — for example, it will not have a negative impact on the “pay phone operation.”

Eliminating injustices will collapse the organization

My theory since the beginning is:

The existence of injustices is one of the psychological barriers preventing the collapse of the organization. The organization is using the injustices card to convince its members; it points to the injustices to claim that the state is not just, that it is in the wrong. This prevents organization members from seeking refuge in the state.

“Frames” that are working soundly in eliminating injustices, as well as the efforts of the State of Emergency Commission, will take this most important card from the organization’s hand. Both the fight will continue more soundly, and the organization’s collapse will speed up. I hope I was able to explain it clearly enough.


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