Heroes from the ghettos - KEMAL ÖZTÜRK

Heroes from the ghettos

They came from the furthest corners of the city. From the rural areas, environments, ghettos, villages and districts...
They came to the place they haven't seen for years. To the arterial roads of the city and the place the sociology called the "center."

They said there is a revolution. They are overthrowing the government. Namely, as late President Adnan Menderes, they said, "Let whoever wants to rescue" President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan come. Gathering with the villagers, we came to the center of Kazan. What's going on brother soldiers? We said, “They shot at us. We weren't prepared."

The intervention of the village to the city, the rural to the center started like this.

They were the ones who tried to stop the tank with their hands on Vatan Avenue. Nobody in the world believes in those who believe that they can stop a tank with their bare hands. But they did it. The restaurant apprentice from Beylikdüzü, the worker from a garden and a park and a cleaner at the car wash.
There was a coup and the chief said “go to the streets” and we did it. Honestly it was good, we stopped the armored vehicle.

You can only see it in films and in this country; a person tearing his shirt screaming "shoot me if you are a man." They shot him. The other one shouted and they shot him too. Then another one shouted: "Your bullets will eventually run out."
The Bosporus Bridge was rescued thanks to those heroes who were shot by the rebels until their bullets ran out.
Ha! How many bullets do you have in that tank! Fifty or 100? Scatter your bullets on us. Won't run out?

That bridge is standing today, thanks to those ghetto heroes who resisted against the tank bullets. The baker in Ümraniye, the grocer in Sultanbeyli, the cleaner in a market in Taşdelen... They thought it was an honor to rescue the bridge.

Perhaps for the first time in his life someone has seen Ulus.
He was standing next to me. "Brother, we rescued the city headquarters of the Justice and Development Party [AK Party]. We came from Alibeyköy. Since it is near us, we rescued there first. They said they also raided the TRT building. We went there in another brother's car. May those dishonorable ones surrender and we go to Vatan Avenue. There is a need there." Then he went to the iron bars: "Son, are you nuts? Son, how do you try to stage a coup trusting the Gülenist Terror Organization [FETÖ]? Come and surrender to the police brothers. Don't be mad, son."
With plain and simple, ordinary sentences, they were telling a truth and teaching us on the street what is wisdom, sagacity, patriotism.
They were not educated, but they were correcting the mistakes the educated people made. On the run in the street they were showing us that wisdom, sagacity and courage are superior to knowledge, education and training. That's how the philosophy lesson is given.
A lady was talking: "How can they say they will take Tayyip by staging a coup? Are they foolish? Will they do what they did to Menderes? Are they nuts?"
For the first time, Taksim Square saw a veiled woman driving a dump truck and a woman without a scarf was assisting her.

That yellow truck was actually representing the main vessel of a nation with those men and women holding flags in their hands. If you ask, they cannot say fancy words like democracy, human rights, the superiority of law.
They gave a historical science lesson saying, "Oh, did we easily get this country? Aha, do we leave it to these maniacs?"
Nene Hatun in the War of Independence, Kara Fatma in Erzurum were their ancestors, but they did not care to make the fancy statements the latter did.

They were teasing and humiliated the youngsters who said, "Wearing our shrouds, we will go tothe streets."
That day, in their white shirts, white as the shrouds the dead are wrapped in for burial, when the General Staff of one of the biggest armies in the world was invaded, they were the ones who poured in there. They charged in and looked for rebels in the corridors. One of them was shot in that white shirt, saying, "Aha! I got shot in the arm!" and recorded it. He was a Kurdish youngster. His friend next to him was martyred. They were not joking. They went to the street wearing their shrouds. When they said, "We can go on the top of the tank," nobody believed them. They went further and got inside the tank, drove it and toured the streets.
“Calm down; we got the tank."
Probably he was from Rize. He was saying, "Aha! where is this tank going?" while he was holding the tank bullet with one hand so it wouldn't fall. None of the military schools, nor academy, nor positive science can teach a person how they can take control of a tank with their bare hands.

They call it insanity. Here, there are those who are "insane."

And also, they sent a video message to us to say "don't worry." Those who say "don't worry" are the sociocultural, high class people who represent the center. Those who say "don't worry" are the ones representing the capital, media, bureaucracy and academy.

They changed all the rules of sociology. They turned all the military rules upside down.
They curved and threw away all the arguments of the political sciences.
Simple, plain, ordinary...
Faithful; not wealthy. Poor, patriotic...
Definitely patriotic.
The children of the suburb changed the country's destiny that day.
Apparently, the center did not want democracy for their freedom, but comfort. In an administration where there were the soldiers they could continue their comfort.
That's why they remained silent till the coup failed. They would be on the side of the winners.
As for the ones in the suburbs they defended democracy. We knew that in a place where there were soldiers, a "Tayyip" who came from among them, could not continue his life.

That's why when Erdoğan said "go to the streets" they did not hesitate. Most of us were there that night. We saw people from every faction, but they were the most crowded ones. They were our bravest ones, they were the ones in the front and saved all our lives.
Two-hundred and forty martyrs, 1,500 wounded...
They are all children of Anatolia.

The heroes of the ghettos are still at the squares. Go and see them, kiss them on their foreheads.


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