How can a summit of hope be successful? - KEMAL ÖZTÜRK

How can a summit of hope be successful?

The problems the Muslim world is suffering have affected everyone deeply. We are looking for a way out. War, crisis and terror have ruined our lives. Societies are weary, governments are tense and people are hopeful, waiting for their lives to return to normal.

Thus, everyone has pinned their faith on the Organization of Islamic Cooperation's (OIC) Istanbul summit.

As the organization's secretary-general says, “This summit will be very different this time.”

What message will Erdoğan send?

Today you will see in the media that many heads of state attended the OIC summit.

Turkey made a great deal of preparations for the summit.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's message holds importance in that he is hosting the summit as well as in his role as the president of the summit's most powerful country.

Erdoğan will emphasize justice, terror, responsibility, cooperation, sectarian wars, and ending wars. He will address everyone with a powerful speech.

'Cooperation and unity in the Muslim world' is the main theme of his speech. Some of his messages will be directed to the West: Criticism of Islamophobia, terror and the refugee issue.

A new reform package has been prepared.

The OIC will present a new reform package that has taken two years to prepare.

This is the second structural project after the 10-year project I discussed in yesterday's column.

The project aims to strengthen the organization and make it effective in all fields.

A joint resolution text is expected to be signed and declared as the Istanbul decisions.

However, we all know that these decisions were taken before, but no serious advances were made.

The critical issue is that the OIC's major countries need to unite to find a way out of the critical state the Muslim world is in.

If these countries do not come to a resolution, not much will come out of the summit.

These countries include Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Egypt and Indonesia.

The crises and problems these countries have among themselves are evident.

Indonesia is trying to distance itself from the Muslim world and is currently in honeymoon mode with the US. However, Indonesia is still expected to abide by the decision.

Will there be an alliance despite this?

Turkey-Saudi Arabia relations had many problems during the reign of the former king, but it seems to be running smoothly now. Now they are working on resolving issues with Egypt.

Why won't Turkey-Egypt relations get better if President Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi releases former President Mohammed Morsi and promises to go to just elections? The Saudi king might be bringing messages from Cairo in relation to this specific issue.

Tension between Iran and Saudi a critical issue

Everyone is talking about the conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia and how this negatively affects the Muslim world as a whole. Many problems have risen from their wrong attitudes and thus have caused the OIC to become ineffective. The two countries have started to face their problems.

Iran regrets supporting Russia, standing against Turkey and the Sunni Muslims of the world. Thus, it will possibly make a quick maneuver and try to mend its problems. Turkey has made serious suggestions on this particular issue.

Saudi Arabia is fighting against many serious issues, especially the Yemen issue. Therefore it is anticipating establishing good relations with all its neighbors. There might be messages that Erdoğan conveyed to the Saudi Kingdom.

In conclusion, an important energy can be created from this summit if the member countries form a strong alliance. Otherwise, nothing will change, and we will continue to suffer all together.


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