How does one become a stranger to their own country? - KEMAL ÖZTÜRK

How does one become a stranger to their own country?

I guess it was more the parliamentarians of Turkish origin in the German parliament who voted “yes” that shook us rather than Germany's genocide decision. If one is able to accuse their country of genocide, then that person must have become a stranger to their own lands and people.

As this feeling of estrangement grows and intensifies, some wage war against their own country. So how does one become so estranged from their country?

Those who become strangers to their own country

Let us think about how those people born and raised in our country have become so estranged and how they can turn against their own country, rather than about those who are born and raised in Europe.

The majority of Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) militants were born and raised on Turkish territory. Now, they are fighting against their country, killing their own people, armed with weapons and bombs.

Revolutionary People's Liberation Party Front (DHKP-C) militants are no different. They too were raised in these cities, but have become estranged enough to kill civilians without even batting an eyelid.

Look at Daesh's Turkey wing. Despite being a religious community, a religious power, they do not feel they belong to this country, they become estranged and are able to wage war against it.

Let us look at the Gülen Movement's revolt attempt, which is another matter that probably none of us are able to comprehend. Look at the state of the Turkey-based, religious, conservative and nationalist movement. It has turned into a strange organization that immediately takes side with whoever does harm to Turkey, whoever wants to overthrow the religious and conservative government. It has assigned all its energy and power abroad to discredit Turkey and its institutions. What sort of estrangement is this?

Estrangement needs in-depth analyses

One becoming a stranger to their own people and lands is dramatic. If they have become strangers to their own country, then where do these people belong? Which country or people do they feel close to?

The parliamentarians in the German parliament knew they were never accepted or internalized by the German community. They were foreign to them. And now by accusing their own country of genocide, they have shown that they are strangers to Turkey as well. Is a life in such limbo and left out in the cold possible?

A person becoming a stranger to their own homeland and then turning against it is a state that requires in-depth analyses. This subject cannot be slurred over by saying “terrorist, traitor, murderer.” Its scientific and emotional explanations need to be found. Then you can find the cause and eliminate the result.

Growing as a stranger from childhood

What intrigues me most is how all organizations influence people as young as children. Why is it that suicide attacks are never carried out by older militants? The PKK, DHKP-C and Daesh gather all their militants when they are small and send them to their death at a young age.

A person adopts the character, ideology and opinion of the environment in which they grow from a very young age. All of the parliamentarians in Germany were raised among Kurdish, Alevi and the leftist diaspora from a very young age and the people in that diaspora have always been against Turkey.

A member of the Gülen Movement said: “I have been a part of this movement since my childhood, this is my world. It is impossible for me to think differently.” This is why, despite all the bitter truths being revealed, the movement did not get a serious reaction from its members or disperse. They were all raised differently since childhood, believed in different things and hence their estrangement from their country has been easy.

Closed organizations will make one a stranger to their country

The majority of those involved in ideological and organizational activities are influenced at a very young age. Those who are taken under influence at this age die, but do not give up their ideologies.

Then, these mechanisms that raise children as enemies toward their own country and estrange them from their people need to be found. There are underground mechanisms in the east and southeast that lead astray and trick children and tear them away from the society for the PKK, DHKP-C and Daesh. These illegal organizations need to be found and eliminated.

The hypnotized and spellbound “devotee” types produced by the Gülen Movement can pose a threat for all organizations. Estrangement in most introverted organizations that are closed to the outside is very fast and effective.

Open communities, legal organizations and organizations open to communication are not dangerous even if they are opposition, they do not need to be feared. The real danger is when they go underground and cut off communication with the community.


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