How must we understand the Gaziantep attack? - KEMAL ÖZTÜRK

How must we understand the Gaziantep attack?


Do not forget that the Gaziantep attack is part of a large-scale attack launched against Turkey. It is not isolated, without purpose or plan. Realize that this attack is part of a larger picture.


Do not forget the big picture in any of your discussions, readings and analyses. The big picture is the picture that multinational powers want to punish Turkey with multiple organizations, using them as instruments. Avoid any sort of discussion that aims to divert your attention from the big picture and suffocate you in unnecessary details; focus on the big picture.


It was known that after the July 15 coup attempt, in the second plan, those who used the Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ), Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) and Daesh, would work to create social conflict in Turkey and break the critical fault lines - remember this. The location, ethnic identity and type of bombing chosen in the Gaziantep attack is a very professional selection that was planned specifically to cause a civil war.


The attack was carried out by a child aged as young as 12 to 14. Do not take the attack lightly, simply because it was by a child; do not belittle it or think it is simple and that nobody is behind it. The attack is a very specific, very professional, very well-thought-out and ruthless attack. Do not for one moment think that the uneducated, half-crazy Daesh leaders planned this in Gaziantep.


The suicide bomber was detonated in the Akdere neighborhood ofthe Şahinbey district. Kurds, Alevis, Turkmens and Arabs live here and it is the location where the clashes were most intense in the Oct. 6-8 Kobani incidents. The bomb was blasted right at the center of the place where all the fault lines intersect. Understand the issue.


Pay careful attention to the Peoples' Democratic Party's (HDP) claiming the dead, because they are “Kurds,” taking position as funeral owner, despite the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) getting 45 percent of the vote here and the HDP 41 percent. The HDP immediately decided to carry out demonstrations in 26 districts, a group of people – although not from Gaziantep – chanting slogans such as “Killer AKP [AK Party], Killer [Recep Tayyip] Erdoğan” at hospitals and funeral ceremonies, and note the HDP and PKK accounts that were silent for days being activated and demonstrations being held.


Even though the attack was carried out by Daesh, even though this organization attacks Turkey the most, do not miss Qandil's statement that, “Even though the attack was carried out by Daesh, AKP is the guilty party,” the AK Party and Daesh accusations and world media is serving the news in the same direction.


Just as the attack served Daesh's aims, take note that the PKK, Kurdish Communities Union (KCK) and the HDP are all making great gains from this; they are exploiting it and see it as a lifesaver. Ask yourselves, “Could this act be a joint operation by Daesh and the PKK?” and find an answer.


To those who say this question is “absurd,” ask them why Daesh handed over Jarablus to the Democratic Union Party (PYD) – the PKK's Syrian wing – without shooting a bullet. Do not forget that Syria is a slippery slope where organizations and forces clash in some regions, while they cooperate in others. For example, Bashar Assad's regime and PYD forces which are bosom friends in Qamishli are fighting in Hasakah. Tell this, too, to those who do not answer your questions.


Do not think of this attack independently of the balances in Syria and the developments in Iraq. For example, Jarablus changing hands is of critical importance for the PYD, Daesh, opposition forces, Turkey, the U.S., Russia, Iran and Damascus; do not forget this.


Notice the subjects we stopped discussing with the attack. Take note that matters such as the July 15 coup, the acts of the Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ), the July 15 spirit of solidarity, the people protecting their state and country in the squares, veterans, martyrs, national unity efforts, politicians taking joint action have all suddenly dropped from the agenda.


Pay attention to those who are making statements, provocative speeches, declarations and giving messages with a tendency towards violence on matters such as ethnic identity, sects, faith, religion and nationalism. They are also the side supporters of this attack.


Know all this, understand and realize them and never forget the most important thing that will ruin the game: The July 15 spirit is the most important thing that ruined all games. Always remember this, make it be remembered and do not let it be forgotten.


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