How will the Muslim world get out of crisis? - KEMAL ÖZTÜRK

How will the Muslim world get out of crisis?

We all agree that the Muslim world is currently experiencing the biggest crisis since World War I.

The bomb attack in Pakistan happened at an amusement park. This means we are face to face with terrorism that has lost its mind, heart and emotions and is directly killing children. Those who committed this cannot be human, let alone Muslim.

Turkey deeply felt Pakistan's grief. Western countries brushed the matter off by simply making short declarations.

This attack once again shows that the crisis we are already in is deepening and things are only getting worse.

Why can't the crisis be solved?

What are the reasons that have caused this crisis to grow? Why can't this crisis be solved?

In my opinion:

1. The crisis is fueled by Western countries, thus is deepening. We should especially take a look at countries that sell us guns.

2. The newly discovered petrol and natural gas beds in the Mediterranean have whet the appetite of many countries. Therefore, this crisis is not ending.

3. Big countries want to change the map of the Middle East because of their desire to dominate and exploit.

4. Some Muslim countries want to make the most of this chaos, thus are trying to expand their sphere of influence and sectarian politics.

5. Some Muslim countries cannot solve the crisis because of their narrow-sighted plans and visionless politics.

What will happen if the crisis isn't resolved?

The problems cannot be solved because of these main reasons. Well what will happen if we are unable to resolve the crisis?

1. If the crisis continues the maps of the Middle East will change. This means that some countries will split and lose land.

2. The civil war in these countries will deepen, sectarian wars will spread and great injustice will arise.

3. The countries responsible for this change in maps will go to war with all the other countries.

4. The Muslim world will grow poorer as a result of this crisis, their economies will suffer and they will experience security issues.

5. International terrorism will increase and spread into Western countries. This will then cause the West to further intervene in the Middle East.

6. Public riots, internal conflicts and chaos will increase in some countries, which will then lead to military coups.

This is what we should expect if we do not resolve the crisis.

How can the crisis be resolved?

Is it not possible to change this situation?

I believe it is. The conditions for the Muslim world to overcome the crisis are as follows:

1. The fate of the Muslim countries is interconnected. Impacts from outside the region are negatively affecting the future of the region. No Muslim country can live in harmony without unity and solidarity with other Muslim countries. This understanding should be the main criteria.

2. Muslim countries should decide to solve the crisis among themselves and should be sure to leave all other countries out.

3. The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) should immediately be re-activated. It should then announce its will to solve the crisis itself to the whole world.

4. Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran and Pakistan should work together to solve the problems of the Muslim world. Any country contravening this should be left out and the rest should work toward adopting a common attitude.

5. Intelligence agreements that will block all kinds of terrorist organizations and radical and illegal structures should be signed.

6. Sectarian politics should be abandoned immediately. Scholars and intellectuals should step in to bring sectarian peace.

7. Cooperation in economics, tourism, culture, media, intelligence and politics should be increased intensively.

8. Extensive public relations and communication work should be carried out in order to increase public awareness in these subject.

We absolutely understand that: The West will not help us in settling this crisis. Although they will refuse to do this because of their evil thoughts, they would not be able to solve the crisis because they have lost their problem-solving ability.

Europe is a fat, clumsy club for the rich who have nothing to lose and are scared of taking risks. It could not even solve the refugee issue, the Ukraine crisis, the Cyprus issue or the Bosnia issue. Therefore it will not be able to solve the Middle East crisis, the deepest one of all.

The most cowardly and clumsy US president coincided with this period. He devastated the Middle East and left. Soon there will be a US election and a new president will be elected. However, this will take a year, thus nothing should be expected from the US during this period. The rest is ambiguous.

Therefore, the Muslim world has to take its destiny into its own hands.


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